ArctaPHOS Anti Blue-Light Series

I'm not sure about you guys, but since the start of this Movement Control Order (MCO), I have been a bit 'off' when it comes to my daily skincare routine. Not sure what's the reason because I always do my 7-9 steps daily without fail but I guess maybe the idea of knowing that I'm not going to go anywhere, it makes me not bothered to do it. Well, serves me right because my skin had been quite bad, worst it has ever been in 10 years! My skin was dry, the appearance of my pores looked larger than ever, broke out quite a bit and my skin looked dull for sure. It's crazy to think about it because I stayed at home and  I was not exposed to the outdoor pollution. So why does it still happened? 

Okay so it is undeniable that since we have to stay home, so we spent most of our time with our phones, laptops and television. Do you know about the blue-light that comes from all digital devices? Do you know that it can damage your skin? I've been doing some reading on it and I found out that it could actually damage your skin, such as breaking down collagen, stimulate pigments production, so basically it accelerated the aging process! Well we don't want that, do we? Our best bet to use skincare products that help to protect our skin from blue-light.

ArctaPHOS Anti Blue-Light Series main ingredient is Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, a bacterial strain primed for it's ability to hydrate skin and eliminate wrinkles which was discovered at a depth of 2,700m ocean near Greenland during an Arctic expedition under Northern Lights. This skincare series aids in skin regeneration, hydration, improves skin elasticity, digital anti-aging, natural glow, hydration and wrinkle smoothing. I managed to try out 4 products from this range which includes Cleanser 3-in-1, Tonic Lotion, Multi-Protect Day Moisturizer and Night Repair.

Do also take note that ArctaPHOS products are free from harmful ingredients such as MIT, Alcohol, Parabens,Sulpahtes, SLES/SLS/ALS, Synthetic Dyes and such.

ArctaPHOS Cleanser 3-in-1
150ml  |  RM79
*Suitable for all skin types

ArctaPHOS Cleanser 3-in-1 is a multi-purpose product that you can use 3 ways ; as a makeup remover, a cleanser and also as a face mask. This gel-like texture foams up when mixed with water, gives a nice lather on the skin, eliminating dirt and impurities while keeping the skin soft and supple. What I love about this cleanser is that I can really feel my skin is fresh and clean. And it leaves a smoothing effect on the skin, no tight-feeling at all. You can use this cleanser as a normal cleanser, add water to foam it up and massage gently all over your face and rinse with water. Use it as a makeup remover by using one pump on a cotton pad and remove your makeup (repeat if necessary). The best thing about this cleanser that you can use it as a face mask by simply leaving the foam on your skin for 5 minutes, then rinse it off. A great pick me up in the morning if you want your skin to be smoother and softer. 

ArctaPHOS Tonic Lotion
150ml  |  RM89

ArctaPHOS Tonic Lotion is product to be used right after cleansing. Tonic Lotion is also known as a toner plus serum, so the texture is slightly more concentrate than the normal toner. I would also call this a pre-serum right which to be applied before applying serum or essence. This is a step not to be taken lightly as it help to remove any excess makeup and impurities, and it will also help in aiding other products applied afterwards to perform better. ArctaPHOS Tonic Lotion has amazing ingredients that gives 4 substantial benefits to a good skin :

Saccharide Isomerate and 4 types of Hyaluronic Acids - For hydration
Organic Aloe Vera - For calming and smoothing
Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract - Refining skin texture
Vitamin B3 - For brighter and glowing skin 

Love the texture of this tonic lotion, it absorbs quickly into the skin and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. It is oil-free, lightweight and it instantly refreshes my skin after application. I would definitely suggest this Tonic Lotion to be included in your skincare routine because I love how it feels on my skin especially the smoothing effect.

ArctaPHOS Multi-Protect Day Moisturizer
30ml  |  RM109

ArctaPHOS Multi-Protect Day Moisturizer is a lightweight daily moisturizer that helps in hydration, as well as protecting the skin from harmful UV rays, infrared, HEV (blue-light), electromagnetic waves, and environmental pollutants through Carnosine. It also helps in stimulating cell regeneration through Ginkgo Biloba that helps in improving skin texture. The texture of this water-based moisturizer is lightweight and it absorbs quickly into the skin. It has a slight tint to it, making my skin glows, no dull skins for sure!

ArctaPHOS Night Repair
30ml  |  RM109

Your night time routine should include a product that repair your skin while you are getting your beauty sleep. ArctaPHOS Night Repair is the perfect for your night as it helps to repair your fatigue skin by restoring hydration, nourishing the skin, minimizing wrinkles and soothing the skin. Even though this is a night cream, the texture is not heavy at all and it sinks deeply into the skin quickly. It's non-sticky so it makes it comfortable to sleep in. This is a sure win in my book!

I just love how everything is lightweight, and they all smell good too, very spa-like. I can see the difference within 3-4 days that my skin has become way softer and more glowing too. I do notice that my skin is kind of lifted up, I don't how to explain it, but I surely feel my skin is bouncier and elastic.

Now is the time to try out ArctaPHOS anti-blue light skincare as they are celebrating their first anniversary!  BUY 1 Get 2nd 40% off on !

Feel The Aurora, and get glowing skin this Raya with ArctaPHOS Anti Blue-Light Series, exclusively in Watsons! For more information, please visit :

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