THE FACE SHOP Anti-Darkening Cushion Review

Cushion foundation has been one of my go-to products, especially when motherhood enters my life. It's goodness in a compact that serves all the purpose a foundation should be. I can say that this helps a lot in getting ready under 10 to 15 minutes because trust me, that is long enough time for a mother to get ready. :P Anyway, I'm coming at you today with a review on the latest cushion foundation from THE FACE SHOP, the Anti-Darkening Cushion, an extension of the Miracle Cushion range that has made into my favourite list.

THE FACE SHOP Anti-Darkening Cushion with SPF50+ PA+++ is a lightweight textured foundation that covers up unwanted imperfections such as scars, blemishes, pores and even wrinkles. It helps in brightening the skin, giving the skin a natural, velvety finish without giving any dullness moment! It contains HD powder effect that helps to smoothen the skin while spreading the pigments evenly without leaving any streaky patches. There are 4 major ingredients that helps so much in sebum control and also skin relief ; which includes Persimmon Tannin, Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract, Lemon Balm (Melissa) and Chamomile Extract.


Persimmon Tannin is a powerful astringent effect (over 20 times better than regular astringents) that gives pore tightening effect and hence it is helping in continuous sebum control. This would be ideal for those with oily or combination skin as it improves the longevity of the foundation.

Using the Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract as one of the ingredients helps in blood circulation, inflammation relief and anti-allergy. Only unripe green peel is used as it has higher efficacy than a fully ripen citrus. The Nobiletin ingredient inside the Citrus Unshiu Peels hinder the secretion of sebum that in generally will prevent any blemishes and clogged pores.


Lemon Balm or known as Melissa (means 'bee' in Latin) has a lemon-like fragrance that can boost one's emotions and lower the heart rate and blood pressure. It increases the activity of the brain, improves memory and helps to refresh the mind and soul. It is stress-relief remedy due to the rich content of citronellal and geraniol.

Chamomile is a well-known herb that is known for soothing and calming properties hence it is a perfect product to used for sunburned skin. It is also has anti-inflammatory effect that can be used to heal skin's problems such as acne, rashes and even dry skin. 

There are 3 shades available in this range, N201, N203 and V203. The N shades stand for Natural while V shade stands for Tone Up. N201 is more of a yellow undertone while N203 is more of a pink undertone. While V203 is a tone up shade that can be used as highlighter because of the fairer shade with pink undertone. Of all the shades, N203 suits me the best as it blends into my skin as one. The good thing about this cushion foundation that it does not oxidize which makes it easier to choose the shades for your skin. 

Half face with and without Anti-Darkening Cushion

You can see how the Anti-Darkening Cushion smoothens out my pores and other imperfection on my skin. My skin looks like a better version of my skin, which is pretty amazing! I love the velvety, sort of matte but not quite finish because it gives more of a natural look. This is definitely the biggest difference I can see from the rest of the Miracle Cushion because most of the Miracle Cushions has more towards dewy finish. And they also do oxidize slightly while I do not notice any oxidization with this Anti-Darkening Cushion. To get the flawless application, make sure to gently dab the sponge on the skin (do not swipe). Swiping motion would only make application patchy and lift up all the foundation that has been applied before. I would say the cushion is a medium to high coverage but it is a buildable foundation. When I was testing out this cushion foundation, I had really dry skin on my nose and cheeks area. I do experience somewhat a tingling sensation after application, I think its is due to the skin relief ingredients as it helps to heal my skin.  I love how the cushion foundation makes my skin radiant and free from dullness, it is indeed a perfect cushion foundation for me!

THE FACE SHOP Anti-Darkening Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ is now available via online and store and it is retailed at RM104.83 including GST. Please do test it out if you love cushion foundation that has a velvety finish with anti-darkening properties! 

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