[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY | My 2015 Birthday Giveaway!

Assalamualaikum and hello.

My 2015 birthday giveaway is back! I am planning to do this giveaway every year Insyaallah as to give back to my lovely readers and YT subscribers and also my social media friends for supporting me through out this year. It's not much but just a little token to say "Thank you so very much" and I want all of you to know that I really appreciate all the supports. LOVE YOU!

If you want to know more why I am doing this giveaway please check out my video! :)

Here are the list of what you gonna win :

Sephora voucher (RM50 x 2 = RM100) - Valid for one year
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum (2015 Limited Edition) - 160ml
Innisfree Whitening Pore Cream - 50ml
Lancome La Nuit Tresor EDP (Deluxe size) - 7ml
Lancome La Nuit Tresor Precious Body Lotion - 50ml
Chulip Lip Balm (Raspberry, Peach & Vanilla) - 7g
Essence Lash & Brow Gel - 9ml
Make Up For Ever Duo Artist Eyeshadow
L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Lip Lacquer in Rose Symphony

The giveaway starts on the 27th August 2015 (12 a.m) and will end on the 3rd September 2015 (11.59pm). So how to enter this giveaway? Simply fill in the Rafflecopter to participate in the giveaway. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

P/S : Don't forget to leave your name and email address together with your answer in the comment box okay? :)


1. The Giveaway is open to anyone residing in Malaysia ONLY.
2. Closing date for the giveaway is on 3rd September 2015 at 11.59 p.m.
3. ONE (1) winner will be chosen based on THE BEST ANSWER to my question.
4. Feel free to share the giveaway with everyone. It might be the plus point to decide a winner. But please DO NOT spam the time line okay? :)
5. Please follow all the necessary steps for the Giveaway. I will delete entries that does not follow the terms and conditions. :)

Thanks for reading love! ^_^ and good luck!

Till then,



  1. I actually have two accomplishments which were big for me in 2015. The first one was my Masters Degree completion and my convocation in April. My Masters degree was an uphill battle for me because there were many unforeseen bumps on the road to the point of no resolution. So receiving that scroll was one of the best feelings in my entire life!

    The other accomplishment was starting up my beauty blog. I have loved makeup since I was in primary school and when I was younger, I was so obsessed with false eyelashes that I used to make them out of paper and stick them on my eyes with double sided tape. Some kids were obsessed with video games, I was obsessed with falsies *shaking my head in disbelief*. The point is, I have always wanted to do something with this aspect of my life and in 2015 I finally picked up the courage and started it. I was so nervous to make it public so from the months February to May, my blog was completely invisible. I had to, once more, feed myself some courage to share it. It has been going well so far and the best part of writing a blog is the people you get to meet! I have only my heartfelt thanks to the world of blogging for introducing me to wonderful souls!

    Thank you for this giveaway and God bless you and your family Sabrina.
    I will be praying for your smooth delivery and have a wonderful life ahead with your family.

    -Harivaindaran K. Veeriah

    PS: I have a cousin who got pregnant after 13 years of marriage and she is due in October too!

  2. Assalammualaikum, my biggest accomplishment for 2015 is i barely pass my subject this in university. maksud saya, walaupun dah masuk u tapi saya still main-main. sekarang dah nak dekat penghujung tahun 2015 ni saya nak perbaiki saya punya keputusan dan tak nak main-main lai. wish me luck ;)


  3. Hi im new here, i was searching fir some reviews on UD and i ended up here...first of all Happy Birthday

    My biggest accomplishment in 2015 is that I have got a job in a GLC co where they value me for my knowledge and skills that I have. The best part is seeing 2 manager fighting to hire me for their department. The best moment in my life because all the other places I worked with, they treated me like every average person.

  4. Happy Birthday Babe!!

    me wanna join the giveaway tooo...hehehe

    My biggest accomplishment for 2015 is away from the most hated boss. Finally after 6 years sabar with him, out from my comfort zone and get new environment with much better kaching kaching of course. haha..

  5. Salam.

    My biggest accomplishment for 2015 is graduating from medical school after 7 years of struggling since pre-med. It has been my dream since primary school to be a doctor graduated from Ireland. I've fullfil my late dad's wish this year. Alhamdulillah.


