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Assalamualaikum and hello love. I have been wanting to upload this blogpost but I gotta wait until end of April since the product will only be out by May 2015. Yes, I'm talking about Laneige new formulated Water Sleeping Mask! If you have been following on my Instagram, you might noticed my photos at Casa Del Rio, Melaka where I attended Laneige Sleeping Beauty Slumber Party 2015. The purpose of the party is to introduce the new Water Sleeping Mask to the media before it is officially launched to the consumer. It was indeed a fun and wonderful experience as a beauty blogger! :) I actually have a travel vlog up on my YT channel during my stay in Melaka. A room tour, river cruise and of course food! *ahaha* You girls can check out the video below! ^_^

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The Sleeping Beauty Slumber Party 2015 started at around 10pm if I am not mistake. Well, looking at the name the party, we gotta came in with our PJs! *ahahaha* and the fact that everyone was super sporting to showed up in pyjamas is so cool. :D Everything was in the theme of a 'sleeping' concept which was so much fun! 

Mr. Lee Yun Ha, Senior Researcher

This is the all new Water Sleeping Mask (priced at RM110, 70ml) which is a step up from Water Sleeping Pack EX. The new formulated Water Sleeping Mask is enriched with SLEEP-TOX and MOISTURE WRAP technology that delivers moisturization, detoxes and purifies for a brighter looking- skin. The SLEEPSCENT has also been improved to aid for a better sleeping routine. 

SLEEP-TOX Purification technology leaves the skin clear and revitalized by restoring and repairing damages caused by many harmful radicals.  This Water Sleeping Mask is meant for overnight usage as Laneige found out there's a specific time during our sleeping time where detoxification and purification process can be boost up in the skin. This technology activates the purification genes with Hunza Apricot and Evening Primrose extract to normalise fatigue skin that is damaged during the day.  Hunza Apricot Extract contains 10x more rutin, a flavonoid with an excellent anti-oxidant effect than regular apricots. It is also packed with beta-carotene, lycopene, amygdalin and vitamin A. Evening Primrose Extract has an excellent healing properties and contains a high amount of Gallic Acids that helps to purify the skin. Furthermore, it helps to discharge daytime contaminants that could lead to fatigue and stress skin.

MOISTURE WRAP technology acts like a porous (sponge-like) moisture film that locks-in moisture through out the night.  Through the effective ingredients such as Hydro Mineral Water, Evening Primrose Extract and Hunza Apricot Extract, this technology boosts the skin absorption and these ingredients are stabilised within the dense beta-glucan mineral network. This process will produce a sponge-like moisture film that locks-in the moisture through to 8 hours of sleep. 

SLEEPSCENT is developed to relaxes ones mind and body to sleep faster and promote deep sleep. Now tell me, who doesn't need that? In this new formulated mask, it contains Orange Fruit Flower,  Rose, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood Oil. This soothing and mild formula also helps in reducing skin redness as the formula is non-irritating, mild, safe and gentle on the skin.

New Lip Sleeping Mask (priced at RM70, 25g) is a greatly to keep our lips hydrated and supple at all time. We need to take care of our lips too, it's not just about the face. Dry and chapped lips are annoying and can be painful sometime so it's best to keep 'em lips hydrated and smooth at all time. It is formulated with Berry Mix Complex for moisture lock and Vitamin C to maintain suppleness through out the night.

BERRY MIX COMPLEX is a mixture of 8 different berries that is high in anti-oxidant properties. The berries are raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, goji berry, soapberry, cloudberry and coffee berry. These berries are extracted through super high pressure to preserve the anti-oxidant properties of the berry extracts. As known ant-oxidant is important to combat the oxidization of free radicals as it slows down the body's ageing process. SUPER-HIGH PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY is used for the extraction of the 8 berries mentioned above to produce a highly concentrated anti-oxidant extract that can be easily absorbed by the skin. MOISTURE WRAP technology is also included in this Lip Sleeping Mask where it locks active ingredients to help the skin absorb and retain the moisture through out the duration of sleep.

Thanks Marini for becoming my model of the night. :D

The all new Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm (priced N/A, 3.5ml) will be available as well this May 2015! Enriched with 3 kinds of moisturising fruit seed oil such as Apricot Seed Oil, Peach Seed Oil and Plum Seed Oil to keep the lips hydrated. Dubbed with Water Melting System , this formula utilises low-viscosity wetting oil that melts on the lips upon application. The moisture soaks into the lips while leaving a matte feel on the surface of the lips. This lip balm will enhances the colour of your lips depending on the condition of your lips. There are 3 colours available  which are No.1 Pink Peach, No. 2 Juicy Plum and No.3 Fresh Lime.

I would like to say a big thanks to Laneige Malaysia and Circuit Communication for this lovely experience, I appreciate it very much! :) Stay tuned for my review on these products, you don't want to miss it. :D And don't forget to check out all Laneige counters in May to get the products! ;)

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  1. water sleeping mask tu macam best...can't wait for your review... :)

  2. wow,seems so fun! I wish that I could join in too!



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