Summer & Peach Nursing Bralette

I know it's hard to find maternity or nursing bras that are pretty.  Most of my nursing bras have plain and boring designs. Even though we are pregnant or breastfeeding, we also need pretty, sexy and lace-ylingerie, right? :D Well if you are looking for pretty nursing bras, look no further and check out Summer & Peach!

I received this Oh La Lari Lace Padded Maternity/Nursing Bralette from Summer & Peach and it fits me nicely! Love the pretty lace, feeling sexy yo! :P The bralette's material feels good and expensive, comparable to the price. It comes with supportive elastic band which does not leave any red marks, removable pads (good for milk leakage), and easy release clips for nursing. Besides having a normal style, you can change up the style to a racerback style as it has a hook-eye back closure. 

I just love the lace detail, they are so pretty! It makes me feel pretty when wearing the bra and it is so comfortable. You know sometimes when you wear a bra and you can't wait to get home and take it off? I never feel that way with this bra, so it is confirmed that this bra is really comfortable! I also appreciate the removable pads as to have a little bit of security if leakage is to happen. The bralette comes in 3 colours ; black, french grey and nude. 4 sizes available form S, M, L and XL. Each bralette is priced at RM169 but you can get it at RM289 for a pack of 2 or RM389 for a pack of 3.

I also received a pack of 3 of their Lilly Daes High Waisted  Shaper Panties which is perfect for post-partum body! Let's admit it mommies, we do need a lot of help in that area because bulging tummy is inevitable. I love how comfortable the panties are, and how it really shaped up my waist! It gives me the hour glass look that I prefer and most importantly it tucks in my tummy and lift up my butt. Well, of course my tummy is a work in progress kinda situation so the tummy is noticeable. But, with this high waisted shaper panties, it helps my tummy look flatter and it makes me comfortable in my clothes. I already lost 10kgs (I gained 12kgs during my pregnancy) and I WANT to lose 8 more kgs to get back my wedding weight. Pray for me, okay? *LOL* Each panty is priced at RM29.90, but for a pack of 3, it is only RM69.90! The colours available include nude, black and grey. Available from size M, L and XL. 

A beautiful lingerie makes me feel good about myself. Being pregnant or being a mom in general, doesn't mean that we have to settle for boring and plain bras. We do need sexy and beautiful lingerie to make us feel better from the inside. When we feel better and comfortable about what we are wearing inside, automatically we will feel confident to take on the world!

If you want to know more about Summer & Peach, do check out their website and their social medias. They also have non-nursing bras, loungewear, shorts and so much more! So don't worry girls, you have  a lot of other lingerie choices. :D Happy shopping!

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