[Beauty Review] | CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow and Virginkiss Tension Lip

Assalamualaikum and hello my love! How's the first of April treating ya? Yeah the current 'hot news'... GST here and GST there. What's my take on GST? Well lets just keep it to myself because if I start to rant out, I don't think this post will end. *hahaha* anyway to take your mind off on this 'hot issue', can we talk about something that can cheer us up, my beauty junkies friends? :D I want to share with all of you 2 products by CLIO day I received from Sasa last week and I have been testing out since I got 'em. Curious to find out what are they? Well, keep on reading! ^_^

The two products in my hands are CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow and CLIO Virginkiss Tension Lip. I must say that I never used any of CLIO products and I heard good things about the eyeliner. Korean cosmetics nowadays are booming because youngsters are all about the 'Korean-inspired' makeup look.

Shade : #8 Feeling High
Weight : 1.6g
Price : RM45.90

Lets start off with this eyeshadow stick. Anyone is a fan of these types of eyeshadow? Personally I do like this type of eyeshadow because it's easy to use especially if I'm in a rush and I need have a simple makeup look. The fact that I can use it as an eyeliner is also a plus point!

This is how much of a product you are getting. I would say it is a decent size for the price. :)

The shade I got is #8 Feeling High. I have no idea what the name means, "Feeling high when I have this eyeshadow on?" *hehehe* Anyway Feeling High is a champagne shade that is beautiful as a base or even on it's own! It brightens up my eyes, makes it more alive if I'm not using any other eyeshadow shade. It is highly pigmented, very creamy and easy to blend out. I apply this twistable shadow stick directly on my eyelids and blend it out using my fingers, how easy is that? The shade is also great for inner corner highlight. I also like using it on my lower lash line to make my eyes look bigger. This creamy eyeshadow is definitely waterproof and it does not budge even if I vigorously rubbed it off without water. My take on it? If you love eyeshadow stick, give this a shot because I think this will be a great addition to have in your makeup collection.

Shade : #8 Chu
Weight : 3.5g
Price : RM55.90

Now now now. Another red lipstick in my collection. CLIO Virginkiss Tension Lip in #8 Chu is a pinkish bright cherry red shade. It is extremely opaque, smooth and glides on easily on my lips. It's hydrating and it feels comfortable on my lips. It gives the effect of supple, bouncy and fresh looking lips due to the glossy and shine effect. This is not a matte-finish lipstick, it is more of a satin-glossy finish. Even though it is not matte-lipstick, it will stain your lips even after 5 minutes! There's a slight scent and taste whenever I used this lipstick, I am not sure if I'm liking that. But overall I love it because of the opaqueness, how comfortable it feels on my lips and somehow I'm loving the glossy effect. I have always been in love with matte lipstick, but this one sold me out. :)

A simple eye makeup look using #8 Feeling High CLIO Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow. I finished it off with a black liquid eyeliner and then I applied a thin line of the shadow stick on top of the black eyeliner to soften the edges of the black eyeliner. I applied one coat of mascara. Since I am using CLIO Virginkiss Tension Lip in #8 Chu, I decided to keep the rest of my makeup pretty simple. How do you like this look? This would be my go-to makeup look if I'm in a rush.

Both of these products are available at Sasa nationwide. Do check them out, both of them gets a thumbs up from me! :)

Thanks for reading! ^_^

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