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Assalamualaikum and hello love! I'm back with the second part of my Oriderm skincare set, which is the Anti-Ageing Set. Want to know more about this set? Well keep on reading dearies! :)

Retail Price : RM280

When we talk about anti-ageing products, we immediately think it is for mature skin. Yes of course, as we get older, our skin lost it's elasticity which will result in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, dark pigmentation and many more problems. Skin problem such as melasma could also happen due to aging. Oriderm Anti-Ageing Set is designed to combat anti-ageing issues with it's marine plant extract and other natural ingredients. There are 4 products in this set, they are Absolute Cleansing Gel, Absolute Hydro Fluid, Absolute Hydro Serum and Absolute Hydro Cream.

1. Absolute Cleansing Gel 

~ Balance out skin's PH
~ Reduce dirt and blemishes on skin
~ Helps the skin be a better absorbent when applying other products on the skin

The texture is slightly thick and has no colour. When you mix it with water, it gives a slight foam. It has this floral- scented  scent which is sort of similar to the Teenager Set's cleanser. I cleanse my face with Absolute Cleansing Gel and pat skin dry with clean towel.

2. Absolute Hydro Fluid

~ Activate skin cell
~ Reduce scars
~ Anti - oxidant
~ Anti - ageing and provides hydration to the skin

The texture is watery and has no colour. A slight floral-scented (same as the cleanser). I use Absolute Hydro Fluid on 5 spots on your face your (forehead, left and right cheeks, nose and chin). But since it is watery, I use about 3 or 4 drops on my palms first then massage it all over my face. It is fast absorbing and it give this cooling and refreshing sensation to the skin.

3. Absolute Hydro Serum

~ Helps to improve skin's texture
~ Smooths, moisturize and protect the skin
~ Ensure the skin is healthy and fairer

The texture, scent and colour is the same as the Absolute Hydro Fluid. It is also fast absorbing and gives the same cooling and refreshing sensation to my skin. I can't really tell the difference between  these two products because texture wise, they are pretty much the same. Method of using the serum is the same as the usage of the Hydro Fluid above.

4. Absolute Hydro Cream

~ Moisturize and protect the skin
~ A special cream as the formulation is extracted from marine plant
~ Skin becomes smooth and fairer

This is the final step to complete the routine. The Absolute Hydro Cream has white, slightly thick texture with floral-scented fragrant that provides hydration to the skin. It does not feel tacky or sticky after applying and it makes my skin feels softer immediately application.


Before trying this out, I immediately think that this set would be better for my skin rather than the Teenager Set because I am no longer a teenager *hahaha* :P. When I tried these set, I do feel that my skin is smooth but I can't really feel the difference in any other terms. Even though my skin is at the mature side, I do not suffer from dark pigmentation, fine lines or wrinkles (just a little bit on the forehead and my laugh line of course) and I don't have melasma so I assume that's the reason why this range does not give me any effects. I really think this set is suitable for those who age maybe around 40 and above. Maybe you can see more effects if you have problems such as pigmentation and wrinkles. ^_^

As an overall thoughts, I definitely prefer the Teenager Set because it suits my skin and I feel great using it. If you have combinationa, acne prone skin and uneven skin tone, I highly suggest the Teenager Set. But if you are on the hunt for products to bring back your youth and skin's elasticity, go ahead and try out the Anti-Ageing Set because it is more suitable for mature skin. ^_^

If you are interested to try out ORIDERM, you may contact this number for more information on the products :

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