January 2013 favourites

Hello hello. It's that time of the month again. Lets get started... :)

1. Heathcote & Ivory handcream (Vintage Collection in Mimosa & Pomegranate)

I got this from my darling friend who is staying in Brisbane, Aus. Thanks so much babe! I love it so much and I still have half of the tube. :) First thing first, it smells wonderful. I don't know why I'm into pomegranate nowadays. hehe nway, it's smells divine, not too fruity, it's so luxurious. You don't need much, just a tiny bit. The texture is kinda thick which I love. Not sticky at all. I use this in the office as you know, air conditioner is not that great coz it'll lead to dry skin. Go and try this if you haven't!

p/s : I know Sephora has this brand in the store, but I couldn't find the Vintage Collection series. Is it there or I have problems with my eye? hihi :P

2. Franch Herbal Hair Oil in Almond (RM10.90)

I've been using this for a about 6 months and I am loving it. If you are looking for hair oil, this is it. It works and it's inexpensive, so double yeay. They have another 3 types and the one I'm using this almond oil for softness and shine. I want my hair to be smooth and shiny as my hair is coarse and thick and it is easily tangled. benciii -_-. All you have to do is to massage the oil into your hair. Leave it for 20 mins, then rinse it off (wash your hair with shampoo). When I started using this, I wash my hair every 2 or 3 days depending on the conditions of my hair. I used to wash may hair everyday, I think that is the reason why my hair is so dry and brittle. Honestly, my hair looks good even after 2 days of shampoo. It is still smooth and manageable. Btw, I bought this at Giant.

3. Soap & Glory Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream (RM29.00)

I finished up my Peppermint foot cream by The Bodyshop so I want to try something else. I went to Sephora last 2 weeks and decided to get this foot cream. This smells good, not too strong. Very moisturizing. I apply this every night before bedtime up to my ankle and cover them overnight with night socks. I know it's hard because sometimes you are too lazy to do anything before bed but let me tell you this, this will benefit you in the long run. I read this post from wiida where she said she put all her night products by her bedside so that it's easy to reach and you can use all your stuff. Great idea girl, I have a basket of goodies by my bedside now. :)

4. Stage Wondergloss Lip Gloss in Sophia

I had this for so long. It is such a pretty coral/peachy kinda shade. Looks great on it's own or with lipstick. Not too sticky, that's how I like my lip gloss. An everyday look, great for just about anything.

5. Elianto Eyeshadow - Bellissa Diary Palette (RM51)

This is the eyeshadow palette that you can customized (you can choose the colours - matte/shimmer). This palette consists of 3 matte eyeshadows. I need neutral matte shades, that's why I chose these colours. I will do a full review on this palette soon so all the detail will be in the post. [Click here for the review. :) ] This palette has become my favourite in January coz I feel like using eyeshadow lately. And of course, matte  is the way to go coz it is more subtle. And this is the only matte colours that I have. hehehe :P I'm thinking about buying the Naked Basic Palette. Have any of you try them? Is it any good? :) 

That's all for my January 2013 favourites. What's yours?

Sabby Prue



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