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On Marissa's 1st Birthday earlier this month. ;)

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Can you believe October is ending soon? Gosh, we are going to be in 2017 in just 2 months, crazy! 2016 has been amazing, but what's NOT okay is my skin has been acting out crazily this year. I don't know what it is, but my skin is dull, uneven and seems to be bumpy at times. And not to mention I've been on and off with flu and coughing at least every 3 months. 

Large pores, dull skin, dark circles.... and the list goes on

Being a wife and a mother, sometimes I do neglect taking care of myself. Being a stay at home mom and being a blogger is hard work. Keeping the house clean and updating my blog at least 3 times a week is demanding, but I love doing both so I am willing to sacrifice my time. I always put my baby and my husband needs first before putting mine. Sometime when I look into the mirror, and I wonder what the hell is happening to my skin? Deep down I know that I should be taking supplements, especially for my skin and for my health as well. I am not gonna lie that I want to look good for myself and definitely for my husband too. I want him to always see me like the first time he met me. *hahaha* sounds cheesy but in marriage, you gotta keep the fire alive , you know? :D

Blogging is my 

Taking care of the skin is just not the matter of using good skincare, it is also about what you are putting in your mouth. You are what you eat. And if you haven't already know, as your age goes up, your collagen level will decrease and then skin problems such as fine lines, uneven skin tone, pigmentation will happen. I know I'll be needing to drink collagen supplement as I am already 32 years old and I want my skin to be on point all the time. It is advisable to start taking collagen supplement when you have reached 25 years old, so do it girls! ;)

NANO COLLAGEN  is the highest premium quality of collagen by Nano Japan, made in Japan. It contains 5,500mg Nano Collagen Peptide, Hyaluron, Elastin Peptide, Biotin, CoQ10, Vitamin C, Lactic Acid Bacteria Probiotics and Pearl Coix Extract. What can NANO COLLAGEN do for you?  It helps in skin tightening and whitening, bust line lifting and also aids in hair and scalp strengthening, growth and hair fall prevention. A can of NANO COLLAGEN is approximately 245g and can be consumed for 35 days (7g per scoop daily.) One or two scoops is recommended to keep skin healthy and radiant. To all my Muslim friends, NANO COLLAGEN is certified HALAL by Islamic Food Research Council which is a member of World Halal Council, therefore it is safe to consume. It is manufactured under JHNFA, ISO9000, JFRL and AVA tested. Anyone above 12 years old can consume NANO COLLAGEN, same goes to pregnant women and breast-feeding mommies too. 

I mix one scoop of NANO COLLAGEN into my morning coffee everyday during breakfast. You can mix it with any beverage too but make sure that you do not mix this collagen with any soy-based products as it can lead to weight gain. I drink coffee without sugar and by adding NANO COLLAGEN into my coffee makes my coffee creamier and tastier! It has this vanilla creamy taste, I look forward drinking it everyday. Make sure not to pour NANO COLLAGEN into boiling water as it can deplete the nutrients in the collagen. I always mix half boiling water and half room temperature water to get the ideal warmness for my coffee. :) And do not mix the collagen with fizzy drinks, alcohol or with medication, please take note. 

After 30 days of consuming NANO Collagen.  Non-filtered photo.

I tried NANO COLLAGEN for 30 days and I am happy with the result. The most noticeable effect is that my skin has become less greasy. My skin also has become smooth and supple, I love touching my cheeks. *hahaha* It gives me radiance to the fact that I have been going out of the house with minimal makeup and sometimes no make up at all. Also, NANO COLLAGEN helps so much in my hair-fall problem. My hair-fall problem has decreased and it made my hair so much stronger. I used to have itchy scalp if I don't shampoo every two days, but now I don't have itchy scalp anymore! I am so happy about that because itchy scalp is no fun you guys. After one week of consuming this collagen, I noticed that my chin and my forehead is breaking out with tiny bumps. But I still consume the collagen anyway and all the bumps on my forehead disappeared by the second week, thank God! There still a few more left on my chin but I can feel that it will go away. I'm not sure whether the collagen triggers the breakouts but my bet would be my hormones, our crazy weather or stress-related symptoms. You want to know the best part about consuming this collagen? I have people asking me about my skin, about how flawless it looks. :D Even though I'm not saying that I have the best skin ever, but hearing it from someone else, makes me happy because I know I am doing something right with my skin. 

Makeup application made easy with good skin.
Hanging out with my favourite girl 
When I feel good about my skin, I am confident to do anything!
Having fun with my friends is my way to de-stress.

NANO COLLAGEN is one of the most affordable collagen that you can get your hands on because at RM139.90 per can, you will get 35 servings! Most collagen that I tried before are priced more than RM150 per pack. You can try one can first to see whether it works on you and continue the routine if you are satisfied. 

Check out these  websites to get good bargains  for the NANO COLLAGEN : or  

If you have further questions, kindly let me know in the comment box below and I will try my best to answer it. Thanks NANO COLLAGEN for the wonderful effects on my skin! ;)

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