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Wait, hold on. Are we really gonna talk about toilet seat cover? Well yes, you are not imagining it. *ahaha* It's a topic that I've always want to talk about, hygiene in the public toilets. Lets face it, most public toilets in Malaysia are not exactly clean. I have encountered so many dirty, smelly and disgusting public toilets in petrol stations including those in higher-end shopping malls and hotels! Why hygiene is important? Well obviously you don't want to be infected any sorts of disease or sickness due to the growth of germs, bacteria in the toilet, especially the toilet seat. You sit on it and do your business. Can you just imagine how many people have sat on the toilet bowl? Can you imagine what sticks on the toilet seat? All the viruses and bacterias from so many people? T_T I can easily get squirmy and disgusted whenever the toilet is smelly and dirty. I mean I will force myself to 'tahan' just because I can't stand going to these awful toilets!

There are few public toilets that has the hygienic gel where you can use to wipe on the toilet seat cover, that's good news. What about those toilets that does not provide it? I've used toilet seat cover which I bought in the pharmacy but they are so thin and it feels like they are not doing anything to protect me. You would say, why don't you use the squad type toilet instead of the toilet bowl? You won't get any infection from that! I've always prefer the toilet bowl rather than the squad type because it is more comfortable especially now during my 7th month pregnancy, I can't squad anymore and I definitely need to sit down. And being pregnant, I can't control my bladder. When it needs to go, IT HAS TO GO. :D

Toletta donates 10% of of their sales to two charities. The packaging of Toletta comes in 2 colours which is pink and blue which is to differentiate which organizations they are donating to. PINK packs represent the breast cancer awareness while the BLUE packs represent child poverty awareness. I always love when a company donates some part of their proceed to those who in needs, kudos!

What I like about Toletta is that it comes in a travel pack where I can fit it nicely inside my handbag.  It's compact and easy to bring along whenever I go. One pack has 5 pieces of toilet seat cover.  Toletta premium toilet seat cover has 3 ply paper so it is thicker than any other toilet seat cover. Each of the toilet seat cover is 42% thicker to helps prevent infection from bacteria and viruses. And also, it has 3 layers of anti-bacterial protection. The toilet seat cover is also larger and it can cover the entire toilet cover. It is biodegradable so you can flush it down the toilet as the paper will break down in waste and septic system.

Like seriously I don't have to use toilet paper anymore to cover the toilet seat. What I always did was I will take 3 pieces of tissue paper and create a triangle and put it on the toilet seat. Hard work I tell you! *ahaha* Now I don't have to do that anymore, it saves time and oh so convenient! Each of the pack is priced at RM8.50 but now Health Hub is having a sale so it is only RM6.50 per pack! They also selling it in a pack of 3 which only retails at RM18.00 (Original price is RM21.00). Now that's a good deal!

See how it fits nicely in my handbag? :)

Now you better start being concern about the hygiene in public toilets. Nowadays you can get sick easily and you must always be prepare to prevent it. I hope this info and suggestion helps you to be more aware about cleanliness and hygiene. Take care of yourself okay? :)

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  1. ok. i never know this kinda product like toilet seat cover. its new to me. thanks for the info. =)

  2. I've been avoiding the toilet with seat because I feels so yuck to sit on them...macam2 jenis org duduk faham2 lah haha..That was why so far I only use tandas duduk..maybe can try this now since it is surprisingly affordable too, thanks for the review Kak Sabby ^_^

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