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Assalamualaikum and hello.

Oh I'm sorry for being away the whole last week. I can't help it that I was feeling under the weather. But I can't stay away from my blog that long because lets face it, what do I do without blogging? ;) Anyway I'm gonna share with all of you a makeup product that is from our home country, Malaysia! Yes I'm always into local made products because it's important to be supportive to our fellow Malaysian right?  ;)

Size / Weight : 30ml
Price : RM79.90
Made in : Korea

Amy Mascara is a Malaysian brand that produces makeup items, and particularly today I want to talk about its Lovely BB Cream. BB Cream is the base of your makeup, where it acts as the same function of a foundation but in a lighter version. Amy Mascara Lovely BB Cream is a 9 in 1 product which acts as sunblock, whitening cream, concealer, moisturizer, foundation, make up base and helps in skin repairing, oil-control and refining pores. It is enriched with Mushroom and Leaf extract. This is KKM approved and halal-product, also a wudhu'-friendly product so you don't have to worry when you have to perform your prayer when you are outside as you can easily perform your wudhu' without having to remove your makeup.  Water will penetrate into the skin even though you do not remove the BB Cream.  Furthermore it contains SPF 35 that can protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. 

It is claimed to :
~ Cover pigmentation, blemishes and scars
~ Non-oily
~ No patches even though under the hot sun
~ No dry patches around nose and mouth area
~ Won't dry up the skin
~ Flawless makeup finish
~ Long-wearing up to 16 hours
~ The BB Cream will last for 3 - 5 months
~ Travel - friendly

Lets talk about the packaging first. It comes in a squeeze tube where you need to squeeze out the product (well obviously). I personally find it hard to squeeze out the product. I kind need to squeeze real hard. I just wish that the product will come out easier or maybe just change the packaging to a more user friendly bottle. I don't mind the plastic bottle, maybe a different design will be better.

The Lovely BB Cream only comes in one shade that supposedly will match any skin tone colours. I am more towards the fair skin type and it works pretty well on me. I'm not sure how it will look like on darker skin tones.

The texture of the Lovely BB Cream is quite creamy and that makes it easy to blend by just using my fingers. It appears to be fairer when I applied it on my skin but eventually it will matched up with my skin tone. It dries quite quickly therefore I need to rub it into my skin pretty fast. It absorbs into my skin in no time and does not leave any greasy feeling which I really appreciate. I did not use the BB Cream for 16 hours but I had it on for at least 6 hours and it stayed on pretty well. But I do notice that the BB Cream rubbed off around my nose area, maybe because I love to touch my nose with no reason at all. I would say the BB Cream is a light to medium coverage. I still need to use my concealer to cover my blemishes and my acne scars. I'm not sure whether the BB Cream really does it jobs in refining my pores, moisturize and repairing my skin condition, I guess I need more time to test it out to see if it really does make a difference in my skin condition. As for the wudhu-friendly part, I am not sure whether it really does that because it seems to be waterproof therefore I am not sure how does it really penetrates water into the skin. Maybe I need to experiment more with the product to have better understanding. As for the price point, I think it's pretty steep for a new local brand. RM79.90 for a 30 ml of BB Cream is a bit expensive. Maybe change the packaging to make it a bit more expensive and upsize the quantity of the product.

The product itself gets a thumbs up for me because I think it's a very good everyday product. It has this subtle fragrant which is okay for me. It does it jobs which is to even out my skin tone and provide me a light to medium coverage. No hassle in applying and major love for the non-greasy feeling. And the fact that it claims to be wudhu'-friendly and halal is definitely a major plus point.  But again, I need to experiment more on this part because I'm not sure how it works. The only thing I don't like about is the packaging. I just wish the product will come out of the tube smoothly. I can't really tell how much of the product is left in the bottle because the tube is actually brown in colour. If you are interested to try out this Lovely BB Cream, you girls can check out it's store in Amy Mascara, Metrojaya, The Curve.

For more information, please visit :
Contact : 0172101082

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  1. with mushroom and leaf extract? uwahh.. interesting. nice review kak sabby :)

  2. Two reviews that I have read on this, and two contradicting opinions! Hahahaha I need to gather more opinionsss. I'm hesitating because of the wudhu-friendly part

  3. i just love bb cream.. to this date.. maybelline is the best ive ever used.. tp feeling like trying a new brand.. heheheh

  4. Thank u for the review. Currently i'm just using silky girl bb cream as my make up.

    I have a few questions though. How do you know if bb creams are wudhu friendly?

    I assumed they are because they are light & penetrates into your skin so i believed that water can pass through. But these days i'm so paranoid.
    Does the company claim that the bb cream is wudhu friendly or do u know certain criterias which makes certain beauty products wudhu friendly?

    I know this is an old post but i have no idea where to ask my questions about make up. 😂



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