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Sorry for missing out in the blogsphere these couple of weeks. I have been under the weather every other day. Ahhh the joy of pregnancy! :) Anyway, I am super excited to share about this new found love (a makeup product that is) that I discovered several weeks back. Honestly I haven't jumped into the 'cushion' typed of foundation or BB Cream wagon since it became a trend in the beauty world. Maybe I was just not into it because I've always thought it would give me a light coverage and I hate using a sponge to be honest. But maybe I was wrong after all this time? You won't love something until you have actually tried them out!

THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion is the answer for their water cushion foundation! Cushion is an innovative type of makeup product that contains whole liquid foundation in a hard foundation case by using microfoam. LG Patent microfoam™ keeps the freshness of the first application until the very end with the fine foam with high-density cells, prevents the shifting and caking of Urethane cushion and even out skin pressure for comfortable use. It controls sebum, provides fresh coverage, gives out dewy effect and the most important of all, it won't slide off your face! That  is so important since Malaysia is well known for it's hot and humid weather1 It is SPF 50+ PA+++ so you know your face is protected from the harmful UV ray. The main ingredients include :

** Water from Tasmanian, Australia & Italian Oxygen Water for Hydration
** Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract  & Blooming Rose Powder for Sebum Control
** Skin Fit Cover Powder for Longer-Wearing / Long-Lasting

Now lets take a look at the overall packaging of THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion!

A simple and clean design on the top of the packaging.   
It comes with a soft sponge that absorbs the foundation and applied very well on the skin. There's sponge is separated from the actual foundation for hygienic reason.

A protective sticker to be removed before usage. This is to ensure the product is still new and never been used. 
The water cushion also comes with a mirror. Useful for the ladies on the go.

This is how a cushion foundation looks like. It is soft and bouncy.  The foundation will transfer to the application sponge once you push the sponge into the foundation.

I got the shade V203 Natural Beige. By looking at the swatch at the back of my hand, it really looks like it is too bright on my skin. But when I really blend it into my skin, it blends in well but it will take some time to set in. I think the shade will work well for those who has fair to medium skin tone. I was looking at the website and I found out that there's only 2 shades available which is V203 and V201. V201 is definitely fairer, so I guess darker skin girls might have trouble looking for their shade.

What do I think of the THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion? Firstly the coverage is medium to high, it is buildable and it does not leave cakey-look to it unless you have dry or patchy skin. I only use the water cushion for only 2 layers to get the coverage I want. I will finish up my makeup with concealer or sometimes I just skip the concealer. The water cushion does not give me greasy feeling.  It does it's job in sebum-controlling because I do notice my skin feels less oily whenever I use this water cushion. It sinks into my skin immediately after application and I really appreciate that. It is a long-lasting product because I remember I have used it at least 6 hours and my face base had not moved. A pretty good job I must say. I love the glowy look I get from using this oil-control water cushion! THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion is perfect for summer makeup! Another thing I like about this water cushion is because of it's compact packaging. The compact version makes it easier for touch-ups. I have been carrying THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion in my handbag for at least 3 weeks now and it makes touch-ups so much easier. The price is retailed at RM88.93 . For more information, you can check out this direct LINK.

I received 5 other products from THEFACESHOP to complete my Korean inspired makeup look. Here's are the lowdown of the list and swatches of the products :

Dual Baked Eyeshadow (OR01)
Ink Graffi Brush Pen Liner (01 Ink Black) 
Soft Cream Blush (02 Coral) :
Ink Lipquid (CR01 Coral Chu) 
Freshian Volumizing Mascara (02)

Of all of these products, I really love the Freshian Volumizing Mascara because it is seriously volumize my sad-looking lashes and the mascara does not clump on my lashes! Love it! The Soft Cream Blush gives a fresh glow on my face. Love the fresh looking cheeks whenever I use it.

For my Korean-inspired makeup look, I used THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion as my face base. I kept my eyebrow pretty bold. As for eyes, I used the Dual baked eyeshadow where I used the orangey gold at the inner corner until middle and the deep brown taupe shade at the outer corner. I created a thin winged eye liner and used the Freshian Volumizing Mascara to amped up my lashes. Glowy fresh cheeks using the Soft Cream Blush in Coral is the way to go for this Korean makeup look. I completed the look by using the Ink Lipquid in Coral for the sort of ombre lips. I applied the lipquid on the entire lips. I applied another coat only at the center on my lips. Then taking a powder foundation, I swept the powder around my lips. What do you think of the whole look? I think the whole look is different from what I used too. Maybe it's not that 'Korean' but hey this is just my take on it! :)

If you are interested to get a discount on the Water Cushion, check out this link! :


For more information on the THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion, kindly visit these links :

THEFACESHOP Official Website :

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