Obsess Cosmetics Cushion Foundation Review

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Last Saturday I went to Obsess Cosmetics Makeup Party, and I was actually pretty excited because I don't really know much about the brand except for their viral cushion foundation and that they are a Malaysian brand. This is a great platform for me to dive into their products and test them out and share it with all of my bog readers. Everything about the event was beautifully done, girlish and fun, inspiring and I can feel all the positive vibes happening during the event. It's a lovely event to gather all beauty enthusiasts that shares the same passions and dreams. Thank you so much for having me, I truly had a wonderful time.

Obsess Cosmetics is our homegrown brand and it was founded in 2016. They started with one product which is the cushion foundation. It received great feedbacks from customers and so they continued with another products, their matte lipstick collection. Fast forward to 2018, they expanded their makeup range with the additional products of mascara, blusher and eyeshadow. And now they even have Loose Powder, Eyebrow Pencil and also a makeup remover! How amazing that a local brand can grow so much in just a span of 4 years, just incredible!

As you can see that the products packaging are really adorable and I love the name as well. So I played around with the makeup products and here are my top 3 products from Obsess Cosmetics that I fell in love. First up, gotta be their cushion foundation, Bite My Cushion! Bite My Cushion is a DD Treatment Cushion Foundation with SPF50 that has skincare benefits infused in the foundation. It is infused with Olive Oil, Geranium and Bearberry that may help to improve skin conditions. 

Olive Oil : Rich in anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties.
Geranium : Aids in anti-aging
Bearberry : Helps in skin brightening through the existence of arbutin that helps in bleaching dark spots and pigmentation in gentle and natural way.

First of all, gotta love the square packaging. It's sleek and the metallic pink case seals the deal! I actually never come across a square packaging for a cushion foundation, have you?

Bite My Cushion - DD Treatment Cushion Foundation SPF50
On my face : Bite My Cushion - DD Treatment Cushion Foundation SPF50 and Brow Definer

I am using the shade Medium which I find is slightly darker than my usual shade, but I can always make it work. The first thing I noticed when I applied this foundation is that, oh my god it is definitely full coverage! It covers my imperfection and my pores look smaller than they used too. Despite of being a full coverage DD Cushion, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin, meaning that I don't feel that I have so much going on, on my face. I do feel that the foundation stays on really well because I didn't feel greasy and sticky even 5 hours after application.  This foundation has more of a semi-matte finish but it does gives a glowing effect, but without the greasy and oily feeling. Would I use this again? Hell yeah! But I need to try the Light shade to see if that fits my skin colour better. As an overall, I am truly impress with this foundation and it might making it's way into my favourite cushion foundation. :) Cushion foundation is a great way to do my makeup fast and love that it is easy to use with the provided sponge. Remember to use the dabbing motion and do not drag it all over your skin if you want to get that air-brush, flawless effect.

Next product that I love from Obsess Cosmetics is the Eyebrow Definer. I love eyebrow pencil because it is the easiest way to do my eyebrow, especially if the eyebrow pencil is dual ended that comes also with a spoolie. 

Obsess Cosmetics Eyebrow Definer is a retractable, triangular tipped eyebrow pencil that is super easy to use. It is gentle on the brows hair, and it fills the gaps nicely and the colour is perfect for my skin tone. It's great for shaping and sculpting the outer hair and great to fill in the gaps because of the triangular tipped shape. If you want to have a precise and well defined eyebrow, use an eyebrow pencil with a triangular tipped such as this one. Use the spoolie to brush out eyebrow hair for a more natural-looking look. My take on this Eyebrow Definer? Love it, becuase of the texture, colour payoff and the fact that it is retractable. Meaning that I don't have to sharpen it. :D

The last product I'm going to review today is the Mattely In Liquid Lipstick in the shade Sirap. This matte liquid lipstick has a lightweight texture, glides smoothly on lips and has soft-matte finish. It is not drying and it does not flake-off. How annoying when matte liquid lipstick dries badly and starts flaking off? OMG, freaking hate that! But Obsess Cosmetics Mattely In Liquid Lipstick does not do that, so don't worry! The longevity is pretty good even though I had sips of water and tea, it transfers a little bit but the shade is still there. Eventhough it is matte finish, it is easy to remove so you don't have to rub your lips like crazy when removing your makeup. It comes in 7 shades and Sirap is a deep red with blue undertone which is right up my alley. 

Swatches of Sirap and Eyebrow Definer
On my face : Bite My Cushion DD - Cushion Treatment Foundation (Medium), Eyebrow Definer and Mattely In Liquid Lipstick in Sirap
Photographed by : Farah Dafri

So what do you think? Are you going to try Obsess Cosmetics? I would highly suggest for you to give them a try, at least try the Cushion Foundation, you won't regret it! :) Before I end this post, here's the breakdown of the price list of these 3 products  (they are so affordable you guys!!) :

Bite My Cushion - DD Treatment Cushion Foundation with SPF50 = RM59.00
Eyebrow Definer = RM39
Mattely In Liquid Lipstick = RM40

For more information on Obsess Cosmetics, please visit :
Instagram : @obsess.cosmetics

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