Baby Steps BBs-3 Goat Milk For Children Review

Being a mother of 2 kids has been such a wonderful experience for me and I am forever grateful to have this opportunity, Alhamdulillah. And as a mother, I will always try my best to provide the best for my family. Having a daughter who will turns 4 years old in October and a baby boy who is 16 months old takes up most of my times but I am enjoy every seconds of it and I will never take it for granted. Talking about providing the best, one of the most important areas is definitely about nutrition. I love cooking for them and I enjoy experimenting with new ingredients to give them the nutrients their bodies need. But it also important to provide the best alternative options for milk. 

After I stopped breastfeeding my kids, I gave them cow's formula milk to replace their daily milk intake. I actually have never given too much thought on goat's milk for my children because I personally remember not liking it (I tried drinking goat's milk about 5 years ago). But when I constantly hear about some mommies exchanging notes and opinions about goat's milk benefits, it got me thinking, why don't I let Eidruce to try out goat's milk? As I was doing my research the benefits of goat's milk for babies, some of the benefits that stands out the most are such it is easily digestible, it has anti-inflammatory properties and highly nutritious for babies. So I've decided to try out Baby Steps BBs-3 Goat Milk For Children for Eidruce for the very first time. 

Baby Steps BBs-3 Goat Milk For Children is a goat milk formula powder for children aged one to 3 years old (12 months old to 36 months old). It is sourced directly from two dedicated farms in South of Auckland, New Zealand ; in Patumahoe and Kingseat. The milk powder has uniformity of nutrients in every scoop as it has gone through Advanced Wet-Blend process where the liquid milk is wet blended with other nutritious ingredients then spray dried into powder.

As I mentioned earlier about the benefits of goat milk, here is the breakdown of the goodness of of Baby Steps BBs-3 Goat Milk For Children : 

High in DHA
Baby Steps BBs-3 is exceptionally high in DHA, compared to other milk formula brands, making sure that Eidruce's visual and brain development are always taken care of in the best way possible.

Easy to Digest & Builds Immunity
Goat milk has smaller fat molecule (1/3 the size of cow's milk) which makes it easier to digest. When goat milk reacts with stomach acid, it creates softer curd which is better  for the stomach. Softer curd makes digestion easier and more comfortable for children. Goat milk naturally contains 5 to 8 times higher level of oligosaccharides (prebiotics that support growth of healthy bacteria in the gut) than cow's milk which leads in easy digestion and builds immunity in children.

Nutritionally Formulated For Healthy Growth
Baby Steps BBs-3 Goat Milk For Children is nutritionally formulated with 16 key vitamins and minerals to support child's normal growth and development. It is also fortified with Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C for normal immune system function.

Naturally Nutritious
Goat milk is naturally nutritious as it is full of healthy fats (high levels of medium and short chain fatty acids) which makes it easier to digest and absorb for energy boost. It also naturally enriched with higher content of essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, chloride, manganese, iodine, zinc, selenium and magnesium and vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, B2, B6 and B3 than cow's milk.

Gentle & Less Alergenic
Goat milk has no trace of A1 type of Beta-casein (A1) protein which can be found in cow's milk that may cause abdominal discomfort, bloating and cramping. Goat milk contains A2 type of beta-casein which is gentler to the stomach than A1 type.

Traceable, Authentic & Safe

Each of their products is individually coded therefore you can actually go to their website or scan the QR code (at the bottom of the milk can) to trace back info about the supply chain and anti-counterfeiting protection solution to ensure that you are receiving safe and authentic product. 

I feed Baby Steps BBs-3 Goat Milk For Children to Eidruce and he seems to be enjoying it. In the first two days, he didn't really want to drink it, I guess it has different taste from his previous milk. But then eventually, he drinks it and he seems fine drinking it. In the first week, his stool is rather hard, I guess again it's because the changes from cow's milk to goat milk. But after the first week has past, his stool has become softer and what normal stool should look like.  He seems happier and I think I do notice that his tummy is not as bloated as before. To be honest with you, I am actually glad that I am giving him this milk because it seems to work well with his digestive system. And not to mention, it tastes good too! Seriously!

If your child has digestive problems or bloated tummies, why don't you give this a try and see if it makes a different. There's no harm in trying out to search for the right milk for child well-being. If you are a skeptical parent like myself, break out from your shell and try this goat milk because who knows, it would be beneficial to your child and also to you too! You can find Baby Steps BBs-3 Goat Milk For Children at B.I.G, Jaya Grocer, Urban Fresh Marketplace, Village Grocer, Isetan, Selections, Sogo, City Grocer and De Market.

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