[Event] : Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes Workshop

So here's a story. When I first starting up my obsession on makeup, I never thought that makeup brushes could make such a big difference when applying makeup. I always thought I can just use my fingers because it is convenient and fast. And I even thought of using only the small brushes or sponges that usually comes together in powder foundation or eye shadow palettes. Boy, how was I wrong! As I go deeper into makeup. I discovered that make up brushes can help our makeup to look WAY better than applying with our fingers. It gives our look on point precision, coverage and of course it will blend the products nicely into our skin! I am always in the hunt of good (or even great) makeup brushes so when I found out that Make Up For Ever is bringing in their 75 pieces of Artisan Brushes to Malaysia, heck ya I want to know all about it! 

Stanley Wong, Make Up For Ever Malaysia Brand Manager

A short video presentation by the woman behind Make Up For Ever, the ever talented and creative Dany Sanz.

The lovely Eunice Leong explaining in details about the makeup brushes.

What's so special about these Make Up For Ever  brushes?

Firstly, it is hand made by high qualifies specialist  that goes through 25 different production steps and involving 30 people in the manufacturing process. But wait! 50 quality checks has to be made before the brushes is safe in the hands of their consumers! Now that to me is a definite exclusive and premium craftmanship!

Now let me take you through the 5 key points that makes these brushes extra special :

1. There are 75 brushes that caters to all your needs, from foundation, powder, concealer, blush, eyebrow/eyelash, eye liner, eyeshadow, lips and artistic brushes! All the brushes comes in assorted shapes and sizes so you can be creative and using to sculpt, contour, shading and whatever you have in mind! 

2. The brushes are 100% engineered fibers that provides almost the same softness as natural fibers. Exclusive Bi-colour fibers is chosen; black for tip and deep red brown for the bottom. It is so soft on the skin, trust me!

3. The gun metal ferrule are ultra-resistant and humidity proof because it is made of a brass base with a 3 top-coating consisting a nickel with gun metal lacquer and a transparent protection varnish.

4. The brush handle is made out of one of the finest wood (environmentally friendly) which is the dark brown beech wood that contains natural qualitative grain aspects that ensures longer life span of the brushes.  

5. If you noticed, the bottom part of the brush handle is bevelled which is designed to collect, mix and adjust makeup textures! What a great 2 in 1 invention

Oh yes.... If I own all these, I won't be buying any brushes for the rest of my life.....

Top : 122 Blending Powder Brush
Bottom : 134 Powder Fan Brush (Large)

Can you see the bevelled tip at the bottom of the brush handle? That's the 2 in 1 purpose that I mentioned above! ^_^

Artistic Angle Brush

There are 3 types of brushes to give you different finish, they are Straight, Wavy and Straight & Wavy.

Straight bristles will give you full on colours (more precise), Wavy bristles give user a medium pigmentation with a softer finish and Straight & Wavy will give the user pigmented but with a softer finish.

We got to play around with the make up and yes we got the chance to use the brushes! :D I removed my base make up (I still have my eye makeup and my eyebrow).  

The makeup products I used and also the brushes.

Can you see the difference? The right side of my face looked completely well blended, compared to the left side. I used Aqua Cream Eye Shadow on my eyelid, and you can see that the colours did not blend well on the left side of my face. 

My eyes looks kinda weird. T_T

The lovely girls from MUFE, awww love you ladies!

With my awesome blogger friends : Samia, Sarah, Angeline & Laura. Arpita was there toooooo!!

Oh here I am *perasan mode* :D

Go and check out Make Up For Ever  at their Pro Boutique in Sephora Starhill Gallery or any other Sephora outlets if ypu are interested to get you hands on them. The makeup brushes price starts at RM37 to RM235. ^_^

For more information on Make Up For Ever , please visit :

Official Website :  http://www.makeupforever.com/


Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. i have high expectation on these brushes....I even purchase the angle brush...but for some reason it just not so fantastic when I use on my face....i love that it can give very precision stroke but somehow the hair feel like poking my skin.... it happen for the angle brush i bought, the shadow brush(short hair) and the bent angle brush of gel eyeliner application..did you experience the same?

    1. Hi Cindy. I used the foundation brush for my base and precision brush for my eyes and concealer. Both of them worked well on me. And I used the double ended sculpting brush for my translucent powder and my blush. I absolutely love it because it blends great and it is soft to my skin. You mean angle brush for powder or blush (#150)? it should be the same as the double ended one i think. As for the eye shadow brush, especially if its for eyelids, I guess it's supposed to be a bit dense so it can packed on the colours. But I didn't try the eyeliner brush though. hehe but I don't experience it's poking me while applying, :D

  2. Such a lovely workshop!~ You looks so gorgeous!!!~

  3. Always like the way u do ur beauty review! Damn nice! ;)

  4. Woah 75 brushes!! That's insane! I'm still quite noob here lol



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