[CLOSED] Birthday Giveaway!! :)

Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely friends! :)

Today is a special blog post as I am doing a GIVEAWAY especially to my readers [I would rather call you guys my friends :) ] Anyway, I have been wanting to do a giveaway for quite some time so I guess this is the right time to do it. If you want to know why I am doing this GIVEAWAY, kindly check out my video and also if you want to know what you are getting, go ahead click that video too. *hehehe* 

What will you win? 

1 (One) lucky winner will win :

1. The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream
2. The Body Shop Gift Pack (Strawberry range - Shower Gel, Body Lotion, EDT, Soap and Lip Butter)
3. Etude House M'Eye Liner in Black
4. Make Up For Ever HD Cream Blush in 215
5. Yadah Sweet Milky Tint in Sweet Cherry
6. Yadah Highlash Mascara
7. Dove Body Wash - Beauty Nourishing
8. Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion (Deluxe sample size)
9. Benefit Stay Don't Stray (Delux Sample Size)
10. Nature Republic Garden Recipe Carrot Wash-Off Pack
11. Nuxe Creme Nirvanesque (First Expression Lines Cream)
12. Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting Cake Powder
13. Maybelline High Shine Sheer Colour in Berry Bella
14. Maybelline Watershine Collagen Gloss
15. A box of baked goods by Little Bakerina

Check out this video and come back to this blog post to fill in the Rafflecopter okay? :D

Fill in the Rafflecopter to participate in the Giveaway. The Giveaway will end on 31st August 2014. :) Feel free to share the GA with everyone. :)

P/S : Don't forget to leave your name and email address okay? :)


  • The Giveaway is open to anyone residing in Malaysia ONLY.

  • Closing Date for the Giveaway is on 31st August.

  • Winners will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter.

  • Please follow all the necessary steps for the Giveaway. I will delete entries that does not follow the terms and conditions. :)

  • Till then,

    Sabby Prue

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    1. Yipee... Sabby! I wan happiness and good health for everyone that I loved. World peace~~~
      Elana Khong

    2. Replies
      1. join join. Jgn lupe tinggalkan full name and email address. :)

    3. Happy Birthday kak shabby! Stay awesome foreverrrrrr

    4. Hello 1st of all ,
      Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family <3
      I wish you all had a very wonderful and warm celebration back at the hometown.(gosh i misses my hometown and families so much already :')
      All i want for everybody is to stay safe and careful all the time despite all the *bencana alams* we had recently =')

      Vsa Jean

      1. Thanks for the wish dear and thanks for joining! :)

    5. Dream life eh? Being able to travel anywhere without needing to worry about finance :3

    6. Kak Sabby!! I can't believe you're turning three zero...sngt2 terlalu awet muda..anyway..wishing you happy birthday again...glad to know and meet someone inspiring like you...adore your kindness, humbleness and all your positive attributes...of course gorgeus too...i dream that I can be in a successful place just like you, great in business and blogging...and happy with love life as well..and moga berkekalan dunia akhirat...Amin

      1. thank you iqa, Insyaallah, one day you will achieve your dreams. Be happy always okay? *hugsss*

    7. My dream is to travel the world and run an art consulting business.
      Natalie J crue1mediagroup@gmail.com

    8. My dream in life is happy with my husband & families, have a sweet & nice kids, good life, good health and be a good wife & good person. :)

      Name : June Mdy
      Email : sj_mdy@yahoo.com

    9. Happy Birthday Sabby! My dream is to be able to enjoy all the goodness in this world!

      Princess Neverland

    10. Eat and spend without any guilt or doubt. Btw Haaaahaaaapppy Birthday and you doesnt look 30 at all!

      ctzaima92 @yahoo.com

      1. Aww thanks dear, I am trying my best to NOT look like 30. hahaha :P

    11. My dream is to open a cute and fancy library with my bff. im gonna put all my novels in that library and the novels that my bff wrote.

      name: syira
      email : e_ira849@yahoo.com

      1. wowwww, that's great dear! :) and thanks for joining! :)

    12. Salam kak Sabby, Happy belated birthday. May give you more and more blessings with each passing year, in shaa Allah Amin.
      My dream is to be a successful beauty and lifestyle blogger, the best mother I could possibly be to my daughter, and travel to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Korea and Japan. In shaa Allah, Amin.

      Phyllicia Robert

      1. Thanks for the wish dear, and thanks for joining the giveaway. :)

    13. Hi Sabby, thank you for the giveaway! My dream is to be a known fashion icon within Malaysia. It's silly, but I do hope to inspire many others to dress up nicely, no matter their style or size. I am a really petite girl so if I can feel confident about myself anyone can! It's a really silly dream huh? XD Btw, you look so young! Happy Birthday, hope all your dreams come true too! :)

      Name: Carinn
      email: carinn.tan93@gmail.com

      1. Your dream is not silly dear. You can achieve it with hard work, trust me! All the best and keep moving forward! :)

    14. Nice Giveaway Sabby! and Happy Birthday, May Allah bless you with many more healthy and happy years to come :)

      My dreams, well I have a lot haha. But I think the main goal is to be recognised and successful in what ever I do, whether it's film or makeup :)


      1. You can go far darling, for sure! good luck and thanks for joining the giveaway dear. :)

    15. Happy Birthday Sabby <3
      . My dream of life? Open plus size boutique in Penang. Most of plus size boutique currently in Kl. So I think penang people will love it if I open it and well know blogger <3

      1. Insyaallah, one day you'll achieve it. good luck dear. :)

    16. although i'm majoring in computer networking and working as a software engineer, i really want to pursue studies in foreign languages. yes with an (s) because i want to learn more than one and be a translator, my main aim now is korean and japanese. i dont know where this dream will lead me, but wish me luck!

      and happy belated birthday kak sabby <3
      p/s: not trying to flatter, but really i was shocked when you said you turned 30! you look so young lah!

