BEAUTY | Review : Citra Mulia Kosmetik : The Face, Dr. Herbal and Milano Ashley

Assalamulaikum and hello love. I am back with another skincare review. Yes, I have been experimenting a lot of skincare lately because I think now I finally get it that skincare is more important to keep my skin good at all time! Maybe I am kinda late, jumping into this skincare addiction but I think it's better for me to start now than never right? :D Anyway today I'm coming at you with 3 products sold by Citra Mulia Kosmetik. Citra Mulia Kosmetik is an online store that sells a variety of beauty products including these 3 brands that I am about to review. 

Weight : 50ml
Price : RM69.90

Can you see the pretty swirls inside the jar?

Weight : 50ml
Price : RM69.90

I love the heavy glass with the swirls designs in the jar. It feels expensive!

The Face Supreme Whitening Day Gel and The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum acts as anti-ageing and anti-wrinkles products. At the same time, it hydrates, soften and whiten the skin through a special formulation that can heal melasma, dark spots and brightened up the face. Both of the serum contains Vitamin B5 that acts as antioxidant to fight free radical that can harm our skin. 

Lets take a look at the functions of these 2 serums :
~ Reduce acne scars
~ Whiten skin tone
~ Reduce dark spots
~ Brightened up the skin
~ Even out skin tone
~ Reduce the appearance of large pores
~ Soften and firm up the skin

Now, lets find out my thoughts on both of these gel serum!

The gel-like textured of the Day Gel Serum is herbally scented. It has this cooling effect when applied to the skin. If you look closely, the gel serum has gold specks in it. The gel-serum is fast absorbing and it feels comfortable on my skin. I do not feel any stickiness or greasiness after using this. I would apply this serum in the morning after my toner. Then I will proceed to my day cream, which currently I am using Dr. Herbal Whitening AB Cream. I really like the texture of the serum because it's very light and it fast absorbing into my skin. The scent is mild, you know I would prefer non-scented products but I can close my eyes with this one. I feel that this serum help my day cream to be absorbed better due to the weightless feeling. 

As same as the Day Gel Serum, the Night Gel Serum is also a gel-textured serum that has the same herbal-ly scent to it. It has silver specks in the gel and I think it's pretty cool. See how colours and texture plays their part in a beauty product? It is enticing! Everything else about this serum is pretty much the same with the Day Gel Serum. I use this serum before going to bed at night (before my night cream) and I love the feeling of waking up with a fresh and supple face!

Weight : 2 x 20g
Price : RM99.90

Dr. Herbal Whitening AB Cream is 100% made of herbal ingredients and it is suitable for any skin type. It is formulated to repair the skin damaged layers and the texture of the skin. It also contains collagen to treat and hydrates the skin.  It is said to have a fast result where you can achieve a fairer skin after 7 days straight of usage (day and night).

Benefits of using Dr. Herbal Whitening AB Cream :

~ Whiten and brightened up the skin
~ Reduce the appearance of dull skin tone
~ Reduce dark spot and pigmentation
~ Firm up the skin
~ Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
~ Prevent large pores
~ Reduce acne scars
~ Hydrates and soften the skin

I love it when the product comes with spatula because it is more hygienic that way!

As you can see here, Cream A (which is for day use) is thicker and pasty in texture, where as Cream B (which is for night use) is more mousse-like texture. Cream A has a tint of beige/cream shade which I believe is good for colour correcting. I kinda look at it as a base before applying my foundation. Even though the texture is thicker, it is easy to blend because once my fingers massage the product into my skin as the warmth of my fingers melt away the cream. I instantly feel brighter and glowing whenever I apply this cream. Cream B is a white cream that will turn to a transparent shade when I rubbed it into my skin. It feels light on my skin and it is too fast absorbing. The combination of this night cream and The Face Night Gel Serum works very well together and I enjoy waking up with a good looking skin every morning! Both of Cream and B have herbal-ly scent to it but it doesn't bother me that much. 

I would start my day with my daily cleanser, toner, The Face Supreme Whitening Day Gel Serum, Dr. Herbal Whitening AB Cream (Cream A) and my eye cream.

I would start my bedtime skincare routine with cleansing my face with water, apply face mask (sheet type - 3 times a week), followed up with The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum and Dr. Herbal Whitening AB Cream (Cream B).

Now let me show you step by step how I use these products!

What do you think? Are you going to try any of these products? Of all the products I tried, I like The Face Supreme Whitening Day and Night Gel Serum. They are my favourites! :)

Weight : 500ml
Price : RM18.50

Milano Ashley Hand & Body Moisturiser contains proteins, minerals and vitamins to ensure the skin is deeply hydrated and supple at all time. I got 2 variants which are Green Tea and Rose Tea. Green Tea is well know for anti-oxidant while Rose Tea has antiseptic and soothing agent that can heal redness and troubled skin. If I have to choose between these 2 scents, I prefer Green Tea because I am not really a fan of rose scented things. Both of the moisturisers has quite a strong scent. I noticed the scent will mellow down after 10 minutes. As usual, the moisturisers hit the spot because they are fast absorbing and does not leave any sticky feeling on my hand and body. 

If you girls are interested to get any of the products, you can visit Citra Mulia Kosmetik websites as below :

Official Website :

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