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Today's review is going to be a little bit different as I will be reviewing a men's fragrance by Hugo, BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE.  Well I'll be reviewing from my point of view and also my husband's opinion about this perfume. :) This is the first part of men's fragrances review, another 2 parts will be published after several weeks so keep a look out of that. I think getting the opinion from the ladies regarding men's perfumes is also important because well, we are the one who's going to enjoy it! :D 

BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE reveals the #manoftoday  and his strength of character, his depth, his intense passion, his unwavering determination and drive, all powerful traits that help to push him to achieve his goals and dreams. What are the ingredients of this intense fragrance? It has woods, spices and a powerful concentration of precious oils. Bright apple is tempered by a calmer and more composed green orange blossom. The top note of this fragrance is the combination of green orange blossom laced with crisp apple and mixed with spiced storm of geranium, cinnamon and clove. The base note includes sandalwood, vetiver and cedar wood, wrapped in sensuous vanilla.These are the reason why this fragrance is less sweet and more masculine but of course luxurious.

*MAN OF TODAY = He lives his life with intensity, yet staying grounded.

The bottle's design is as the same as the classic BOSS BOTTLED, but with a darker, more opulent juice within its opaque glass bottle. I like how the bottle simple and straight forward. It simply defines masculinity, elegance and strength of a man.

Gerard Butler, BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE  ambassador and #manoftoday represents the strength and charm of masculine men, courageous, confident and also enjoys and embraces life experiences. I think he's the perfect fit to define masculinity!

My husband said the fragrance makes him feel masculine and confident. It is very long-lasting, he only needed to spray a few spritz and it will last through out the whole day. I love this perfume! I think it's sexy, masculine, classy and luxurious. It's the perfect scent to describe masculinity of a man! I actually used 2 bottles of Hugo Boss perfume (I'm not sure which one but it's the same exact bottle like this one) when I was in university. I loved it so much that I wore a men's perfume! :P The scent of BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE is deeper and more intense than the one I've used before, but it's good, real good! It's is so gorgeous, you girls really need to take a sniff and you'll get what I mean. Get one for your partner!  ;)

Boss Bottled Intense EDT 50ml | RM272
Boss Bottled Intense EDT 100ml | RM363

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