Food Review : Pancake House, Mid Valley

Ok ni actually sambungan post dari makan nasi ayam tu. hihi lps mkn nasi ayam pegi mid valley and before balik nk lepak minum2 dulu. Lepak minum2 tp terorder makan jgk. Heeee

So kitorang mkn kat Pancake House, Mid Valley. Sebenarnya dh byk kali lalu sini but tak penah ada rase nk try. Mula2 nak mkn Baskin Robbins je, tp mcm dah boring. So i said, jomla try sini.. :D

He ordered Blueberry Pancakes. Actually he wanted Mango Pancake, tapi saya yg salah order. heeee sorry! :D Yang ni sedap and the blueberries byk! Additional point, they come with blueberry syrup.

Top : Blueberry Pancakes
Below : Caramel Banana Walnut Pancake

I ordered Caramel Banana Walnut Pancake. Sedap ohoiii... The pancakes were still warm when it reached our table. The pancakes sgt lembut and  so moist. The combination of caramel, banana, walnut and the whipped cream is yummy goodness.Oh yes and they also came with banana syrup!

p/s : You can choose to have 2 or 3pcs of pancakes. You may also add on ice cream.

Conclusion :

Price : Affordable. 1 Caramel Banana Walnut Pancake (RM9.90) + 1 Blueberry Pancakes (RM9.90) + Coke + Iced Peach Tea = around RM35

Location : Mid Valley, One Utama

Service : Service lmbt sikit, maybe sbb kitorg duduk terperosok kt dlm. hehe tapi ok je, xdela sampai tunggu setengah jam

Revisit? Yes. I wanna try new food in the menu.

For more info, you can visit their FB page : Pancake House International Malaysia Official Fanpage

Till then, happy eating!

Sabby Prue



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