    Khalidah Mohd Zain

  6. *POPS CONFETTI!!!!* Happy Birthday once again Sabby! My biggest accomplishment for this year would be the launch of my baby which Breena Beauty and also I just got married hehe. I wish you all the best in life, congratulations on your milestone and more blessing for your health, love, family, blog and all things you love <3 i love youuu

    name : sabrina tajudin
    email : hello(com)nsabrina(at)gmail.com

  7. Hi Kak Sabby! Happppyyyy birthday! *hugs* Great birthday giveaway!
    I must say that my biggest achievement in 2015 was actually resigning from my full time job and deciding to pursue my PhD in UK. I will never regret leaving my job 6 months earlier and really give myself some me time and also being able to do some full time blogging and gaining so much experience and exposure along the way. Not only that to be able to meet so many new friends in the blogging world and also gaining some really close and dear friends was amazing. It has been an amazing one year blogging experience for me and knowing you kak sabby was really great too! Warm and bubbly plus super approachable, it was lovely being to know you *hugs* I will certainly miss all of you when I leave so take care and hope to see all of you soon~


  8. My Biggest accomplishment in 2015 is to be able to move into my very first own house and attain a position in my career where I can lead a team and guide them.

    Happy Birthday to you :)


  9. Hi Sabby :)

    What is your biggest accomplishment for 2015?

    My career and my love live. Hehehe I've been working in Lazada more than 1 year as SEO Executive and I really love my job. As a blogger, kita banyak fikir macam mana nak mantain our traffic, create shareable content semua. and my job dekat Lazada is, handling the website, check the Google Analytic, think macam mana nak drive traffic and revenue ke site Lazada. Like I have second blog. Hahaha

    Setiap wanita ada ciri-ciri lelaki idaman tetapi iday punya ciri-ciri sikit pelik. Iday nak lelaki berkaca mata with braces and kerja as photographer. Hahahaha dah jadi suami dah. Hahaha

    And my blog! dah ada domain sendiri. hehehe :)

    Thanks sabby buat giveaway :)

    Nor Hidayah Mohd Nor

  10. My biggest accomplishment in 2015...

    Being one of the successful children comic editor!

    I always wonder if I'm successful enough to become a editor , especially for children educational books. I want children to makes reading as their hobby but not a "necessary" things to do which gonna make them feel stress at the end!

    Well, I made it! My book was published and it was even appear on TV! I make my hobby into my career . I guess this is the biggest compliment in 2015 and also in my life!

    Stay healthy and happy Sabby!

  11. "What is your biggest accomplishment for 2015?"
    Assalammualaikum sis. BTW Happy birthday . Semoga Panjang Umur dan sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki.
    Let me start with my biggest accomplishment for 2015. Every one have their own passion including ME. Im a cat lover. I really love cats very much.. I raised both female and male cats named Putih and Belang. One day, Belang sakit, muntah muntah, cirit birit.i do many things to get my cat getting well
    Sampai satu tahap, badan dia terkulai layu. sesak sangat hati tengok. I jaga Belang, always be by her side eventhough i was intern masa tu.Sampailah dia da sihat sikit and dia mengandung!!! Sampai hari dye nak bersalin, i be her midwife!! And she has 6 kids!!!!!!! I was happy. and here my story that im glad i be her BIDAN! My biggest accomplishment which i proud to say ,the new journey for me, Belang, and Putih.

    my insta: rararaalya
    FB : Zafira Alya
    Twitter: zafira_rz
    Saya state insta, fb twitter sebab email lain lain .huhu
    Terima Kasih

  12. I passed all my exam with As!
    Much love,

  13. salam HB sabbbeyyyyy puri! hehehhe nk join gak biar u pening pilih winner!! HAHAHAHHA suke sendiri and kondifen haha LOL

    so my biggest achievement is i am able to pay all my needs (inclusive owning a cute tiny little car) by myself once i start the job. Alhamdulillah thanks Allah for the rizk and even more greater when i am also able to PAY FOR MY BELOVED PARENTS! seriously it is a HUGE thing ever although obviously i couldn't pay back all those expenses since i was born but hey DO YOUR BEST people... do value them while they are here... =')

    *omg apsal mata berair nih.....* Kbye


  14. assalamu alaikum
    Happy birthday
    and congratulations on the subscribers and the baby !!! my mum gave birth 3 days ago to a baby boy
    My biggest accomplishment this year was being able to learn more about my religion and put it in practice and also passing my school exams Thanks to Allah
    please sister make duah for me to Pass my next exams
    inshallah I will be making duah for you and your family as well
    Love from England

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway
    Mabu Yussif

  15. Happy belated birthday ^^

    My biggest accomplishment in 2015 is my Youtube channel. I've planned to be a youtuber since last year and I've prepared myself emotionally and mentally because I know the internet world can be harsh. It's been 8 months now and Alhamdulillah everything went well.

    Btw, if you want to know, you and other Malaysia beauty bloggers are one of the reason I started Youtube. I always wanted to be apart of this community but my ability is not on writing and photograph. That's why I make video instead. I was so happy that some of you guys acknowledge me. It is not easy for an introvert like me to do this.

    I hope in the year ahead, our future will get better. I pray for your smooth delivery and a healthy baby. Amin.


