Organizing/Storage Ideas : Shawls & Scarves

I want to have an overlook of every scarves/shawls that I owned so I can make up my mind fast when I'm getting ready. I've tried so many ways to store my shawls and they turned out to be disastrous and messy. I found out this method through Dina Toki-O's YouTube channel. I started doing this 3 days ago, but I'm loving it so far, lets see if I can manage to keep it tidy. hehe This is how I store my shawls/scarves other than silk, satin & chiffon as they are too soft to fold. I use the scarves hanger for those soft materials.

Ok dearies, lets start!

What you need : Storage boxes

I used 2 foldable boxes which has handle (to make it easier to pull). One box cost me RM12.90 at Aeon/Jusco One Utama. U guys can decide the size and the quantity how much you need (by measuring the height/width/long of your storage cabinet/shelf). I'm using 39cm (L) x 25.5cm (W) x 27.5cm (H)

P/S : There's a store in Paradigm Mall called Kaison. They sell  affordable and cute foldable boxes. Go and check them out! :)

Sorry for this. I took it out from my dustbin to search for the size. hehe :P

Roll your scarf/shawl

Arrange according to colours/type or however you want it. 

I separate my shawls/scarves : patterns and plain. If there's more room, you can just put in something to hold them tight so they wont fall down. One box can fit around 34 - 40pcs

My accessories shelf

See how easy it is to pull out and see all the shawls you have?

Oh I need to rearrange this. soon, I hope. :P

How do you store your shawls/scarves? Let me know if you have a great system to keep things organized. :)

Till then!

Sabby Prue



  1. i only use the shawl hanger..shawl sy xbyk sgt :)

    1. hihi saya pengumpul shawl. tp ni mmg dah lama sgt tak beli, tgh mencuba guna semua yg ada. :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. since i am still new to my new look this post have inspire me alot!!! <3 love the idea on how you organize all of your shawls items! will try to use this tips!

    1. thanks dearie! Share with me if you have any organizing tips. Btw, u look even more beautiful now with hijab. Alhamdulillah! :)

  4. somewhere it improving ! hehe , love the idea !



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