Review : Elianto : Bellissa Diary Eye Shadow Palette

Assalamualaikum and hello. :)

I'm not really a big fan of eye shadow as I don't really use them unless I feel like it. That is why eye shadows is not in my list when I go make up shopping. I remembered I used to buy those duo coloured eye shadows from Wet 'N' Wild when I was around 18 yrs old. I bought 4 and yes I still have them. I guess I will never hit pan. hahaha :D

Other than my Wet 'N' Wild eye shadows, I bought this 88 shimmery shades of colourful eye shadows online which is perfect for any special occasions when I want extra colours on my eyes. Trust me, this palette gonna last me as long as I live. :)

So back to the point of this point (yes I'm not focus, I know that. hihi). I want a basic neutral matte eye shadows because all my eye shadows are basically those shimmery type. And of course I don't want to spend so much. hehe I went to Watson and Guardian to search for matte eye shadows but I couldn't find any matte palette. All those glitterry, shimmery eyeshadows... I don't need thoseeee..

So was walking around and I went in Elianto and saw their selection of matte eye shadows, yeay. The best part is that you can customized your own palette. How awesome is that? ;) I picked out the Bellissa Diary palette in Pink, I think the other one is in Blue (Correct me if I'm wrong). I chose 3 matte shades (neutral shades, suitable for everyday look).

The packaging is small and great for travelling. I don't know how to describe the material but it is one of those packaging that you know never gonna break in your bag. hehe :P

     It comes with mirror. Not inclusive of the applicator.

The shades I chose

One swipe

Well blended

RM Damage : RM 19 (Palette), Eye shadows (RM12 + RM10 + RM10) = RM51

I bought this at : Elianto One Utama

Why I like it :
1. The fact that you can customized your own palette
2. The packaging is compact and great for travelling
3. Inclusive of mirror

Why I don't like it :
1. The shades are not pigmented enough (for longer staying power, you must use primer)
2. It does crease after 3 - 4 hours

Repurchase : No, there are better choices out there. 

I'm really really thinking of buying the NAKED or NAKED BASIC. Which one should I go for? I just need one. only one. :)

Sabby Prue




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