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Last weekend I was invited to a sharing session of the latest skin care in town, Rysya Skincare. I actually has seen the photos shared on the social medias with Rozita Che Wan as the ambassador of the products, but I don't really know anything about it. Curiosity kills the cat they said, well I'm not a cat. *hahaha* but I am curious to find out more about this range since it is a Malaysian product. Rysya Skincare is produced by Thames Skincare Sdn. Bhd, using only the best natural ingredients that wont harm the skin and it is suitable for all skin types. They do not contain SLS and paraben which are always the main ingredients in skincare products. These products are especially formulated for anti-ageing purposes and for those who wants flawless and glowing skin. The keyword is glowing, my dearies. These are not whitening products but they will help your skin to be more radiant and glowing. The founder, Puan Noorazlina decided to venture into skincare business because she wants to help put and share her products with her customers so they can solve their skin problems due to effects of other products that contains too much chemical. Let's find out what products are available in this range!

I'm with Rysya Skincare founder, Puan Noorazlina.

There are 5 products that are available in the range, LY Cleanser, LY Toner, LY 24K Gold Serum, 24K Gold Miracle Cream and LY Bird's Nest Body Scrub. I tried 4 out of the 5 products for several days, let's find out the ingredients and my thoughts on them.


Weight / Size : 100ml
Retail Price : RM45

Main Ingredients : 

Vitamin C
~ Reduce and lightened up acne scars
~ Improve the production of collagen
~ Brightening the skin
~ Neutralize chemical effects on the skin
~ Anti-ageing

~ Prevent pigmentation
~ Anti-oxidant and anti-inflamation

This cleanser smells like shampoo! No kidding! It's a gel-like texture that does not really foam up, a good sign that the product is without SLS. I feel fresh and clean and this cleanser does not dry out my skin.

Weight / Size : 50ml
Retail Price : RM45

Main Ingredients : 

Phyto Placenta
~ Plant extract that soothes the skin

Vitamin B3
~ Brightened and increase the vitality of the skin
~ Control the pH balance of the skin
~ Hydrate the skin and aids in brightening the skin

I love that this toner comes in a spray bottle. I am pretty lazy nowadays to use toner so this is a great way to spritz the product all over my face and I'm done. You can actually spray it on the cotton pad but why waste all the goodness? :D The toner feels refreshing, that's why I like it. 

Weight / Size : 30g
Retail Price : RM140

Main Ingredients : 

~ Natural sugar (glucan) that contains Vitamin C & B12
~ Acts as anti-oxidant
~ Helps to maintain and improve the skin elasticity in short/long run

Glycine Soja (Soya Bean)
~ Anti-oxidant (Vitamin C)
~ Acts as an anti-ageing ingredient
~ Protect the skin from harmful chemicals
~ Anti-inflammatory

Red Algae
~ Rich in mineral, vitamin and amino acid
~ Clear out the skin from impurities

24K Gold
~ Minimize the reduction of collagen and increase skin's elasticity
~ Treat the skin by the increasing 
~ Helps to maintain and improve the skin elasticity in short/long run

Serum is great in helping other skin care product's (applied after the serum) to absorb better into the skin. This 24K Gold serum has micro gold particles in it. All you need to do is to apply this after toner. I like to apply it at 5 points of my face, my cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. Gently massage into the skin. I find that the serum is sticky, like a glue when applied to my skin. After a a minute or so it became less sticky. I like that the scent of this serum is minimal.

Weight / Size : 30g
Retail Price : RM140

Main Ingredients :

Red Algae
~ Increase the immune system of the skin
~ Maintain skin's hydration
~ Increase the absorption of moisture

Soy Placenta Extract
~ Reduce wrinkles
~ Aids in brightening the skin
~ Rich in biostimulans

Virgin Coconut Oil
~ Hydrate the skin
~ Smoothen the skin
~ Helps to correct skin problems such as eczema
~ Protect the skin from harmful UV rays

This is the best seller and star product of Rysya Skincare. The cream has sort of a similar scent to the cleanser. It is not greasy and blends well into the skin. Apply it all over the face and massage gently into the skin. It makes my skin feels soft and supple. I do notice my skin feels moisturize for the whole day. No wonder this is the best seller!

Weight / Size : 100g
Retail Price : RM25

Well the main ingredients gotta be Bird's Nest Extract. This Body Scrub is an ultra mild, non-alkaline cleansing bar that is soap-free. It also contains collagen that can help to maintain the skin elasticity. Bird's nest extract functions are to moisturize, whitens and firm up the skin for smoother skin. I have not try this one yet so I can't share my review with all of you. This body scrub is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. I was told that you can also use this for the face, a multi-task product I must say!

You can also purchase the Premium Set at RM390 which consists of all the 5 products instead buying them off one by one. But I think of all the products, maybe you should try their best seller's first, which is the 24K Gold Miracle Cream.

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