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When we first moved into our home, I imagined that a lot can be done to make it comfortable, trendy and most important of all to make it 'homey' for our little family. But fast-forward to almost 4 years later, our home still looks pretty much the same except we have too much stuff and our living hall is crowded with the kids' toys! It's all about how to store and organise their toys, I'm not kidding! I put aside all of my interior inspirations on hold because to be honest with you, making it look 'the way I want' is the last thing on the mind because all I want is the place to be clean and hospitable, and not to worry about whether my kids are gonna break or damage anything. But do you know what can change up the look of your house? Simply by painting!

A few weeks back I was invited to the "Inspi Raya Warna Raya" by Nippon Paint Malaysia,to learn about the different painting techniques and methods on how to amp up my house by painting a feature wall. I have never painted any walls in my life and I was really excited going into this workshop so that I can learn the right way to paint! The workshop was hosted by Nippon Paint and an interior designer, Ben Firdaus where he taught and demonstrated which paint to use and how to do it. The paint that we are going to use for our home makeover is from Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint which allows us to create textured wall to enhance our living space.

There are 3 types of textured paints that you can choose from such as the Textured Series, Enhancer Series and Designer Series. Let me break it down to you for better understanding:

Consists of 5 special effects of textured wall with opaque finish:

🎨Elegant Gold
- Matte textured finish with rustic colours dusted in gold shine.
- Available in 18 colours

- Matte textured finish in vibrant and rich colours
- Available in 46 shades

🎨Sparkle Pearl
- Textured finish with luminous colours with pearlescent end-glow for the sparkled effect
- Available in 56 colours

🎨Sparkle Silver
Glowing and shimmering effects for shiny and glistening finish

🎨Sparkle Gold
Textured semi-metallic finish with majestic colour dusted in gold Shine

Translucent paint to enhance wall colour with a semi-transparent glaze over that comes in two variants; Frost (3 types) and Cloud (2 types) finish.

The Frost effect offers a unique textured glazed over wall colour that exudes winter-feel and ambiance. Frost comes in 3 types; Snow Frost, Gold Frost and Pearl Frost.

This range offers a tinge of pearlescent shimmer with light, dreamy and breezy finish of sophisticated semi-transparent colours that comes in Cloud Gold and Cloud Pearl.

A sophisticated line of professional special effect paint that creates extraordinary masterpieces that comes in 6 variants:

🎨Velvet Pearl
- Plush effect paint that gives that 'velvety' finish with a soft pearlescent glow
- Available in 36 shades

🎨Velvet Gold
- Soft and sensual textures of velvety suede with gold flecks
- Available in 18 colours

🎨Velvet Metallic
- Metallic gleam finish which creates cool and futuristic vibes
- Available in 36 colours

Create a brick wall from scratch by using Travertino as it is specially formulated to be easily carved, shaped and patterned.

- Futuristic design with mirror shine and sparkling chrome special effects
- Available in 12 ultra metallic shades

🎨Rust Box
Inspired by natural patterns and palettes of distressed metals and corroding rust

Learning about all these types of paint is making me really excited to start painting my feature wall! And it is great to know that Nippon Paint Momento's Special Effect Paints' Textured and Enhancer Series have these features:
🎨No bubbling
🎨Easy to maintain
🎨Works well on uneven surfaces
🎨Eco-friendly and odourless (makes it perfect to use with kids around)
🎨No peeling and long-lasting

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Examples of designs you can use for your wall

Ben Firdaus, the interior designer who taught us how to paint and gave us some tips on how to create a feature wall for this coming Raya! Its really great to understand and learn how to paint the correct way as I know there are people out there who are clueless about painting a wall (that's me *LOL*).

First step to do is to prime the entire wall, then paint the wall with base colour and follow up with the Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect paint. You can watch my video on Instagram to see how I did mine! I created a design using the Nippon Paint Washi Tape after priming, then I proceeded with painting the base colour which is this beautiful yellow pastel shade. 

After the paint has dried up, now it's the time to use Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect in Textured Series - Sparkle Gold to create the textured effect. For the Nippon Paint Momento Textured Series, it actually doesn't require a solid colour as a background, it can be as simple as applying the primer as the topcoat, followed by painting over the Momento Textured series paint in any colour of your choice! For a textured wall, the method is to do a criss-cross motion to create the textured effect. It is honestly easy to do as you don't have to worry to get it precisely perfect. Just do it to get to your desired textured effect and leave it to dry so you can peel off the washi tapes and voila, your wall is complete!

This is the design that I created *hahaha*. I am not the most creative person in the world but let's get beyond that and just look how luxurious-looking the effect is! So so pretty and I can't wait to paint my wall with this!

Nippon Paint Momento Enhancer Series - Gold Frost
Nippon Paint Momento Textured Series - Elegant Gold

I am super duper excited to start painting my feature wall, especially since this will be my first time doing it. I hope that this wall can elevate and make my living space more lively! Make sure to stay tune for the transformation on my blog and also on my social media platforms! :)

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