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Hey mommies (and maybe daddies read my blog too? hehe)

I was going through my blog on my parenting posts and I just realized that it has been quite a while since my last sharing about my children essentials. Having 2 kids has made me a better parent, wiser in choosing the best products for my kids. And also, it has made me a better shopper because I will challenge myself to find good deals when purchasing their essentials. One of the place that I love to shop for their essentials is in Caring Pharmacy because they have a variety of children products and their pricing is always good too. And another reason why I like coming here is because they have a pharmacist in the store so it is really convenient and helpful if I need to buy prescription medicines. Let's take a look at my 5 MUST HAVE items for Marissa and Eidruce that you can find in Caring Pharmacy!

1. Baby wipes
Extremely important as it is very useful, and honestly I use baby wipes for everything! Wiping the kiddos hands (even mine too), toilet emergencies, wiping baby chair in restaurants, wiping cutleries, the list endless! And of course, when choosing baby wipes, I like to get the gentle version like the ones from Caring Pharmacy, Gentle Baby Wipes - Fragrance free. Always look for baby wipes that contain NO alcohol and paraben. This Caring Gentle Baby Wipes is enriched with Aloe Vera plant extract for double hydration. I love the soft, cottony material, as it is mild and gentle on baby's delicate skin.

2. Sudocrem Nappy rash cream
Eidruce has a slight sensitive skin, so sometimes he can get redness or slight rashes if we accidentally changed his diapers later than we are supposed to. We are currently using Sudocrem Nappy Rash Cream and it works in reducing rashes and redness. Apply a thin layer and the problem is solved!
Besides that, it protects, soothes and moisturizes the skin too.

3. Scott's Emulsion DHA Gummies
Giving food supplements to Marissa is pretty important as it helps in her growth and development. Scott's Emulsion is high in DHA, which is essential for brain development. It also contains Vitamin A to support healthy immunity and Vitamin D for strong and healthy bones! You can find other food supplements for children in Caring Pharmacy, so take your pick!

4. Bud's Baby Safe Anti-Bac Foam Sanitiser
Sanitiser is a must have for every parents! You will never know what kind of bacterias and virus floating around us and it's best to keep our children safe from any possible infections. Bud's is one of my favourite brands because it is an organic brand and their products are safe to our kids. Like this sanitiser, it is alcohol-free and formulated with safe and organic food grade anti-bacterial plant active to fight bacterias. It is mild and gentle, and rinse-free too. Other than this sanitiser, I also love the Head-To-Toe Wash and the kids toothpaste as well.

5. Arau Baby Laundry Soap
I am still using baby laundry detergents for both Marissa and Eidruce because I still think that the normal detergent is not suitable for them, therefore using baby laundry soap for their clothes is an essential. Do you know that you can find laundry detergents in Caring Pharmacy? I didn't know at first, but when I came across this Arau Baby Laundry Soap, I knew I have to try it out. It is additive-free and using herb formulation to keep baby clothes soft, fluffy and clean. Laundry will smell good with lavender and spearmint essential oils existence in the laundry soap. Besides that, it also contains aloe extract to protect our skin if we are hand washing our laundry.

So what are your MUST HAVE products for your children? And where do you like to shop for your kid's essentials? Do you shop their essentials in Caring Pharmacy? I do! Caring Pharmacy always have good pricing and their products selection for children is endless. Trust me that I can spend an hour in Caring Pharmacy buying things that I don't need (I know I'm not alone *ahaha*). What I love about shopping in Caring Pharmacy because you can find everything in here, from personal care to even laundry soap! By the way, have you heard of Caring Pharmacy Shop More Win More contest?

Simply spend RM50 in a single receipt (including at least one product from selected brands - see the list above) and submit your entry via online through scanning the QR code. Fill in the details and submit, and you are set! You can enter the contest as many times you like but one receipt is only eligible for one entry.  So you shop more to have the opportunity to win more! Caring Pharmacy Shop More Win More contest is happening from 9th September till 3rd November 2019 and a total of 55 weekly cash vouchers worth up to RM250,000 to be won! For more information about the contest, please visit :

Bought all in Caring Pharmacy for RM50 - Arau Baby Laundry Soap, Caring Gentle Baby Wipes and
Sudocrem Nappy Cream 

What can you get with RM50 in Caring Pharmacy? I got these 3 baby items from Caring Pharmacy and even one Mentos for myself *lol* and the bill total up to exactly RM50! I am a professional shopper, I must say myself. :D So what are you waiting for? Let's join this contest and may luck be with us to win some cash vouchers, we all know we always need a reason to shop! :P Good luck mommies! :)

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