Philips PowerPro Aqua Review

One thing that excites me now is anything related to household devices. Yes, I've become such a 'mommy and wifey' that if anything can help me doing house chores efficiently, I'm all in. This, the Philips PowerPro Aqua tool is a heaven sent! It is a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner and also a device that mops the floor. Guys, I could not stress how much this device saves time and does and efficient job in keeping my house clean. 

Philips (Li-Ion) PowerPro Aqua is a 3-in-1 tool that acts as a bagless vacuum cleaner for floors, handheld vacuum cleaner for sofas and hard to reach corners, as well as a mopping system to make sure the floors are squeaky clean. It has PowerCyclone Technology for high cleaning performance, TriActive Turbo nozzle for powerful performance on carpets and 3 layer filter German technology to capture micro particles cor cleaner air. This device will be great for you if you have pets because of TriActive Turbo nozzle that can picks up pets hair easily. And not to mentioned it removes my hair on the floors instantly!

Philips PowerPro Aqua is a bagless vacuum cleaner, meaning that you can dispose dust with only one step without touching the dirt. Super easy to clean, no hassle. My favourite part of this device is definitely the handheld vacuum cleaner because this is an amazing tool to clean out all the nooks and crannies. Inside cupboards, in between sofas and under the couch, easy! With it's powerful 18V Lithium Ion battery, this device can run for 40 minutes after a full charge. Trust me guys, a cordless vacuum will change your life, no more limited length for vacuuming. As for the mopping system, I love how it penetrates the right amount of wetness to make sure the floor is clean and not slippery. And also, the microfibre pad is reusable so simply wash it after usage and hang to dry. 

Philips PowerPro Aqua is charging
Fully charged

Having a toddler in the household means that you will never have a clean house because there will be food, play-dohs compounds, toys and other things on the floor. Marissa's play area needs to be cleaned everyday because I can not stand messy toys and all sorts of the crumbs on the floor. Using Philips PowerProAqua makes my life easier as I can be done vacuuming and mopping her play area in under 10 minutes. One stroke will pick up all the crumbs and leave my floor and carpet clean effortlessly.


My hair is all over the house because my hair fall is uncontrollable. Vacuuming hair is actually a hassle because with our old vacuum, sometimes the hair gets stuck in the nozzle and it can be really annoying. No problem whatsover with this device as it efficiently suck in the hair without getting stuck.

Philips PowerPro Aqua comes with 2-in-1 brush, crevice tool and reusable 2 microfibre pads.
The handheld vacuum cleaner can be used with or without the 2-in-1 brush.
Handheld vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaner can be used on sofas.

Philips PowerPro Aqua as the mopping system

I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel talking about this amazing device and how I use it. Do watch it to get a better look of the device and hear I blabbed about it. :D I swear guys, this is too awesome and I highly suggest all busy mommies and stay at home moms to try this out. It saves time, it's efficient and it keeps our home clean and healthy. Thank you so much to Philips Malaysia for hooking me up with this great tool, I can never leave without it! :) Philips PowerPro Aqua is retailed at RM1299.

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