Jom Sayangi Haiwan Kita By WHISKAS® Malaysia X Mars Petcare

Through out my life, having cats in our home is normal and it would be weird if there's no cats living with us. My parents, being cats lover, took care at least 50 cats through out 35 years. I remember we even had 10 cats at one time. I am feeling blessed that Marissa enjoys playing with my parents cats whenever we visit them. I think it's really important to expose our children to love and care towards animals and in this case, I would want Marissa to be able to learn on how to treat cats.

Every child needs to be able to understand the importance of taking care their pet, therefore initiative such as Jom Sayangi Haiwan Kita CSR programme by WHISKAS® Malaysia is a wonderful effort to create awareness. Together with Mars Petcare, they aim to guide and teach children how to be responsible of their cats.  Ms. Chiek Ming, the Country Director for Mars Petcare Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines said that Mars Petcare vision is to make a better world for pets. 

The programme has been exposed to 45,000 school children from 65 primary schools and recently it has reached SK Seafield 3in USJ. The one hour interactive session is focused on children aged 10-12 years old. This range of age is the right age for them to learn about the responsibilities of pet ownership. The trainers share information with them about cats' characteristics and other interesting facts, as well as how to communicate with cats, how to feed them the right food, how to take care of their hygiene to keep them clean and healthy and so on. 

I really belief that early exposure helps to build positive characteristics and it's crucial that children understand the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. I am glad that Jom Sayangi Haiwan Kita CSR programme by WHISKAS® Malaysia exists because it can guide and teach our children to be better pet owner. 

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