Bloom & Grow X Mothercare Mother's Day Celebration

Hey everyone! This is a long overdue post (as you can see, the title is dedicated to Mother's Day! :P ).     I have never really celebrated Mother's Day events before so when I got the invitation from Mothercare and Bloom & Grow to participate in their event in Bangsar Shopping Centre, I immediately say yes since Marissa is now already walking and so much more. Mothercare is my go-to place to get Marissa's stuff, sometimes I think I spend too much time in there. I love looking at baby clothes, shoes and other essentials, I believe all mommies are like that. :D Where as I have never actually bought anything from Bloom & Grow but I've heard about the online store before. I know they have so much cool stuff and kids gadgets, I think you really need to have a proper mind before checking out their stuff because you will end up spending more than you need! *hahaha* The event consists of a bunch of activities where we need to complete each tasks to get a stamp from participating brands. The participating brands include ErgoBaby, Skiphop, OXO Tot, Trunki, Grobag,  and Benbat.

My first station was the Ergobaby station where all the mommies need to dance while wearing the  Ergobaby carrier. Honestly I am not a baby carrier kind of person but seriously this Ergobaby is so comfortable! We danced to the song Fly by Sugar Ray (I believe this is late 90s or early 2000's hits) and it was really fun actually since I love to dance. *hehehe* You can watch the video of me and Munira (another mommy blogger) dancing to the song via my instagram post! :D

Next station is the Skiphop 'photobooth' where we need to take a photograph with some of their products. I personally love Skiphop because their designs are super adorable and cute (water bottles, backpacks and food containers) and I have a few of them. I have not yet try any of their baby gadgets,  maybe I'll try them for my next baby. :D

Our 3rd station is the colouring station with Benbat. Obviously Marissa does not know how to colour, yet, but she scribbled all over the paper and that's good enough. She always uses crayons at home anyway and this is a great way for her to practice.

4th Station is the OXO Tot station where we have to create a bento box using bread, bread spread, fruits and other ingredients. We chose to do the 'monkey' and it turned out pretty okay I guess. *hahaha* Marissa keeps eating the fruit which is NOT ADVISABLE, so I had to take her away from that station!

The 5th station is the Trunki race and gosh, Marissa loves this so much! :D She is seated on top of the Trunki and I pushed her to the finish line (since she's not able to move it herself). She wanted to do more that once to be honest so again, I had to bring her to the final station. I love the Trunki actually, it is really practical as it has the perfect storage for kids while traveling. It fits the hand luggage requirement so it can be kept in the plane's overhead compartment and it an also serve as a seat. I'm gonna get it for Marissa 2nd birthday! :)

The last station is the Grobag section where we need to take a photo at the booth to get the stamp.  Grobag is sort of like a sleeping bag for newborn babies to give them extra comfort while sleeping. I would say that it is a modern twist of the traditional way to 'bedung' newborn babies.

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Marissa and I had an awesome and fun-filled day and I am glad that decided to attend this event as I am able to get to know more about the products available in Bloom & Grow. I love how they demonstrate and provide information about each of the products and show us about the products functionality, safety features and much more! I believe we as parents need all the help we can get to ensure we are providing the best of everything to our kids. That's parenthood for you! :)

For further information on Bloom & Grow, please visit :
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For further information on Mothercare, please visit :
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