Beblum Micro Plus Stroller Review

Hey mommies! If you are looking for a compact, cabin-sized stroller, well today is your lucky day because I am going to share my thought on Beblum Micro Plus stroller!  This stroller is actually an advanced version of their previous Micro stroller as there are some changes in the design ; the way the stroller reclines and the travelling bag. I actually reviewed another Beblum stroller, the Beblum Navi (sometime last year), so do go THIS link if you want to read about that stroller too.

Before we get into my opinion on this stroller, let's breakdown Beblum Micro Plus specifications :

☀️Suitable for 6 months old to 4 years old (up to 20kg)
☀️Size : 32cm (w) x 32cm (h) x 16cm (d) - FOLDED 
              47.5cm (w) x 100cm (h) x 62.5cm (d) -  UNFOLDED
☀️Weight : 5.5kg (ultra lightweight)
☀️Cabin-sized (Ultra compact fold)
☀️Self-standing when folded
☀️Front swivel wheels
☀️Shopping basket
☀️Upgraded reclined seat up to 165 degrees
☀️Upgraded Premium Carry bag

Beblum Micro Plus is a lightweight stroller with wider seat and hammock style seating, designed for maximum comfort for babies and toddlers. It is comfortable in a normal seating position and it is also comfortable when the seat is reclined. The seat can be reclined up to 165 degrees and this feature is an upgrade from the previous design.

Normal position

A few steps to recline the seat :

Unzip this section
The unzipping will give room for the reclined seat
Release the buckle

Unzip this section

165 degrees reclined seat

It is a plus point for a compact stroller to have a recline seat feature, so this gets a thumbs up for me. Because this means more comfort for Eidruce if he wants to sleep in the troller. You may noticed that his feet is dangling (because of the non-existence of leg rest) and it look uncomfortable but actually there is nothing wrong with that. Take into consideration that this situation is the same as your child in a car seat or a high baby chair. Maybe in a few months Eidruce's feet will grow longer  and it shouldn't be a problem.

The harness is adjustable to fit Eidruce's size and comfort. I have no problem lock and unlocking this harness as it is a smooth process.

The front wheels are swivel wheels which makes manoeuvring a breeze! I can even just push the stroller with one hand as it is easy to navigate, thanks to the swivel wheel. This is actually an important feature of a stroller as it will be a great help if we need the other hand to hold something. 

The back wheels has an easy one step Go and Brake function for safety purpose. And as always, don't forget to lock your child's stroller if you are not moving.

The sunshade is pretty standard as many compact stroller, a basic square non-umbrella sunshade. I would say that if the weather is too hot and the sun is beaming, it's advisable to let your child wear a hat and a sunglass.

Shopping basket - front view
Shopping basket - back view

The shopping basket is quite small, I can only fit my children smaller diaper bag. There's one bar in the shopping basket that kind of prohibits to store more stuff down there. But it's still okay because I can add on stroller organizer  or just hang the larger diaper bag on the pushbar. 

Beblum Micro Plus also comes with a premium carry bag which is compact too! I love this backpack style because it can be carried on the back instead of shoulder! Watch my video on instagram to see how I fold and unfold Beblum Micro Plus stroller.  This 2 steps fold is really easy and convenient! :) Click the link below!


Here's the overall opinion after using this for almost two months :

Folding and unfolding is breezy once I get used to it. I love how lightweight and compact it is! Sometimes when we are in a crowded or small-sized restaurants, we can just fold the stroller without taking any space. Another aspect that I love about this stroller because of the reclinable seat up to 165 degrees which makes it comfortable for Eidruce and even Marissa to sleep. I would love the shopping basket to be a bit more spacious, but still there's a little space down there so I guess can work with that. The front swivel wheels is bonus point, which makes manoeuvring easier. The best part of this stroller, it is only RM599!! :D How affordable is that? Most compact strollers costs more than that, and this my friend is great alternative to have. If you buy now, you can use this code "BB50nFREESHIPPING" to get RM50 off and free shipping! Beblum Micro Plus stroller is available in two shades ; black and red!

So what do you think? Will you try this out mommies and daddies? ;)

For more information on Beblum Malaysia, please visit :
Official website :
Instagram : @beblummalaysia

Thanks for reading!



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