CLARINS X Sabby Prue White Plus Glowing Beauty Event

Finally I get to write a little bit about my White Plus Glowing Beauty event with CLARINS in the last week of May, a day before Ramadan to be exact! It was indeed a really nice experience and I am really grateful to be collaborating with one of my favourite beauty brand. The get together is held in CLARINS, Sogo as they just got a new uplift and the booth looks amazing! Every products is displayed beautifully, and the most important thing the flow of the store is nicely done to invite passerby to stop to take a look. 

It was an intimate session with my readers and friends as we discover the wonderful benefits of the CLARINS White Plus range. I've talked about the White Plus range before on my blog, read HERE and HERE to get to know about the range a little bit better. :)

I had so much fun sharing my experience using CLARINS White Plus range with all the attendees. I used the serum from the line and it evens out around my laugh lines and brightens up my complexion. I also mentioned that I love the foam cleanser and the Brightening Revive Gel (use at night time) as it provides amazing result the next day. I also love it as it is a multi-task product, which can be used as a night moisturizer, sleeping mask or an intensive mask. During the session, CLARINS beauty trainer also shared information about the White Plus range and shared some tips about the importance of taking care of our skin. It was indeed really informative and helpful. Check out these photos with my friends! (*these photos are taken from FB/Instagram, so please don't mind the pixelated photo - except the ones with my watermark)

Thanks again to everyone who showed up, I truly appreciate your amazing support. And thanks to CLARINS too, for this amazing opportunity! See you soon guys! :)

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