      1. wow, that's awesome! you know what when I was growing up, one of my ambition is to be a translator and learn all sorts of languages but that was just temporary. hehehe but you go girl, if that's want you want, go for it!! Caiyokkkkkk :)

      2. oh and thank you for the compliment. hehehe *kembang* :P

    17. Happy Birthday sweet Sabby sis! Hope to see you again. Damn miss you.

      BTW my answer..
      My dream is to have my own business, make it successful and earn a little bit more money to help the poor & anyone who need help in this world. Just want everyone of us live in peace, & continue to pray for the peace of the world.

      Do enjoy ur big dayyyyyy XOXO

      Jacqueline Khoo

      1. Thank you so much Jac. :) Yes, I wish for world peace too and I hope everyone is nice to one another. Thanks for joining dear! :)

    18. Happy birthday to you, my dream is to travel around the world.

    19. Happy birthday! ;)

      My dream is to travel around the world! hehe ;D


    20. Happy birthday sis Sabby Prue!
      May Allah Bless you.:D

      woahhh banyak betul hadiahhhh,
      moga dimurahkan rezeki.

      tak join, but somehow nak share jugak my dream.hehhe
      my dream would be : go backpacking around the world &
      having high metabolisme so that boleh makan banyak-banyak tanpa gemok.HAHHA

      1. haha makan byk tapi x gemok? that's my dream too! hahahah anyway thanks for the wish dear :)

    21. My dream in life is to live life to the fullest and have a wonderful journey with the ones I love dearly.

      Serah Lim || serah.lim91@gmail.com || viviryamarlavida.blogspot.com ||

    22. Happy birthday Sabby!! Miss you girl!! xx
      What I dream in life is try and be the best mother and wife.
      Dina xxx

    23. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 3-0 club. teehee.. I like to live in the present but it is fun to dream big too. I'm living my dreams now but I do that this beautiful dream will lasts for a very long time. Congratulations in advance on your up coming wedding. Have fun planning for it for the rest of the year.
      Thank you for this awesome birthday giveaway!

      Puteri Zatil

      1. hahaha lol the wonderful 3 series. hehehe :P Insyaallah, happiness will be by your side. :) thanks so much for joining dear!

    24. Salam hi dear. I wanna wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May Allah always bless and shower His blessings upon you inshaallah.

      I wish to be a better Muslim, a better version of self. To be happy and make people happy. Inshaallah amin ya rabb.


      Name: Mya Akmal
      Email: mai8884@yahoo.com

    25. Hye sis. Happy birthday. I wish I can change my life from poor family to a better family. Gives happiness to my family especially to my dad, my mum, my brother and my sister. Then, I wish I can have a lot of money so that I can collect make up as much as I want.

      Name : Siti Hawa Binti Achen
      Email : angellovesoldier@gmail.com (http://angellovesoldier.blogspot.com/)

    26. Assalamualaikum Sabby.. Happy Birthday to you..
      My dream that I'm always want is to make my family happy and make them proud in what I do and hoping that I can achieve good thing in dunia and akhirat.

      Name: Asyik Izas
      Email : asikinwan@yahoo.com

    27. Now alamualaikum Sabby, well my dream all this time was to be a dance choreographer but that was before I found Islam. My ultimate dream now is going for umrah or Haj, I've always wanted to see Makkah and Madinah. In Shaa Allah may my family and I have the rezeki to go there.

      Alisha Melissa Mah

    28. Well hye, hello sabby :) Happy Birthday ! and my dream is always as simple as i want a happy happy life :D May Allah Bless you ;)

      Zulaikha Afifah

    29. My dream in life is to win BIG and make it BIG! Hope to win this! :)
      Yong Choy Peng

    30. Hye Sis Sabby.. i just love your blog.. and i want to participate in your giveaway too. and it is not late for me to wish Happy belated birthday. May Allah ease your journey in life.

      And my dream is to become famous blogger and Vlogger just like u..
      my email: naomie_clumsy@yahoo.com
      my blog: nomilicouz.blogspot.com (follow me back yah~)

    31. Hi Sabby, Happy happy birthday to you. May you have many great returns and all the best thing in life.
      My dream is to be a mom one day as i'm currently suffering from PCOS. But I'm optimistic that one day, it will come true


    32. my dream in life is to live happily and contentedly
      thank you!

    33. Assalamualaikum. Happy belated birthday! ^.^ I'm always dreaming of having a happy life with good friends because apparently lots of my friends are not real friends as I expected. And hopefully I could have the courage to do what I want and what I love.

      Shafinaz Haris

    34. My dream in life is to live my life to the fullest and enjoy and appreciate every moment I have left and every person I'm with. Surround myself with good people doing crazy things. Career wise, I haven't thought about it yet but I'm hoping that I could inspire people and just make my parents proud :)

      Izzah Farihah Bt Abd Hakim

    35. Salam hi Sabby! I just recently found your blog and your blog is amazing! Oh yeah, regarding my dreams, I do have a tons of it. But the most important is I want to become a better muslim. That's the purpose of us living in this world right :) Other than that also, as usual, I need to finish my study and get a good job and also travel around the world because I love sightseeing and take the photo of the nature. It must be breathtaking! Thank you for giving such beautiful giveaway and hope can hear from you soon.

      Keep it up with your blog okay :)

      Love, Zuyyin Nadhirah



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