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A new makeup tutorial is up on my You Tube channel guys! :) I am loving this look because it is easy to do, fresh and radiant look is what I'm going for. You can say that it is kinda my take on the Korean-inspired makeup look with the gradient lips, dewy skin and big eyes. But the eyebrow is definitely not Korean because Korean eyebrow is more square-ish while westernized eyebrow is more arched like mine. I actually tried the Korean style eyebrow, trust me, I look different and it is not in a good way.  

Before we start on the makeup tutorial, I want to share my review on the latest makeup products by THE FACE SHOP which consists of 4 products ; Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder, Flash Pink Powder Beam, Designing Browcara and Ink Gel Stick.

Size / Weight / Volume : 15g
Price (including GST) : RM83.63

Loose powder is one of my must have products in my makeup routine. I don't just use it to set my makeup but I also use it to set my under eye concealer. Back then I never set my under eye, thus my under eye concealer will disappear or smudge after two to three hours after application. THE FACE SHOP Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder is a loose powder that provides smooth finish while keeping the skin fresh and flawless. 

There are 3 key features in this loose powder :

🌸 It's has long-lasting immaculate smooth finish
🌸 It has blurring effect to cover skin bumps and pores
🌸 It helps to maintain cleaner skin while keeping sebum at bay through smart seed Hawaiian clay which is rich in mineral.

Shade V201 Apricot Beige

I gotta say, I am in love with this loose powder! It has very fine texture and glides on smoothly on the skin. I use it to set my makeup and also do a little bit of highlighting under my cheekbones whenever I don't want to use any contouring products. What I love the most is to use under my eyes as it sets my under eye nicely. My concealer does not budge and because the powder is lightweight, I do not feel like I'm wearing any powder. However, it does settle in my fine lines but all loose powder do that. It's not as bad as others, trust me. 

Size / Weight / Volume : 7g
Price (including GST) : RM46.53

THE FACE SHOP Flash Pink Powder Beam is an illuminating pink powder that creates such beautiful glow to the skin. It's a 3D powder highlighter that can be used on high points of our faces such as on top of the cheekbones, tip of the nose, T-zone, under the brow bone and cupids bow. This glistening powder contains Hawaiian clay which is rich in mineral and Lapland, Finland cloudberry seed extract that enriched with brightening effect. 

This is a finely-milled powder that glides on smoothly. It has such a beautiful iridescent pink glow that is natural enough for a day use. It gives a touch of pink on the face without being too overwhelming.  What I love the most about this powder that it does not emphasize the appearance of my large pores. I never have any highlighter that comes in powder form, but yes, this is wonderful!

Size / Weight / Volume : 6.5g
Price (including GST) : RM30.63

Left : Light Brown ; Right : Gray Brown

I'm an eyebrow junkie and I've tried so many eyebrow products. Eyebrow pencil is my go-to but whenever I need something quick, I will grab a mascara for brows, or better known as browcara. THE FACE SHOP Designing Browcara leaves a natural stain on the eyebrow. It has a pine tree shaped mini brush that is closely packed to create natural strokes. With it's cross-fitting formula, the browcara adheres to the eyebrows evenly and last all day long.  It has 4 shades ; 02 Light Brown, 03 Gray Brown, 04 Brown and 05 Dark Brown. 

I used #03 Gray Brown in my makeup tutorial and I was surprised how it turned out. At first I thought it is too light for my eyebrow, but as I was finishing off my makeup, it made the entire look softer and natural. As you can see in the tutorial, it is easy to use and a great product to have if you are in a rush.  

Size / Weight / Volume : 1.5g
Price (including GST) : RM67.73

Okay girls, it's time for an intervention. Yes, lets forget about liquid lipstick at the moment and lets go back to basic. Plain 'ol lipstick. Well, this is no ordinary lipstick, let me tell you that. THE FACE SHOP Ink Gel Stick is highly opaque and slides on the lips like a dream!  With a single touch, it slides on the lips with zero friction. This lipstick has a smart elevating container where 0.5mm of dramatic sliding formula comes with each turn of dial which is the appropriate amount of each usage. 

Bare in mind that this lipstick has been hand cut without any furnishing to maximize its soft melting texture therefore there might be minor crack when it's first opened. It has this soft melting texture that  makes me think it's going to melt any time soon. *hahaha*  The ingredients derived from plant seeds such as :
🌸 Safflower seed for moisture and anti-oxidant
🌸 Rosehip seed for moisture and strengthen skin barrier
🌸 Plum seed for moisture

Besides being highly pigmented, the lipstick has a special ingredient which is the Bulgarian Rose Oil to nourish the lips. To keep the lips well-moisturized, a liquid that contains 1% ceramide is broken down with Micro Fludizer to prevent evaporation of the moisture. 


I am head over heels with these lipsticks! They are so pigmented, extremely moisturizing! To be honest I want the 'normal' lipsticks to make a come back into the beauty trend.  I highly suggest anyone to try this range because it's amazing. Just a quick note on the shades options, there are 11 shades you can choose from and they are mostly pink, red and orange base. Don't forget to try out these out if you are in the store! ;)

This is the look I created, go ahead and check out my YouTube channel to watch how I did this look! ;)

KIEHLS Micro Blur Skin Perfector
THE FACE SHOP CC Intense Moisture Cushion 
MAC Prep 'N' Prime in Peach Lustre
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
THE FACE SHOP Bare Skin Mineral Cover
Chriszen Eyebrow Pencil
THE FACE SHOP Designing Browcara
W.Lab Blooming Palette
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
Bourjois Volume Real Mascara
THE FACE SHOP Cushion Blush in Coral
THE FACE SHOP Flash Pink Powder Beam
THE FACE SHOP Ink Gel Lipstick #PP02 & #RD01

A big thank you to THE FACE SHOP for this beautiful package of goodies, I really love them and I can't wait to share with all of you another product from THE FACE SHOP, soon, I promise! :)

For more information on THE FACE SHOP, please visit :

Instagram : @thefaceshopmalaysia

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