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I believe every parents would want the best for their children, especially during the early years of their lives.  New age parents are now more concern about harmful ingredients such as parabens in kids products, including myself. I am not saying that I am a strict parent when it comes to the ingredients of the products I'm using on Marissa, but I always try to find organic and natural stuff for her because she is still young.  I think one of the reason that maybe some parents stay away from natural and organic products is because of the price point. Natural and organic products are expensive, and to maintain using the products on a long-term basis, well, it's kinda hard because we do have other things that is more important and worth to spend on. 

But guys, I found a brand that is natural and organic, and it won't burn your pocket. Let me introduce you to Little Innoscents! I was actually really surprise on how affordable these products are. Some of the products even 50% lesser than other products that I've tried before. Little Innoscents is a certified organic brand from Australia and Madre Natura Sdn. Bhd. is the one who is responsible to bring in this amazing brand to Malaysia. I love the story how the founder, Antonett Golikidis created this brand wither children in mind. Read HERE to find out more about the inspiration behind Little Innoscents. :) Alright, let me introduce to you the amazing products they have and I 'm going to pick a selection products that I am currently using and loving right now!

This Hair & Body Wash smells so good! It's enriched with organic spearmint and sweet orange, gosh I cam't even describe how good the scent is! If yu love the spearmint chewing gum smell, it is exactly that! I love how it makes Marissa's skin soft and it also helps in reducing any redness she has due to the anti-inflamotary property (thanks to the one of the ingredients, Lavender). It does not foam up as much which I prefer but it still works effectively to protect and care for Marissa's skin and hair. A tube  of 250ml of Organic Spearmint and Sweet Orange Hair & Body Wash is RM43 (exclude GST).

For babies or kids who are suffering from dry skin and skin problems such as eczema, you can try this goat's milk bar as it contains nourishing goat's milk which is well-known for moisturizing and healing properties. It is then added with Manuka Honey which is known for it's anti-bacterial power to combat any bacterial growth on the skin. This is for sure an affordable option because it is only RM14 (exclude GST) for 100g! My tip to use this is to cut  into small pieces (I cut it into 4 pieces) so that the soap doesn't turns soggy and mushy. Besides, cutting them smaller is more hygienic and you will get more use out of it!

I am quite lucky because I find it easy to brush Marissa's teeth. I don't struggle as much as I thought I would, maybe it's because the lovely taste of Little Innoscents's Organic Milky White Toothpaste which has a minty scent. It is a natural fluoride-free toothpaste, with no mineral oil, artificial sweeteners and surfactants to protect children gums and teeth. This toothpaste is safe to ingest as younger kids doesn't really know how to rinse out, so mommies and daddies, you don't have to worry about your kids swallowing this toothpaste. Marissa's teeth stays clean and white using this toothpaste, love it!  A tube of 50ml of this toothpaste is priced at RM17 (exclude GST).

An everyday body lotion for your kids which is enriched with Shea Butter, Sunflower and Avocado to protect and hydrates delicate skin. The ingredients included in this body lotion is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, as well for those who are has eczema. This lotion can also be used for pregnant woman to combat stretch marks. A tube of 100ml of this Organic Moisture Rich Body Lotion is priced at RM43 (exclude GST).

As the name suggested, Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream is created to heal inflamed and irritated skin due to several factors. Factors such as nappy rashes, rashes, eczema and even insect bites can be painful for children and this lotion can help to soothe and calm irritated skin. I love using this for mosquito bites for Marissa and this is also can multi-task as a hand cream for mommy! This lotion can also be used on sunburned skin as it contains Calendula extract (anti-inflammatory property). Shea Butter and Avocado help to lock in moisture to protect and maintain hydration level of the skin. A tube of 100ml of Intensive Body Cream is priced at RM37 (exclude GST).

Paw Paw Balm from Little Innoscents is a multipurpose balm that the whole family can use. Made with Australian paw paw (papaya extract), Shea Butter, Calendula and Vitamin E and it is free from petrochemical and mineral oils, artificial colour, parabens and fragrances. This paw paw balm has to be one of my favourites because of the endless usage! This balm can be used to heal redness and itchiness, nappy rash, sunburn, insect bites, shallow cuts, cracked lips, dry or cracked hands and also cracked nipples for breastfeeding mommies. I highly suggest this balm because it is really effective! I always apply this balm for Marissa's nappy rash and scars from mosquito bites, and her skin goes back to normal in just a couple of application. A tube of 50ml of Paw Paw Balm is priced at RM30 exclude GST).

Little Innoscents Natural Sun Lotion SPF30 to protect your kids (from age 6 months onwards) from the harmful UV rays! It is water resistant, free from chemical absorbers, parabens and fragrance. The only active ingredients in this sun lotion is Zinc Oxide and it is free from any preservatives. The main ingredients include Vitamin E, Organic Green Tea, Cucumber and Rosehip extract with no Nano-particles to protect skin from the damaging sun. A tube of Little Innoscents Sun Lotion is RM66 (exclude GST).

Little Innoscents Mineral powder is made of Kaolin (Australian white clay) that helps to protect babies skin from chaffing, odour, irritation and infection. I personally don't use powders on Marissa but it's good to know that this powder is free from talc and has thicker particles so that babies won't inhale the powder. This is a good one to have in hand incase Marissa has any chaffing or infection on her skin. A bottle of this powder is priced at RM30 for 100g. 

Finally a vapour rub that is safe to use for our babies! The ingredients include natural beeswax , certified organic Shea Butter with esential oils such as Peppermint, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. This is an absolutely safe option instead of the petroleum-based products that you can find in the supermarket. This is a great balm to use if your child is suffering from flu and congestion. Rub on your child's feet to help her breath during sleep time and her chest to bring warmth and comfort.  Parents can also use this if you have sinuses, just apply it under the nose to clear the sinuses. A tube of 75ml of Winter Blues Balm is priced at RM37 (exclude GST).

These 6 items are 'must have' for Marissa (I forgot to include the Winter Blues Balm in this photo). We even finished up the Milky White Toothpaste already! :D If you want to try Little Innoscents products, I will suggest for you to try the all these 6 products because they work well with Marissa. :)

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