Play-Doh Creative Learning ToolKit Let's Go Over The Rainbow

Playtime with Marissa is one of the parts that I cherish the most in life. I gotta be honest, she grows up so fast before my eyes, and the fact that she's 2 now just blows my mind. Playtime is definitely one of my favourite activities to do with her because I love how she can be creative and see if she copies everything I do, which she does all the time. I do a lot of cooking and baking and I guess she picked up a few things from seeing what I do every day.

We were playing with Play-Doh and I helped her to make cakes, cookies and other types of food. She put all the food into a plate and put it into her mini oven, and waited until 3 seconds and then she went, "TING!" indicating that the food is done baking! How adorable is that? I couldn't stop smiling while thinking about that moment! :) It is so easy to get your kids involve, to teach them how to play Play-Doh, even if she's just 2 years old like Marissa!

Play-Doh has introduced a digital Creative Learning Toolkit which allows you to teach your children by just using a few cans of Play-Doh compound. Why did I choose Play-Doh for Marissa? Play-Doh is a great teaching tool, especially if you want to introduce your child to colours. You may start with small little steps by just teaching your kids the basic primary colours, and repeat the activity with them until they score it! 

While “Play-Doh-ing” with your kids, it helps to improve their communication skills, motor skills, creativity, and also enhances their sensory experience. During our playtime, I have taught Marissa to recognise different shapes and colours using Play-Doh. Daughter follows mother’s footsteps. Marissa has learned a few new words when she repeats after me.

Let's Go Over The Rainbow activity is as simple as it gets, and it is the perfect learning tool for Marissa! We only needed 4 cans of Play-Doh compound which comprises of 4 colours; blue, red, yellow and white. Just follow the instructions and start mixing the colours! Let's find out what is Marissa's favourite colour!

Red, yellow, blue and white

1. What's your favourite colour?

Marissa's favourite colour is definitely yellow! I think the bright colour attracts her the most!

2. How many objects can you create with this colour?

Using her imagination, Marissa has made a banana and a star sculptures using the molds on the Play’ N Store table. Also, I have helped her to make the ice cream and fries because she doesn't have much strength and precision yet to mold it on her own. She was really happy for it when I made her a yellow flower sculpture! 

3. What do you think will happen if you add white to this colour?

Well if white is added to yellow, obviously the bright yellow will mellow down. Creating a soft yellow. We have created a piece of cookie with beautiful 'marbleized' mellow yellow compound after mixing both the yellow and white compound together.

4. What happens if you mix 2 of your favourite colours together?

Marissa likes yellow and blue colours, therefore we mixed both colours together and gotten this beautiful khaki green colour! It really depends on the ratio of each colour that you mix together to get different range of colours. 

5. What objects do you know that match this colour? Let's create them!

I actually thought of dinosaurs when I first look at this new secondary colour that we made. So we created a dinosaur out of it!

And gotta make a pizza with pepperoni and cheese on top! :D

You can play and mix the colours around, and be creative! Teach your kids along the way, especially if they are still at Marissa's age because they are learning through their observation and you are the role model for them. I enjoyed using Play-Doh as a teaching tool with Marissa to help in her development and build on her creativity.

Check out this video to find out more and there are other activity videos that you can play with your child!

Open up a can of Play-Doh and be creative! Expose your kids to the wonders of Play-Doh and watch them grow smart before your eyes. Make it a habit to spend quality time with them during playtime. Trust me, you will miss it once they are all grown up. 

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