    Mas Alyia

  16. Salam.... And happy birthday, Sabby! May Allah bless you and be with you on every step of your life and hubby~

    If you ask me, what's my biggest accomplishment in 2015? I have to say, I'm still in the making. Made huge decision early this year to go back home (Kota Kinabalu) after 10 years of awesomeness living the fun life in KL. Even after 4 months, I am still adjusting myself at home and relatives, moving houses, taking part in family business. All of this is definitely the biggest transition I ever experience throughout my life. So many things happened within a short time that sometimes make me want to give up and come back to KL but no, I won't give up and hopefully things will be smooth again.

    P.S.: to handle my stress, I decided to take makeup courses as I'm only into skincare before and finally, I can try to recreate the looks that you, the other Sabrina and other Malaysian beauty bloggers had created so far.

    Nuraini Munira Jalir

  17. Hai dear!! First and foremost, happy big birthday mummy-to-be! I'm so happy that one of xat dolla's member soon to be a mummy!! :'D maybe next will be my turn..lol

    So, what is my biggest accomplishment for 2015? Definitely, married to my best friend! It's one of the best things that happen to me and I can't imagine to be happier than that. Honeymoon in Bali is another big accomplishment to me coz I swear since I was in high school I always dreaming to have my honeymoon in Bali and yeah, u're having ur honeymoon too at there, right??I'm sure we had the best moment at there.. ;) Last but not least, moving to my own place!It is my latest accomplishment and I still can't believe that I'm now living by my own which is pretty awesome coz finally I can decorate my own space. So that's about it..By the way I wish you all the best and smooth delivery! Can't wait to see your baby, mesti comel macam mummy dia!! :P

    Erieqa Erine Rusli

  18. Starting my Youtube Channel. Tia Beverly tiabeverly at gmail dot com

  19. Happy Birthday babe!!! I miss you...bila nak jumpa lagi ni?

    This is such a great giveaway btw ♥

    My biggest accomplishment is probably planning a wedding that went pretty darn well, haha. And also maintaining a long-distance marriage without going completely bonkers!

    Adriana Thani

  20. Happy Belated Birthday kak Sab!

    My biggest accomplishment for 2015 is, first to finish my one year as a foundation student can't believe I made it and I'll be going to degree soon it felt like a rollercoaster even though it's just foundation but nonetheless there will be more challenge ahead and I have to prepare myself for that as well. . Second is to make youtube video and blog aswell but am learning more throughout the progress of it. And congrats again, I wish you all the best in life kak!

    izyanalia@yahoo.com.sg (why sg it's a long story)
    IG: izyan.alia

  21. my biggest accomplishment for 2015 is im finally wake up from all the lies around me and move on with my life. in addition, i vowed to be a lifetime feminist and an independent women.

    not to forget, Happy Belated Birthday to you and i wish you to have a good life and keep blogging because you inspired me.


  22. Happy Belated Birthday, Kak Sabby & Happy Birthday in advance to the baby poppin in soon! Oh how exciting! :D

    Aaand thanks for this lovely giveaway. Sharing happiness doe make wonders, right!

    Personally, I value achievement as actually, finally, successfully, done something that seem to be absolutely impossible. With that, I think my biggest achievement yet for this year is finally working out the ways to strengthen my confidence to be as high as the sky. I'd been struggling A LOT with myself. I found it difficult to love the person I see in the mirror every single day. I fear failure way too much and thus never try anything new. BUT! This year I digress and force myself out of my shell to see the world with new eyes. I fear of drowning but I moved my butt and tried snorkeling when I was in Redang. Guess what? BEST THING I'D EVER DONE THIS YEAR! I saw the nemo fish, I saw some strange fishes with weird amount of teeth, I saw amazingly beautiful table corals - I saw all sorts of things I wouldn't have seen IF I didn't dip myself in the water at the time. So yeah. I believe, my biggest achievement this year, so far, is acquiring this new level of confidence to try different things and to just chill myself a bit. Looking forward for more fun stuff years to come! :D

    Hope your years to come will be full of blessing and exciting things as well!

    Jannah Md Isa
    Email: jannahmdisa@gmail.com
    IG: @jannahmdisa
    FB Jannah Md Isa
    Twitter: @jannahMDISA

  23. Happy Belated Birthday Sabby!

    What a meaningful and interesting question from you! Hmm there're 4 months to go before 2015 finally draws to its close and surprisingly, I found that I have done so many things in this year! After reading your post and saw your question, I sat down and had some good ponder on it, what did I do in the past 8 months? And what's my biggest accomplishment? Finally, I came to a conclusion that the biggest accomplishment for 2015 is that I fell in love with someone, for the very first time in my life. Falling in love with someone is so so so amazing and wonderful, and I really wish that I can be forever in love. The heartbeats, the pulse and the hot faces, omg this is probably the most wonderful thing in the world! I have no idea on how beautiful it is to be in love and in 2015, I finally met someone that captured my heart and to my amazement, liking someone and to be liked at the same time is so sweet and blissful! I finally understand

    Despite not having a good ending, I'm still grateful with everything he gave me throughout the period. For showering me with love and cares; for pampering me with his sweetest words and gentlest voice; for the time he spent on me; for all the memories he left to me.

