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Okay guys, my baby girl is not so a baby anymore. T_T She just turned 1 year old last week and her growth has been amazing.  There are quite a number of things that she can do now, she even knows how to say "Daddy" but no "Mommy" yet. T_T Okay, I don't really mind it though because I can use the excuse to get some time out once in a while. *cheeky heh?* :P

Being a mother has been one of my most treasured experiences. I learn a lot of things, on how to be a good parent. Now Marissa is getting bigger, and I am constantly searching for new tools to help with her development .  I got her books and toys but I know that I need something interactive. Playing with Play-Doh is definitely one of my favorite childhood memories, and children nowadays are so lucky because Play-Doh now offers a variety of products targeting to specific needs. Even though Marissa is not even 2 years old, I still want to teach her through Play-Doh in her early age, but of course with my presence during playtime. 

Size / Weight / Vol : 448g
RP : RM31.90

As a starter for any toddlers, Play-Doh Rainbow Starter Pack is a great choice for an introduction to your kids. It contains 8 colors and kids use their creativity to mix the colors and get  new colors that they want.  The 8 colors selection is quite unique as the starter pack includes lemon yellow, egg-yolk yellow, white, fluorescent pink, purple, green, blue and coral/orange-y shade (I am totally using my imagination in naming  the colors. :D). There's a mixing chart at the back of the box so you can teach your child how to mix 2 Play-Doh compounds together. This is the way to let the kids be imaginative and create new colors! Playing with Play-Doh is all about creating any kinds of objects that comes to mind so trust me, your kids will create new shapes each time they play. Marissa is still small and she doesn't really understand how this works but I let her touch it to get her familiarize with the texture. The first time she touched it she looked kinda puzzled on how squishy it is. But I need to keep an eye on her because she is still in the phase of putting things into her mouth. Honestly I don't mind exposing her about Play-Doh in her early age because I know she's gonna love it. Anyway, this Rainbow Starter Pack is such a great birthday gift ideas to toddlers. Anyone who loves Play-Doh will love this starter pack. 

Size / Weight / Vol : 224g
RP : RM69.90

Play-Doh Shape and Learn Colors and Shapes is a great guiding tool for your toddler if you want to  guide them about different colors and shapes and build on their sensory experience. This set is all about giving your kids the opportunity to spill out their creative juice and improve their fine motor skills. By opening a can of imagination, kids can do wonders! The one thing that makes me want to introduce Play-Doh to my girl is because I know it will improve our communication and bonding experiences when she starts to talk and ask me questions. Let's do the unboxing and check out what's inside the box!

What you will get in a box of Play-Doh Shape And Learn
8 cans of mini-sized Play-Doh modeling compound    

2 sided shape cutters and roller
A guide and 2 double-sided mats
8 page guide

Mat #1 (a)
Mat #1 (b)

Mat #2 (a)
Mat #2 (b)

Let's try and do a lil' bit of rolling and cutting!  :D

Okay so obviously I did the whole thing and not Marissa *hahaha*  but this is so much fun! I'm not gonna lie that I'm having too much fun doing this and it is kind of therapeutic. :P   I enjoy showing her the different colors and shapes through this playset and guiding her first experience with Play-Doh such as pinching, rolling, pressing and molding – a convenient development tool for parents who are interested in developing their kids sensory skills.

By the way, Play-Doh celebrated its 60th anniversary in September. How cool is that? I’ve stumbled across this video where 60 celebrities and influencers wishing Play-Doh a very Happy Birthday and do check it out at: http://www.hasbro.com/en-my/brands/playdoh/videos?bctid=5167597633001

And here's a good news to all my readers. I will be giving away :

1 X Play-Doh Rainbow Starter Pack (worth RM31.90)
1 X Play-Doh Shape And Learn (worth RM69.90 )

You can easily win these prizes by answering ONE question in the comment section :

"Why do you want to win Play-Doh Rainbow Starter Pack & Shape And Learn Colors and Shapes?"

1. Open to anyone above 18 years of age and residing in Malaysia only.
2. It is compulsory to answer the ONE question stated in my blog post.
3. Please leave YOUR email address and YOUR Instagram handle (eg : @sabbyprue) so I can tag you on Instagram for the winner announcement.
4. Winners will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter.
5. I will personally email the winner for information such as contact and mailing address.
6. Prizes will be delivered by Go Communications.
7. Contest is open from 20th October until 28th October 2016.


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  1. "Why do you want to win Play-Doh Rainbow Starter Pack & Shape And Learn Colors and Shapes?"
    Play-Doh brings back my childhood memories! It was my greatest possession! I used to get it during my birthdays and spend hours playing with it. I also want to introduce Play-Doh to my son so he can play and learn with it. I believe that Play-Doh is one of a great tool/toys to help build child creativity. The creations with it is endless! Play-Doh Rainbow Starter Pack & Shape And Learn Colors and Shapes are the perfect beginner kit for me to play with my baby, Aryan!

    IG : @sabrinatajudin
    email : hello(dot)nsabrina(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. My babygirl (Iman) is now 2 years old where her curiosity begins to grow by observing, grasping, playing & pointing. Brain development is important during this phase as she start to learn and remember what she sees in her surroundings. At this stage, she begin to understand why things are the way they are by tasting and touching them again and again which challenges their natural body resistance. That is why I want to win this Play Doh Shape And Learn set from you which Iman can learn matching shapes & objects.

  3. Hera will be turning one soon, and I can't wait to see where Play-doh takes her imagination. I, too, remember loving the ability to explore all the different things I could create, and I want her to have that experience as well.

    P.S. Marissa is too cute, and I'm so glad I've finally seen her in person <3

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Sabby!

    Email: pitaforpitaism@gmail.com
    Instagram: @arpitabread

  4. I would love to win this for my daughter, she loves play doh.

  5. Apa pasal comel sgt Marissa tu?? heheheheh.

    btw, ni sapa yang main ni? mommy ke marissa?

  6. I want to win Play-Doh Rainbow Starter Pack & Shape And Learn Colors and Shapes because i want to give it to my son. He will love play with this play do because playdoh is so colourful. Playing with play doh is good for his brain development.

    Email: radhia_87@yahoo.com

    IG: @radhia87

  7. Wow, PlayDoh is fun and my children love playing this. Email: lin200326@gmail.com ,Instagram: @weelingyee



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