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Who here love Chinese food? I do, I do! :D But I'm not gonna lie though, it is a bit difficult to find a halal Chinese restaurants that is halal, has great taste and good price points too. Most Chinese muslim restaurants focuses more on specific type of food but what if I tell you, that you can experience amazing Hong Kong cuisines under one roof? Well, welcome to EATZ @ Hong Kong!

EATZ @ Hong Kong is a new restaurant located in The Gardens Mall specializing in Hong Kong cuisines. There are over 100 menus available so you are spoiled for choices! You are definitely getting authentic Hong Kong food as the Special Advisor and Creative Chef Johnny Wong is from Hong Kong. He created wonderful and authentic Hong Kong's  favourites dishes and put the trust in their Head Chef Kak Noor, to lead the team with mouth-watering dishes! Before you guys take a look at the dishes, let's take a tour of the restaurant first.

EATZ @ Hong Kong opens from 8.30am, so basically if you go to The Gardens Mall early in the morning, you can have their selection of breakfasts on-the-go or get their Egg Tarts, Polo Buns, Red Bean Rice Pudding and Osmanthus Jelly, or basically anything that display here. Their Coffee, Milk Tea or Ying Yong (combination of coffee and milk tea) is a must try, and you can get it here. I tried the milk tea and it is tasty!

There's a small kids area so those little people can have a lil' but of fun while eating. This is always a saviour for parens!

I love the ambiance, interior and layout of this restaurants. It is bright, inviting, spacious and comfortable. As a parent, whenever I want to dine in with my family, we need to eat at a restaurant that we can easily move our strollers around (and yes we always bring 2 strollers :P ). If you noticed on the wall, the wall murals is done by a local mural artist, Aleff Ahmad. The wall murals told a story about how Hong Kong cuisine has changed through the years, starting with from the trishaws era, to the double decker buses today. 

The menu is also designed by the mural artist. I love menu with photos, it makes it easier to choose as there are over 100 food and beverages!  So are you ready to feast your eyes? :P

Cheesy Ball - RM15.80 *my top 3 favourites
Eat it while it's hot and it is absolutely delicious! Chewy pastry, sort of resembles like a mochi but not quite. The cheesy taste is just right, not too salty or overpowering.

Egg Tart - RM3.80 each
I am an egg tart lover. I love any kind of egg tarts and EATZ @ Hong Kong egg tarts are lovely. The pastry is the crumbly type, but the filling is creamy, soft and full of eggy goodness. 

Smoked Duck with Pumpkin Rice - RM19.80

Curry Seafood Rice - RM26.80

Australian Beef Striploin - RM37.80

Prawn Toast - RM17.80

Polo Bun with Truffle Scramble Egg - RM22.80

Red Bean Rice Pudding - RM7.80

Braised Beef Brisket Rice - RM19.80
This Braised Beef Brisket has a wonderful flavour, it kinda reminds me of our asam pedas. The beef is tender, the gravy has the perfect balance of sour, sweet and a hint of spice. This is a must try if you love to eat beef with gravy dish.

Satay Beef Rice - RM18.80
As for this Satay Beef Rice, I don't personally taste the beef like our style of 'satay daging' but I'm pretty sure they marinated the beef with wonderful spices and herbs.

Mala Spicy Fishball in Dry Noodle - RM15.80
I actually had the Spicy Meatball and dang, it is spicy!  If you love spicy food, this is a must try, challenge yourself! LOL

Cheese-Baked Chicken Cutlet with Rice - RM22.80 *my top 3 favourites
So, this Cheese-Baked Chicken Cutlet with Rice is definitely my top 3 favourites at EATZ @ Hong Kong. It is filled with creamy goodness, oozing with cheezy strings! The chicken cutlet is fried with bread crumbs to perfection, crunch on the outside with juicy meat in the inside with perfectly cooked rice. All of this in my mouth, equals to happiness. Even though the dish is really creamy, dish ni tak rasa muak. And also, I was told that they don't use store bought heavy cream, they made their own from scratch! Awesome! 

Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings - RM16.80

Lovely sweet glaze on the chicken wings. This is a yummy appetizer and I guarantee kids will love it too. 

Fish Fillet Spaghetti - RM22.80

This Fish Fillet Spaghetti is a nice option if you want to eat a creamy pasta. The sauce is some what similar to the sauce of the cheese baked rice but this is a bit lighter. And the fish is a nice twist instead of chicken.

3 types of chillis is served at all table and you can alter your food to add a lil bit of spiciness in your dish. The Soya chili is our usual sambal kicap, HK chili is spicier but the Mala chili is the spiciest. So pick which one you like!

Ms. Soufflé - RM15.80 *my top 3 favourites

Okay, so this, Ms. Soufflé is a fluffy, light, soft and delicate soufflé that just melts in my mouth. Sooooo good, so worth it! Whenever you order this, you have to wait for 20 minutes because they will only bake it once an order comes in. And as soon as you get it, straight away eat it so you can taste all the fluffiness in your mouth! Because if you wait more than 5 - 10 minutes, the soufflé will sink in and you kinda miss the point of eating it. I love that it is not overly sweet, just the right amount of sweetness.

Polo Bun with Ice Cream (Strawberry) - RM12.80

HK Milk Tea On Ice Bed - RM9.80
So this is something you should try too. The milk tea is really kaw-kaw because the ice that they use is actually coffee that has been turned into ice cubes so you are getting a full mixture of coffee and tea with milk. It is on ice bed to make sure that the drink perfectly cold.

Expressive Espresso - RM13.80

Pineapple Punch - RM9.80

Red Bean Punch - RM9.80

With Ms. Valerie Choo, Managing Director of Simply Awesome Sdn. Bhd.

I truly enjoyed my dining experienced here at EATZ @ Hong Kong . The taste is right, the price is right, the location is right so yeah, I am recommending this restaurant for you guys to try out. As I said earlier, my top 3 picks from this restaurant are the Cheesy Ball, Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken Cutlet and Ms. Soufflé. And of course you gotta try their Coffee, Milk Tea and Ying Yong if you love coffee and milk. 

EATZ @ Hong Kong
LG-240, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact :

Operation Hours : 8.30am - 10pm (Daily)

Instagram : @eatz_hk
Facebook : @eatzhk

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