    Name: Princess Neverland
    Email: liewsinyee@hotmail.co.uk

  24. Salam Kak Sabby,

    "What is your biggest accomplishment for 2015?"

    What is my biggest accomplishment for 2015 is that to find out the true me myself. Alhamdulillah, I'm feel grateful for that. After the hardship I've been through, I finally found myself that been "lost" for awhile. The past year I've been crying so much but now not anymore. Alhamdulillah, feeling blessed surrounded by awesome people. Other than that, I think that I found myself a "cheerleader" ehemm.. You know what I mean kan.. Heheee.. By the way, Thank you Kak Sabby for this awesome giveaway. I hope you'll be happy and stay healthy as you are. It was nice to meet someone like you Kak Sabby. GOODLUCK! Much love Pikaxoxo :)

  25. Name: Syafiqah Hashim
    email: syafiqah_girlz@yahoo.com.my

  26. Salam ..First of all, happy belated birthday kak Sab!

    For me, there's a lot of big accomplishment in my life 2015. I feel so grateful and happy for my life.
    But if I were to choose one, I would say being Top 10 medical student in my college is my biggest accomplishment ..I never thought I would be one of them but a miracle just happened.

  27. Salaam kak Sab, happy belated birthday and may Allah make ease on your pregnancy♥

    The biggest accomplishment for me on 2015 is to love myself. Those bumpy roads, regrets of making wrong decisions and the reality that turned out not like my expectation, I finally have accepted myself and all my flaws. It was not easy because we all have our own perspective that make us eager for something, something that we think would be best for us but it is Him that is the Best Planner and All Knowing. So I have finally forgiven myself, and realized that everything that happened to me is always be from His plan, and Allah knows me well and He knows what's best for me :)

    Shaula Safira

  28. Happy birthday to you, Sabby! May Allah S.W.T bless you. :)

    My biggest accomplishment for 2015 is chapter one (1 year) become a wife on 1st June 2015 is complete. It's not easy being a wife but I passed the first stage with a lots of love and happy. Alhamdulillah. :)

    Name : June
    Email : sj_mdy@yahoo.com

  29. I think my biggest accomplishment so far in 2015 is when my blog got featured in local newspaper. Thankful and really happy for it.

    Anis Farhana Aliman

  30. Hey cute Sabby! Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your new baby! My family and I pray for your safe and smooth delivery <3

    It's too early to say what my biggest accomplishment is for this year because I feel that there are still a lot more opportunities coming. However, I don't think these opportunities could have come without me deciding to start getting control of my life. My best and biggest decision that I made this year and in my life, was to start listening to my heart and what I truly wanted in life. I started going for acting classes and it teaches me how to listen to myself , my body, my emotion and to be completely honest with myself. I stopped living my life for others and now I actually feel at peace and more happy than I used to be. It's such an empowering feeling, and I want to keep on going with this progress. Whenever I want to do something I will stop and ask myself who I am doing this for and whether I really wanted to do it or not. I know it sound selfish, but this actually lifts any weigh I've been feeling all this time and I can actually start doing things whole heartedly, which is what matters the most to me :)

    Thanks for taking the time to read this Sabby, I wish you and your family a long, happy and healthy life <3

    ps: I miss your cinnamon rolls :p

  31. Assalamualaikum Sabby!

    I have 2 big accomplishments this year and the first one is to start a YouTube Channel after wanting to do so for 6 years. I don't have the best camera nor best editing software but I decided that life is too short to wait for the "right" time or equipment. I didn't want to wake up a year from now only to look back and wish that I did it this year you see.

    My next biggest accomplishment was to participate in the Sutera Harbour 7K Charity Run last weekend. I have been wanting to participate since 5 years ago but each year there was always something that stopped me from doing so including a lack of confidence and belief in myself. I decided that this year I was going to do it despite lack of training and that I would crawl across the finish line if I had to. Lol. Fortunately it didn't come to that and I completed the run in 65 minutes.

    Thank you for doing this awesome giveaway. I pray for the easy and safe delivery of your baby as well as happiness to you and your family. In shaa Allah, Amin.

    Phyllicia Robert @ Nur Jannah Abdullah



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