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 Assalamualaikum and hello.

There's a lot of wedding at this time of the year, especially in December. I have quite a number of invitations already and I am thinking about what to wear! One of the best choices back in those days were the traditional baju kurung. But now, baju kurung moden terkini is the latest trend that you can spot everywhere! 

What is baju kurung moden terkini? Well in my book, they are modernized baju kurung that is more stylish and fashionable and suitable for 'the now'. You can see a lot of lace, peplum and creative statement pieces which are in demand now and they are easily accessible via online. Online shopping is crucial especially during celebration such as Eid and wedding season. I think baju kurung moden really spiced up the traditional look but still in a modest way. 

Left : U Thant Baju Kurung
Right : Semarak Baju Kurung
** Both by Fiziwoo

Left : Jasila Baju Kurung
Right : Josephine Baju Kurung
** Both by JLuxe

Baju kurung moden can be easily styled with accessories and hijab. Not forgetting you can spice it up with a good pair of high heels and a statement handbag. Mix and match your accessories and you will look like a million bucks! I would always go for a baju kurung moden instead of any other style because they are simple and yet elegant.

Thanks to our talented Malaysian designers, they work very hard to come out with great designs to ensure that our baju kurung will always be a favourite style amongst us. These baju kurung moden  can be easily purchased online, there's a lot to choose from and trust me you will find something that will suit you!

Here I am with a baju kurung moden by Jovian Mandagie. This is actually my engagement dress and I really love the cut, the style and how it hugged my figure.

This is a baju kurung moden which I bought from Zalora for Eid 2014. It's modest, modern and easy to style!

I hope that this little information will inspire you to have more baju kurung moden collection because I personally think they are versatile, elegant and beautiful!

Thanks for reading! :)

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