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Living in this hectic city plus the harsh climate brings so much problems toward our skin.  My main concerns are dark pigmentation, large pores and of course, skin dullness. Skincare products that contains brightening properties is absolutely important if you want to improve or maintain skin's translucency. Last year I uploaded a blogpost on CLARINS White Plus Pure Translucency Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum, and now there are several more products are added into the White Plus Pure Translucency range. The main ingredient in the whole range is Acerola Fruit which is highly effective to reduce the production of melanin, increase skin's clarity and radiance. For this year, CLARINS research discovered 3 stages of dark spots formation which are future dark spots, dark spots in progress and stubborn dark spots, but with the usage of Acerola Fruit, dark spots issues can be solved. You can read about the benefits of Acerola Fruits in my previous post. 

The new products in the range are designed to control the movement of exosomes to keep melanin production in check while preventing, correcting and controlling. There are 4 skincare steps that one can follow to achieve the perfect bright and radiant skin. 

  • *NEW* Brightening Aqua Treatment Lotion (RM180)
  • *NEW* Brightening Milk Treatment Lotion (RM180)

  • Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum (RM350)

  • *NEW* Brightening Emulsion (RM255)
  • *NEW* Brightening Emulsion SPF 20/PA+++ (RM265)
  • *NEW* Brightening Body Veil (SPF 20/PA+++ (RM255)

  • *NEW* Brightening Revive Gel (RM285)


CLARINS White Plus Brightening Milk Treatment Lotion is applied as a step to prepare the skin for the next skincare product, which is serum. In other word, this treatment lotion act as a pre-serum that helps serum to absorbed better into the skin. I love how the texture is milky and light, fast-absorbent and soothes the skin. This would be perfect for those with dehydrated skin as this milk treatment lotion will calm the skin.  


CLARINS White Plus Brightening Emulsion is designed to ensure that the skin is healthy and radiant through out the day.  It's liquid-y texture nourishes the skin and provides protection, comforts and hydration towards the skin. The consistency is slightly thicker than the milk treatment lotion and it is slightly tacky. The purpose of this emulsion is to provide healthy glow to the skin and I think that the product creates a layer of film on the skin and somehow it protects the skin. It's difficult to explain but I really love the end result as it leaves my skin softer. There's 2 version of this emulsion, you can choose either the one with SPF or non-SPF.


CLARINS White Plus Brightening Revive Gel is a night gel that can work as a sleeping mask or intensive mask. Therefore the texture is richer and feels heavier on the skin. It's a cream-gel texture where I can actually feel that the gel melts and absorbs into the skin. My skin feels refresh and hydrated right after application. I haven't used it as sleeping mask though, but I think I should start now because I love how it makes my skin softer and supple. Not to mentioned that the whole range smells amazing! All of the products have a mild floral scent which I find relaxing and soothing which makes it perfect for self-pampering at home! 

Do check them out at CLARINS counter through out Malaysia, and I would suggest the Brightening Revive Gel if you need a quick and fast fix for a radiant and brighter looking skin!

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