Traveloka X The Butterfly Project Staycation At KL Journal

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It has been a while since I went away for a staycation, furthermore a staycation with my favourite beauty community, The Butterfly Project. I had a hectic December, lots of blogging activities, and getting away with my friends is definitely something I look forward too. Even though KL Journal Hotel is only 5-10 minutes from my house, but hey, any getaway is a good one, okay? :P For this time around, The Butterfly Project is collaborating with Traveloka to give us an amazing experience. If you have been reading my blog, I've done two posts about Traveloka so do search on my blog if you want to read those 2 articles. :) BUt this time specifically, we are going to touch on Traveloka apps. We had a fun staycation at KL Journal, but before we get into the hotel, let's talk about the Traveloka app first, shall we? ;)

Upon arriving, we had breakfast and then we started our ice breaking session with Traveloka. Traveloka team made it so much fun with several activities and oh boy we had fun doing it! We were grouped in a team and my teammate were Pika, Nanie, Syaz, Aiin and Ayue.  The first session was about sharing some secrets about ourselves ( I spilled a very secret news, hahaha). Then we had  a few more games to keep on the momentum alive.

My teammate

Right after that, we had a short presentation on what Traveloka app is all about. You know nowadays it's all about mobile apps, because let's face it, we are on our smartphones 24/7. I use mobile apps for most things such as food delivery, online shopping, communication apps and so much more! Using a travel apps to plan my trip will definitely save time and less headache! There are many benefits you can find through Traveloka app, and one feature that excites me the most is the 0% instalment plan when you use your Maybank credit card! How does this work? Basically you can choose your hotel or flights destination, book them and pay using Maybank credit card. The total purchase must be above RM500 and you can pay them of within 6 to 12 months. I really think that this is a great feature, especially if you  have an urgent trip and you are short of moolah. But please, do check the terms and conditions HERE to understand more about the promotion ya. 

Using Traveloka app is as easy as ABC, just register (email or FB) and you are set to go. My family and I are planning to go to Penang somewhere in March, and it only takes a few steps to search and complete the reservation. I just clicked the SEARCH HOTEL tab, FILTER any preferences and the list of hotels will appear. 

If you've done choosing your preferred hotel, you can now proceed to your payment. The best part about Traveloka is the payment option! You can choose to pay via credit card, debit card, internet banking or event pay cash at 7-Eleven with NO transaction fee, how great is that? :D Besides that, Traveloka believes in honest pricing, so what's written on the apps, is what you are paying for, no hidden fees, guaranteed! If you want further information on Traveloka, head on to their user-friendly website to find out more, okay?

We had our lovely staycation in the KL Journal Hotel situated in the heart of Bukit Bintang. It is situated nearby KL famous shopping mall such as Lot 10, Pavilion, Sg. Wang and Fahrenheit, a must stay place if you need your shopping fix around KL. I love the hotel because it is very modern with a touch of Malaysian culture. The hotel is absolutely comfortable with a great price point. I would say it is a perfect getaway in the city. 

Lunch Wagyu Beef BUrger at Kedai Kopi Journal. One of the best wagyu beef burger I've tasted!

After the short presentation, we had lunch at Kedai Kopi Journal and I had Wagyu Beef Burger which is lovely! Then we had about one hour to refresh and relax a bit, so let's checkout our hotel room which is minimal, clean and comfortable!

The rooftop swimming pool overlooking Bukit Bintang area.
Night view from the rooftop swimming pool

We had our presentation and craft activities at this section of the hotel. The Terrace Bar & Grill is the perfect spot to relax unwind!

Chilling out at the Terrace Bar & Grill

Night ambiance
For evening activities, we can choose an activity we want to do and I decided to go for the bath bomb and body scrub making with Wunderbath. I had so much fun, really! I love soaking in warm bath and this perfect coz I got to do it on my own. Thank you so much to Wunderbath team for making it easy for us to follow you step by step and layan-ing our crazy antics! :P

My secret message in my bath bomb
My Tropical Punch bath bomb!
We made two bath bomb and one sugar coffee body scrub (not in the picture).
Thanks so much Wunderbath team! :)
Later on, we get beack to our our room and relax a bit before going down for dinner!

Goofing around with my roomate and adik sayang, Nanie 
We exchanged gifts to each other, and I love what Nanie got me! :D
Listening to live band at the Terrace Bar & Grill to relax and unwind

We slept around 1 or 2 am that night and woke up the next day feeling fresh! A girly night is indeed much needed! :P For the rest of the day, it was free and easy and we took our time to have our breakfast and chill at the rooftop swimming pool before checking out. Thank you so much to the Butterfly Project and Traveloka for this wonderful staycation. I really miss hanging out with these girl and trust me, being away and just having a ME time is a luxury to a mother like me! :P Anyway, I vlogged about our staycation, click HERE please and subscribe to my channel! ;)

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