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Are you still doing your skincare routine like you used to before MCO? I was lazy to do it in the early phase but hey, I paid the price ok. My skin was breaking out, and not to mentioned my face becomes red and there was irritation on my nose and cheeks due to frequent usage of face mask. So I get back to my skincare routine and my skin gets better. But then, I suddenly got these rashes on my left temple all the way to my cheekbone. I have no idea how that happened (but my heart is telling me it might be dust mites) but what I do know is how to help my skin back to it's normal condition. 

Okay, first thing that I do whenever I have skin redness and irritation is to stop using any products that has strong ingredients. I will use gentle facial products to reduce any possible friction that could worsen the problems. I also keep my skincare routine to a minimal during this period as my focus to soothe, calm and hydrate my skin. 

THE FACE SHOP Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel
(RP : RM24.00 / 300ml)

My absolute favourite products whenever I have skin redness, rashes and sunburn is definitely THE FACE SHOP Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel. This product is a must have in my skincare cabinet because it works really well in soothing irritated skin. This gel-like texture is cooling and refreshing, and it instantly soothe and calms down skin. 

Aloe Vera Gel can be used in many ways. Of course the most known usage is to soothe sunburnt and irritated skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties so it can help in reducing itchiness and redness. And of course it has great moisturizing properties that can help in instilling hydration into the skin.  After using my gentle facial cleanser, I will use a hydrating toner. Then I would apply THE FACE SHOP Jeju Aloe 99% Fresh Soothing Gel as my moisturizer. It helps so much in soothing my skin and reduce my skin's redness. Besides applying it as a moisturizer, you can also use it as a face mask and always bring this after your under the sun activities to instantly avoid painful sunburn! I remember when I was in school, my mom always apply aloe vera on my hair to keep it healthy and strong. You can use it as it is or add other ingredients to make hair mask! Another tip, put this Aloe Vera Gel in the fridge to keep it cool and your skin will thank you for it! :) '

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THE FACE SHOP Power Long-Lasting Pink Tone Up Sun Cream SPF50+
(RP : RM98.00 / 50ml)

After applying the Aloe Vera Gel, I would apply my sunscreen because it is indeed an important step in my skincare routine. Sunscreen helps to protect our skin from harmful UV rays and slowing down aging process. There are a few types of sunscreen that you can choose from, from anti-aging, tone up, or just a basic sunscreen would do too. I am currently using THE FACE SHOP Power Long-Lasting Pink Tone Up Sun Cream SPF50+ that has pink undertone that helps in colour-correcting to even out my skin tone while protecting my skin from the sun. This tone up sun cream can be used as a makeup base too! I love the glowing effect it gives me after application and it is not greasy, lightweight and comfortable on the skin. 

Sunscreen is a MUST when you go out, even though you are wearing face mask, so never skip this step ok? Buy 2 of any sun care range and GET 25% off 

CNP Laboratory Propolis Ampule Mist
(RP : RM70.70 / 100ml)

Next, a product that is really important to keep my skin hydrated is a face mist. There are many variants that you can get, but try using something that can sooth and moisturize your skin. My first pick is CNP Laboratory Propolis Ampule Mist as it is hypoallergenic tried and tested which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. This face mist contains Amazon bee's propolis extracts that provides high nutrients and intensive hydration for dull skin. 

I use CNP Laboratory Propolis Ampule Mist as a makeup setting spray and also to freshen up my skin for a more dewy and glowing skin. I love the ultra fine mist as it helps to distribute the product evenly all over my skin. And I love the smell too! The other face mist that I would recommend is the Aloe Water Face Mist as it soothe and cools down the skin. 

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Remember to put on your sunscreen before leaving the house and hydrate your skin at all times!

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