Wardah White Secret Series 30 Days Challenge

Back in June last year, I uploaded a post on the exciting news that Wardah has finally arrived in Malaysia. Wardah is a very well-know Halal beauty brand from Indonesia and it as been around since 1995. With the tagline #InspiringBeauty , Wardah is a brand that strives to inspire women all over the world, especially women in Asia. This time around, I got the opportunity to discover existing Wardah White Secret skincare range with the additional new products. 

Wardah White Secret Series is developed through 7 years of experiments and research. Using Crystal White Active and Advanced White Specific System, this skincare series is targeted for women who desire to have crystal clear, bright and glowing skin. I will talk more about this skincare range in my upcoming full review (5 products) and updates on my 30 Days Challenge, so keep a look out on that. But just to breakdown a little bit about the range, here's the list of the products included :

1. White Secret Pure Brightening Cleanser
2. White Secret Facial Wash with AHA
3. White Secret Exfoliating Lotion
4. White Secret Exfoliating Scrub
5. White Secret Day Cream Pot
6. White Secret Day Cream Tube
7. White Secret Pure Treatment Essence
8. White Secret Intense Brightening Essence
9. White Secret Night Cream Pot
10. White Secret Night Cream Tube

Several bloggers and influencers were gather in an intimate session in Le Meridien Hotel to discover Wardah White Secret Series and to accept the 30 Days Challenge. I love how intimate the session was as we get to know Wardah products and also the lovely team as well. The day started off with a presentation on the stories behind Wardah White Secret Skincare. We also got the opportunity to play around with the products, testing out the textures, how it feels on the skin. 

Right after int products introductory, we were given the chance to do flower arrangement, yes! I was  excited to do it even though I don't have any talent in arranging flowers. :P With the help from Fleur Flowers, we each arranged our own flowers and I am quite happy with the result. :P

Pretty good for a first timer, eh? :P

I have a vlog uploaded on my You Tube channel, so do please check it out! Please subscribe to my channel too while you're at it! ;)

These are the 5 products I am currently testing out for the 30 days challenge. I will keep updates on my Instagram and also a full review of these 5 products will be on my blog as well. If you want to find out the effectiveness of these products, do watch out this space!

With the sweet and lovely Wilda from Wardah team

Ending this blog post with my OOTD, I freaking love my ruffle skirt from Dressing Paula. It exudes femininity and love how it shows my baby bump as well. I paired the skirt with a high neck white top from Uniqlo, Ariani navy blue satin square shawl and Mizzue crossbody bag. I can wear this look over and over again. :P I would like to say thank you to the Wardah team for having me that day and I can't wait to see my skin's transformation by day 30! See you guys soon! :)

For more information on Wardah, please visit :

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wardahbeauty_my/ (Wardah Beauty Malaysia)
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wardahbeauty/ (Wardah Beauty Official)

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