Tanamera Postnatal Care Set Review

Being confined in a home for 44 days is indeed a great way to restore a mother's well-being after birth delivery. Well it doesn't necessarily have to be 44 days, at least one month is good enough to rest well and enjoy having a newborn. Confinement or 'pantang' is a common culture in asian especially in Malay, Chinese and Indian. It is just a matter of different opinion in certain areas but one thing for sure, using good post natal products is a must for every new mom!

Since this is my second child, I already know and understand the importance of 'pantang' especially for the first 2 weeks. Taking care of the body after delivery is different for a mom who delivered her baby through natural birth and through Caesarean operation. I myself a C-sec mom for the second time so there is a few products that I didn't use in this Tanamera Post Natal Care products.

I've blogged about Tanamera before and if you've read those articles before, then you know that I love the brand based on the natural ingredients they used especially essential oils. The fact that they are a Malaysian brand, that makes me believe in them even more. Read my review :

Their post natal care set is a combination of products that can heal and restores mothers energy during confinement period. I've tested out most of the products  (there are 10 products in the set) and now I want to share with all of you whether it is worth it or not to spend on this post natal care set. I am actually still in my confinement period, I'm in my 35th days to be exact, so 9 days to be free! :P

Herbal Bath (10g X 14 sachets)
Herbal Bath is a mixture of aromatic herbs that helps to refresh and re-energize the body. With essential oils as the main ingredients, it helps to relaxes the body. Other herbs included in this herbal bath aids in soothing tired and aching muscles and deodorize the skin as well. This herbal bath can be used in a bath tub to soak in or use it as a sponge bath. I personally do not suggest C-sec mommies to soak in water bath as it can delay the healing of the wound. A sponge bath is definitely a better option. Use it on the first till 14 days to feel refresh and re-energize. This sachet needs to be boiled for 20 minutes with 2 litres of water. Then use it as sponge bath or add into warm water if you want to soak in the water. Love how it makes my body feels refresh and energized. Love the scent it leaves too, very spa-like!

Herbal Massage Oil (100ml)
It's an all natural oil infused with tropical herbs to improve blood circulation, release water retention and removing toxins from the body. Pour onto palms and rub between palms to warm up the oil. I use the oil on my shoulder, neck and legs. I love the scent of the oil and the feel of it. It is not as warm as other massage oil I've tried before and the smell is just divine. It is really therapeutic. I love it so much that I've used up more than half a bottle already!

Feminine Herbal Wash (10g x 14 sachets)
A combination of aromatic herbs to revitalize and deodorize genital area. An important aspect to take care is our genital area because it has gone through intense moments.*LOL* For vaginal delivery, it helps stitches to heal faster while for Caesarean delivery it aids in cleansing the genital area due to bleeding. It also can help in tightening of the vaginal muscles, and the anti-inflammatory properties can help in reducing the swelling and healing of the genital.  It comes in sachet, so it needs to be soaked with hot water for 10 minutes. Let it warm up a little bit and used with a sponge or cloth (gently wipe the genital area) or immerse your genital area with the extract. I love how it makes my genital area feel clean and fresh!

Brown Formulation Body Soap (125g)
This is the perfect soap to be used during confinement! Tanamera Brown soap contains herbs and grains to create a gritty surface that helps in removing dead skin. Turmeric, wild ginger and cinnamon are included to improve skin condition while exotic patchouli oil is added for aromatherapy effect. This soap acts a loofah to exfoliate skin to keep in healthy and clean. It is great for areas such as inner thigh, underarms, neck and abdomens. You know sometimes those area will become dark during pregnancy? Well this soap helps me to get rid of that darkness especially for my inner thigh. This soap is also good for those with rashes and back acne problem. This brown soap is highly recommended, definitely one of my favourite products in this post natal set.

Postnatal Herbal Tea (2g X 14 sachets)
A herbal tea to warm up the body while revitalize and strengthens the body. It promotes blood clots  discharge from uterus during the bleeding after child birth. It also improves blood circulation and reduce the inflammation of uterus and genital area. The taste of the tea is really herbally, very 'jamu' like. If you don't like that kind of taste, add one teaspoon of honey to make it taste better. I love how warm my body feels after drinking it. But I actually started drinking on the 3rd week of my confinement because I was afraid that drinking herbal stuff will interrupt my breastfeeding. I do think that it helps in the blood clot discharge and improve my blood circulation.

Boreh Body Scrub (20g X 4 sachets)
A mixture of herbs and spices to effectively exfoliate the skin while warming up the body. I used it once a week to exfoliate my skin, stimulate blood circulation and also to re-energize my body. 

Original form of the blend
After mixing with hot water
Apply the paste all over the body first, then start scrubbing from neck downwards to toes in circular motion. Rinse off excess scrub with water. My skin becomes so smooth after rinsing away all the excess scrub. I love the warmness I felt after each exfoliation. It feels very soothing and calming. This is also my favourite! I wish there are more sachets in the set though. :D

Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil - VCO (100ml)
Virgin Coconut Oil is high in anti-oxidant  which can protect the skin from damages and it is also known to be very good to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and keeping the skin moisturized. VCO is also good to be used during pregnancy to prevent from stretch marks. I use this VCO on my stretch marks area and also I use it to dilute my essential oils. This is a must have product in every household due to the benefits. 

Calming Herbal Blend Paste (3g X 4 sachets)
Also known as 'pilis' to help prevent headaches, refreshes tired eyes and mind because of lack of sleep. There is only 4 sachets included so I used it once a week but I have another 'pilis' that I used on a daily basis because I really think 'pilis' helps so much in keeping me less sleepy and prevent headache. It basically keeps my mind sane and at peace.

Paste - after mixing with hot water

In case you don't know, pilis is to be used on the forehead. 

Firming Herbal Blend Paste (15g X 14 sachets)
Also known as 'tapel', This is actually one of the most important product to use during confinement to tone and flatten the abdominal area.  It strengthens and firms stomach muscles, tones loose skin, stimulates blood flow and reduce water retention. Please take note that if you are a C-sec mommies like me, please consult your doctor first before using this product. I actually used it once (I didn't read it the guide) and it feels like my whole stomach area is burning (from the inside). At first I think I can take the burning sensation, then I felt kinda nervous and read the post natal guide given in the set, and  read that C-sec mommies need to consult with doctor first. I immediately remove it because I was afraid something might happen. I'm not sure whether it is normal to feel the burning sensation, but I am definitely going to try again once I get the green light from my doctor. This 'tapel' is to be used with the abdomen binder for ultimate result.

Abdomen Binder
Postpartum wrap to help mothers to get back their pre-pregnancy figure!  Also known as 'bengkung' , Tanamera's binder is a traditional design that gives full support to the body. I actually haven't used this binder because of my C-sec. I will need to consult with my doctor's first before using it to ensure whether it is safe for me to use it. But I think I will start using it once my confinement is done. 

There's a guide included in the set, so please read it first before start using them. Most of the products in this sets need to be mix with water or boil with water which is a bit time consuming. But rest assured that you will be feeling better about your body after using them. I find all the products are good but I specifically love the Brown Soap, Boreh Body Scrub and the Herbal Massage Oil. I feel  fresh, energized and rejuvenated after using all the products in Tanamera Postnatal Care, I highly recommend it to all new mommies-to-be out there. A box of this postnatal care is retailed at RM390 (PURCHASE HERE) and I really think the money spend will be worthy because it will be like a spa experience at the comfort of your own home! :)

To all mommies-to-be, pantang elok-elok sebab badan ada satu je nak pakai seumur hidup. :)

For more information on Tanamera, please visit :

Thanks for reading!



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