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My problematic skin condition due to my pregnancy hormone has worsen since I delivered my baby. I guess I am to blame because I was lazy, exhausted and I don't have the strength to even wash my face the first 5 days when I was in the hospital. So when I got home, I discovered that my face had become so dull, darker and super oily! It's weird because my skin has been so dry for the past 9 months. I was sent Malaika Facial Treatment Oil one week before my delivery, therefore I do not have the time to try it out. Why do I want to give it a go? Because personally I think facial oil is a great way to moisturize the skin without leaving the skin feel greasy and oily. I know this would be a great addition in my skin care routine because I need to have a 'ME' time in the morning and I need a good massage for my face to improve my blood circulation. Want to know more about Malaika Facial Treatment Oil? Keep on reading!

Malaika Facial Treatment Oil is designed to protect the skin from premature ageing and restore skin smoothness. It is also said to reduce whitehead and blackhead, now that is something most of us need. The ingredients included in this oil are extra virgin olive oil, lemon oil, castor oil, temu lawak powder and herbs and flowers. These are the ingredients that can eventually help to reduce pigmentation, acne scars and large pores. Malaika Facial Treatment Oil is 100% natural products so it is suitable for any type of skin. I used to be into facial oil but I stop using it because I think it takes too much time. But I guess having skin problem makes me want to try this out. One bottle retails at RM49.00 (without postage) and it is in the size of 50ml. The facial oil is Halal so it is Muslim-friendly. The best part of the product that it is a Malaysian brand (you know I love supporting our homegrown brand).

I love this type of applicator. So easy to use!
I usually use 6 or 7 drops of the oil on face and my neck.

How I use the facial oil? I use the oil usually in the morning, before my shower. I will use 6 to 7 drops and massage it into my face and neck for about 2 minutes. Remember to massage from your chin upwards to avoid saggy skin. I will leave it on while I brush my teeth. Then I will wash my face with my choice of cleanser. I have been using Malaika Facial Treatment Oil for 2 weeks and here's before and after photo!

I am not sure whether you can tell the difference between these 2 photos, but from my experience of using it, it makes my skin soft and smooth. My skin has become less oily too. And I do notice that my skin has become slightly fairer. I would say my face looks more glowing and not dull-looking. You must know how a woman in 'pantang' look like right? *hahaha* but please don't mind my eyebag. My baby does not sleep from 1 am till 4 am for every single night. T_T As far for the blackhead and whitehead, I do not see any difference. Same goes with pore and acne scars reduction. I guess I need to continue using it to find out whether it works in that area. Oh I love it that the oil penetrates deeply into my skin and does not leave any greasy residue! Do I like this facial oil? YES! I only use Malaika Facial Treatment Oil, cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm every single day since I started my confinement. These products have been a life saviour! 

I would suggest Malaika Facial Treatment Oil if you are interested to try out facial oil since this is very affordable. You can go a long way with 50ml since you only need a little at each application. If you want smoother and softer skin, maybe this facial oil is the answer. Let me know in the comment box below if you've already try it out!

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