Raya Makeover with Nippon Paint

I am really excited to paint my feature wall in my living hall because I have wanted to do this for a very long time. But as usual, life gets in the way and I'm just too busy to do it and I can't seem to make it my priority. When I attended the painting workshop with Nippon Paint last month, I realised that this is a great time to do it since Raya is coming soon! If you are interested to give your home a new look this Raya, keep on reading as I take you on my first painting journey! :)


Okay, obviously you need good, quality paint and of course, Nippon Paint is a great option to use. It is simply because application is a breezy and I absolutely love the colour payout, opaque with only one coat! Not to mentioned the low odour and environment-friendly feature of the paint.

Nippon Paint EasyWash Paint in shade YO 1132 P - Sunday Morning 
EasyWash is a paint which is suitable for interior walls. The paint has really good coverage. As a matter of fact, we only did one coat to get the desired shade of yellow. It also has good stain washability which I will try out if any of my kids decide to draw on the wall.  No funky paint smell as it is low odour and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). It dries out pretty fast too!

Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint Primer
Formulated with special silica sand with sanding finishing, which is to be applied first before using the Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint in Textured series in Sparkle Gold. It has good adhesion feature to provide smooth canvas before painting.

Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint in Textured Series - Sparkle Gold (MG 157 Golden Fleece)
You should opt for this paint if you want a textured wall with a dash of gold sparkles to your wall! It is absolutely stunning and it looks so good on the wall too! The best part of doing a textured wall is that, it can hide unevenness of the wall surface while adding special textured effect to elevate the look of the wall. The Nippon Paint Momento range is low in odour and has environmental-friendly features so you won't smell anything at all whilst painting!

Momento Tool Kit
Comprises of the specially designed brush for textured effect, stirrer, guide book and a pouch. The synthetic brush is to be used with Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint in Textured Series - Sparkle Gold for desired effect. 

Other painting tools you need:
- Paint roller (I used 2 sizes)
- Paint brush 
- Plastic paint tray
- Nippon Paint Washi-tape/Masking tape
- Putty Filler / sand paper (to fill in any holes or cracks and smoothen it out with sand paper to have smoother canvas)
- Plastic/newspaper to be laid down on the floor at painting area to avoid paint dripping stained the floor
- Stool/ladder

Okay so now you are set to paint a feature wall but wait, before you start, I want to share some tips that I find really helpful. If you are painting a feature wall for the first time, here's a few tips to make your painting job smoother:

I'm not the most creative person in the world, so I need help visually to get ideas. Most of the time I know what I want but seeing photos or inspirations help me to better visualize how I want my home to be like. My best source gotta be Pinterest! I can spend all day every day on Pinterest to find inspiration.

Painting could be overwhelming if you have never done it before.  Therefore, painting a smaller space such as a feature wall is a great first time project. 

When deciding on the design, choose a pattern that's easier to achieve. Because sometimes when the design is too complicated, you can get discourage or even give up and end up with an unfinished wall.

I find this tip really helpful because it can give you the rough idea how the feature wall should look like. It's easier to have your idea sketched out on a paper for guidance incase you forget anything. And if you are going to paint pattern on the wall, it's important to measure the patterns if you want them to be in the same size.

This is actually a tip I learned from the workshop I attended. Set a day when you are free so that you won't rush the painting process. Take your own time and enjoy the process. 

This is not necessary but it can save a lot of your time if you are painting with another person instead of doing it alone. Our feature wall only took about 4-5 hours because we helped each other out. 

Okay now we can start! :D

The first step that we did was to smoothen out the wall surface. My husband used the putty filler to fill in the cracks on wall and nail holes, and then he used sand paper to smoothen it out. Then he painted a coat of white paint on the area. We waited for about 15 minutes then we used masking tape to create sharp and clean lines for the patterns (except for stripes) and also at the edges of the wall.

Since the colour palette for the wall is yellow and gold, I wanted to add another colour which is this deep blue grey, just to give the wall a complementary look. Opposing colours such as yellow and grey would create bold and dramatic effect. I love colours and I am not afraid to use colours in my home. Our house colour scheme is white, grey, yellow and turquoise so the wall will work perfectly with anything else in the house. Oh the deep blue grey paint is the same shade as my other wall so it ties up the whole look together. 

Here's my plan for the wall to make it easier for you to understand. To be honest with you I kept changing the design and the stripes idea came in very last minute. *hahaha* I don't want it to be plain so stripes are a good way to go as it is easier to do. After painting the wall grey, we painted the left side with Nippon Paint EasyWash Paint in shade YO 1132 P - Sunday Morning. We painted both section yellow, as I wanted the stripes be yellow instead of white.

While waiting for the yellow paint to dry, we applied Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint Primer on the extreme right. We waited for about 15 minutes then we continued painting using Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint in Textured Series - Sparkle Gold (MG 157 Golden Fleece) for the textured effect. You have to use the synthetic brush in the Nippon Paint Momento Tool Kit to get the effect. Create a criss-cross motion to achieve the textured effect. You can watch my video at the end of this blogpost to watch the painting process so you can visually see it for better understanding.

After the yellow paint has dried up, we put on the masking tape to create the stripes. Now, it's important to measure the length of the wall so you will get the same stripes' size. Mestilah you tak nak stripes tu senget benget kan? Lastly, we continued painting using the Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint in Textured Series - Sparkle Gold (MG 157 Golden Fleece) on the stripes area.

We have completed painting the wall and now all we need to do is to wait until the paint dries up and pull out all the masking tapes! This is actually the best part because it is so satisfying to see the sharp, clean lines. :D

I love bright and bold colours because I think including such colours is a great way to bring warmth and character into your home. Yellow is such a mood lifter and my living hall is brighter now and it makes me happy! Seriously when I wake up every morning and look at this wall, it makes me happy!  And the gold paint is luxurious-looking, so pretty. If you want to try using bold colours on your wall, I would suggest to choose a neutral or pastel colour scheme with one bold colour.

Let's see the before and after photos, shall we?



I love how the wall turns out, I am really happy with the result. Not bad for a first timer, eh? ;) Surprisingly, painting is so much fun and kind of therapeutic too. Seeing the end result makes me happy and proud because I never thought I could do this. And I can see myself doing this again, seriously! Of course thanks to my husband for doing it with me, he did more than me actually *hahaha*.  I strongly believe painting a feature wall is a great way to change up our living space. You can be as creative as you can while keeping it cost efficient.  Now my question is, would you paint a textured wall in your home? Raya is coming soon and this could be the perfect time to try it out. ;)

Here's my video on this makeover, enjoy! If you have any questions, do let me know. :)

For more information on Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint Range, please visit:
Instagram: @nipponpaintmalaysia

Thanks for reading!



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