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Assalamualaikum and hello my love! I am back with a skincare review and I am excited to share with you girls this product that I have been trying out for quite sometime. If you noticed, I have been posting about ORIDERM products in my blog since last month and finally I am able to give out my own thoughts about the 2 skincare sets from ORIDERM which are the Teenager Set and Anti-Ageing Set. In this blog post, I am going to review the Teenager Set first because it is the first set that I tested out. Curious to find out what I think about it? Well keep on reading dearies! :)

Retail Price : RM150

As I mentioned in my previous post, ORIDERM products is formulated by marine extract plant and it is guaranteed won't cause you any discomfort because of the natural ingredients. The raw ingredients is imported from Italy and it is a Malaysian product. The teenager sets has 3 products which are Clear Mild Wash, Clear Balancer and Clear Repair Essence that balance out PH level of the skin and improve skin texture and even out skin tone. It is suitable for teenagers that want fairer and radiant skin.

1. Clear Mild Wash

~ To cleanse while providing hydration to the skin and brighten and even out skin tone.

As you can see the cleanser shade is transparent (no colour) and the texture is quite thick. As you mix it with water, you will get subtle foam. It is mildly fragrant which I kinda enjoy because the scent is fresh and somehow it gives me cooling sensation. I start off by cleansing my face with Clear Mild Wash. While washing my face, I can sense that the product really goes into my skin. As I wash it off, my skin feels cleaner and fresher. Pat dry and we can continue to the next step.

2. Clear Balancer

~ Act as a toner that helps to balance out PH skin for oily and dry skin and reduce blemishes

I would treat this Clear Balancer as a serum because it feel like one. The texture is watery and as you can see in the bottle, it is in the shade of light aqua. It also has a mild fragrance to it which I don't mind. I use Clear Balancer on 5 spots on my face (forehead, left and right cheeks, nose and chin). I gently massage my face from my neck up to my forehead. The Clear Balancer is fast absorbing so you wont feel sticky or greasy which is a very good point for me. I feel this cooling sensation and I can feel that the serum is sipping into my skin and is actually doing its work!

3. Clear Repair Essence

~ A moisturizing gel that helps to protect the skin from the environment (pollution,etc)

The last step is the  Clear Repair Essence. The texture is almost the same as the cleanser which is thick and it is also transparent (no colour). It has a mild fragrance and have the same cooling and refreshing feel to it. The application method is same as the Clear Balancer, I apply it on 5 spots on my face (forehead, left and right cheeks, nose and chin). It is quite tacky when I massaged it into my neck and face. However after patting and massaging it, my skin has become smooth and supple! Love it!

The reason I tried the Teenager Set first is because my skin has been acting up so badly. I have this tiny bumps on my face and redness is inevitable. It was so annoying to the extend I don't even know what to do. At first I was skeptical on trying this set because it is a teenager set and I am no longer a teenager! *HAHAHA*  Just by looking at the name, I would assume that this set would be great for oily skin. I have combination skin and not oily skin. But since one of the product (Clear Balancer) is ideal to reduce blemishes, I'd give it a go. 

It only took me 4 days for my blemishes and redness to go away, well definitely not all but I can totally feel the difference! I am one happy girl! :) Pimples and blemishes are a big NO-NO for me and I don't want to go through that experience ever again. The fact that it could reduce my redness, it certainly would help to even out my skin tone with continuous usage. ^_^ 


If you are interested to try out ORIDERM, you may contact the number below to purchase andmore information on the products :

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Till then,

Sabby Prue

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  1. selamat malam..mata mengantuk -_- tp sempat blogwalking ni...hehe

    1. hehe thanks for dropping by dear, nanti i jenguk your blog! :)

  2. Nampak macam it smoothes out your skin complexion juga hihi lama dah nak try sebab usha insta dia bila you post but a bit hesitant. But might be trying it out soon hehe thanks for the review <3

    1. Tula I was kinda shocked jugak sbb my skin mmg tgh bengkak gatal2 before tu. I rase weather is the main culprit. :( tapi alhamdulillah so far so good lps gune ni.

  3. Fuyyooo, cantiknya kulit lepas pakai! Eh, nampak pipi kak sabby macam ada natural blusher lah, pink kat situ, hehe!

    1. haha tu la masalah redness. mmg susah nak get rid off. sebab weather ni... dah lama dah kulit akak tak merah2. T_T



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