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Assalamualaikum and hello love. I'm back with yet another skincare and BB Cream review and this time around it's from Seqy Beauty. Seqy Beauty is a Malaysian company that sells beauty products and currently they have 3 products in store which are the cleanser, sakura mask and also BB Cream. I've always loved being approached by a homegrown company because it inspires me to be motivated to improve my business. I have a high respect to everyone who can start their own business.  :) *ahahah* as usual I will always talk about something else before getting right into the main thing, typical me! *ahaha* anyway I was sent all of the 3 products to try out and lets see how do they fair in my book. But before that, lets watch my video where I talked briefly about the products!

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Weight / Size : 60ml
Price : RM45 (SM) / RM50 (SS)

Cleanser by SEQY BEAUTY is infused with Vitamin  C & E that could help in reviving the skin cells, eliminate dirt and impurities, act as anti-oxidant and anti-ageing. Furthermore, this cleanser is designed to brightened up, whiten and make the skin glowing. If you have dark spots and pigmentation, these are the kind of product that you need as it can reduce the appearance of those culprits. Oily skin girls, this could be your best friend as it can help to reduce your problems due to the existence of lemon in the cleanser.

I love packaging as it comes with a pump. Easy and simple to use. As you can see here the texture is very liquid-y and it is orange in colour. It reminds me of an orange fruit to be exact. The scent is a bit bizarre and I can't quite describe it. I use one pump, rub it against my palm and massage it into my skin from chin upwards. It foams up quite well and it leaves me a great satisfaction when cleansing my face. After rinsing it off with water, I don't feel any tightness and dryness which is a good thing. My skin feels soft and I really like the feeling of that. As far for the brightening effect, I don't see that it brightens up my skin but I can feel that it clears up my complexion.

Weight / Size : 50g
Price : RM110 (SM) / RM120 (SS)

Sakura Mask by SEQY BEAUTY is a multifunctinal mask that contains Sakura plant and Snail extract that focuses on hydration, anti-ageing, brightens and anti-inflammatory agents. What it does to a skin includes reducing the appearance of scar and large pores, aids in regenerating skin cells and collagen. Furthermore, it reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and that's what all of us want, right? 

The packaging is unique as you need to press the top and the gel will come out through the hole. The gel is thick and it is transparent. I used 3 pumps each application, 1 for each side of my cheeks and another one for my head. I really massage it into my skin from chin upwards in a circular motion. It feels quite sticky but eventually the product will absorb into the skin. I do feel a slight tingling sensation during the 20 minutes but it's nothing intolerable. I wash it off with water and it leaves a clean feeling afterwards. You can actually use the mask as a sleeping mask where you can apply it at night and remove it the next day. The most noticeable effect that I felt was how soft and supple my skin is. It feels so hydrated and soothing since the mask has anti-inflammatory agent. I believe this is a good product to those who suffer from dry and sensitive skin and also redness.

Weight / Size : 15ml
Price : RM55 (SM) / RM60 (SS)

Let's talk about face base now. When BB Cream first came out years back, it became one of the most famous makeup item to those who prefers a natural makeup look. Ever since then, tinted moisturiser, CC Cream and DD Cream has make an appearance to cater to those needs. However, SEQY BEAUTY introduced a BB Cream that can gives a natural makeup look, protect the skin from the harmful UV, moisturise, oil-control and even out the skin tone.

The applicator is unique as you can see here. I've seen people applying the BB Cream directly on their skin (when they push the pump) but I prefer putting it on my hand first. The texture is creamy, it has an orange undertone which I was a bit skeptical  at first because I thought it won't be the perfect match for my skin. As I massaged it into my skin, the shade really blends in into my skin and it really does match my skin! It looks very natural on my skin and yes this is definitely a great option for a natural makeup look. I must say the coverage is really good for a BB Cream because it covers pretty well. One layer is good enough for a daily makeup. The BB Cream is lightweight, non-greasy and it has this sort of a powdery finish that looks natural. I highly recommend this BB Cream if you love a natural makeup! 

With only one application.

Of all the 3 products, I must say that I really love the BB Cream, it is a must have in my makeup collection, highly recommended! :) If you are interested to purchase any of these products kindly check out these links :

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Thanks for reading! :)

**Disclaimer : All of the products are sent by Seqy Beauty for review purpose, however all of my review is 100% honest as always. Thank you! :)

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  3. that last picture, you look like Sazzy Falak, with the big brown eyes! :)
    15ml BB Cream for RM55 is quite expensive though.. but i love the applicator too.. quite unique. But if that kind of packaging and applicator increase the price, I'd rather stick to a normal tube.

    Thanks for the review..was just browsing your blog and saw this. love homegrown brand as well!



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