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'Rambut mahkota wanita' which is true sebab rambut tu memang sangat penting bagi seorang wanita. I don't know about you, tapi for me, bila ada rambut lebat, wangi dan sihat, it makes me feel great about myself. After giving birth to Marissa and Eidruce, I memang struggle in taking care of my hair. Banyak masalah timbul macam rambut gugur, gatal-gatal and dandruff too. Sebenarnya awal-awal dulu memang pening kepala macamana nak cari solution, but now it is safe to say that I dah tau macamana cara nak jaga rambut supaya sihat! 

Okay, the first step to acknowledged is your scalp. Sihat ke tak? Banyak dandruff? Rambut gugur? Gatal-gatal? If yes, you need to use hair treatment products for your scalp, and it also helps if you use deep cleansing shampoo that can remove all impurities such as dead skin cells. I wear hijab on a daily basis, so rambut memang terkedap all the time, lagi-lagi la kalau berjam-jam kat luar. So, all ladies yang pakai tudung mesti pay attention in taking care of our hair sebab rambut kita lagi senang ada dandruff and rambut gugur. And kena la make sure rambut and kepala kita wangi, tak lah bau kepam! *EUWWW*

I have a couple of hair treatment products that I used but currently I am using Beyond Deep Clean Cooling Range that I got from THE FACE SHOP. I know there are a lot of hair products out there but personally I will choose products that can sooth my scalp and eliminate itchiness.

There are 3 products under BEYOND Deep Clean Cooling range, but I have here 2 products which are the Scaler and Shampoo. This range contains herbal ingredients such as chamomile, rosemary and tea tree to relieves itchy scalp, which is a really great component in a deep cleansing shampoo. Chamomile is a great soothing properties, rosemary is wonderful for anti-inflammatory while tea tree is well known for sebum control, pore-minimizing, as well as anti-inflammatory.

100 ML / RM98.90 (on sale now RM84.07)

Beyond Deep Clean Cooling Scaler is a silicone-free product to be used before you wash and shampoo your hair. It contains Lygodii Spora, a raw ingredient (plant based) that aids in scaling the fine parts of scalp. It removes impurities such as waste substances and keratin from the scalp, and at the same time it controls sebum secretion. How do I use it? I will divide 4 sections of my hair and apply the scaler on my scalp. Instantly I will feel cooling sensation! I will then massage my hair for about 2-3 minutes and rinse it off with water. Then I will continue with the shampoo.

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450 ML /  RM111.90 (on sale now RM95.12)

BEYOND Deep Clean Cooling Shampoo is a silicone-free shampoo to keep your scalp clean by removing excess keratin and dandruff. Same as the Scaler, it also contains Lygodii Spora and also natural AHA ingredients such as bilberry and oranges that helps in balancing the scalp water content and lock in the moisture. I love the fresh scent and cooling sensation after application, my hair feels super clean after washing. 

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Both of the products work hand in hand together and I simply love the result! Even after the first usage, my hair feels clean, light and it is also soft and shiny. I definitely love the cooling and fresh feeling as it soothes my scalp. My scalp is never itchy again after using this range, highly recommended! And the best part, rambut dah kurang gugur and dandruff pun dah kurang sangat! YEAYYYY!

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For me, the first step is to really make sure the scalp is clean, kalau kulit kepala bersih, takde dandruff, so rambut baru senang nak tumbuh sebab takde gangguan. Ingat, pakai tudung mesti lagi jaga supaya rambut sihat tau. Lepas scalp dah sihat, we can focus nak bagi rambut lebih lembut and lebat. Yang ni I will talk more in a different blog post ok?

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