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Oral care is crucial for everyone, even for babies and small kids. I always feel blessed I have never gotten any problem with my teeth and I have never went to the dentist for teeth filling. To be honest, it's not that hard to care for our teeth, as long as we are discipline enough to brush our teeth 2 times a day and use dental floss and mouth wash in between. 

Marissa has 6 teeth now, and I know a few are going to pop up soon; therefore I wanted to help her to take care of her teeth. She is now eating so many type of food and plus her milk, her teeth is definitely prone to caries. Bad bacteria will consume all the sugary foods and release acids that cause cavities and tooth decay. Not to mentioned that baby's breath can be overwhelming if it's not brushed!

SensiTeeth Kids Oral Care from FrezyDerm has a variety of oral care products that can cater any kids from 6 month old babies up to 6 years and above. SensiTeeth Kids Oral Care includes Calcium-Fluoride formulation for double protection as both of these power ingredients will help in strengthened enamel and prevent tooth decay. 85% of Calcium with the Fluorides binding of 75% can prevent the caries development by 24%. A plus point for these products, as they are Gluten, Parabens, Aromatic Allergens, SLES, Soap and Colorants FREE! This is the type of remarks that we need to look for in buying products for our children.  EU tests each of these toothpastes and mouthwash for superior safety so rest assured these are safe for our kids. SensiTeeth Kids Oral Care has 4 toothpaste range and 1 mouth wash that is suitable for certain age, let's find out what are they!    

(For 6 month +)

SensiTeeth First Tooth Paste is the first tooth paste that can used for babies 6 months old and above. This first tooth paste contains 8% of Xylitol to prevent tooth decay and it is free of fluoride. Marissa got her first tooth when she was about 7 or 8 month old. Why is it that we need to start caring since the first tooth? Enamel of the baby teeth is less densely mineralized than permanent teeth, therefore it is prone to caries. We have to help our babies to care for their teeth at the early age as they play a vital role in their growth and development especially in speech development. SensiTeeth First Tooth Paste is safe to swallow so don't worry if your babies don't know how to spit it out. 

I use the SensiTeeth First Tooth Paste on Marissa because I want her to have strong and white teeth from young. The first time when I gave it to her, I think she's kind of blurred out figuring out the texture of the toothpaste. *hahaha* I help her by applying the toothpaste on her teeth as babies doesn't really know how to brush their teeth properly. :D The first time Marissa used the tooth paste, her breath smells so much better! The tooth paste has blueberry taste which makes it easier for her to use it. She seems to enjoy using it everyday during her bath time, I am going to make sure she has clean, strong and white teeth through out her childhood, hopefully!

(For 3 years +)

When a child reaches the age of 3, it is the time to introduce them to tooth paste that contains calcium-fluoride formulation as now they are able to spit out the tooth paste. Calcium is beneficial to ensure the teeth are strong while Fluoride can help to prevent tooth decay. For SensiTeeth Kids Tooth Paste Flouride 500ppmm and Calcium, the amount of fluoride used is only 500ppm as it is suitable for kids at the age of 3 so parents should not be worried about the fluoride content. It also contains Bisabolol that soothes gum irritation that could appear from brushing teeth. It taste great too, a pleasant raspberry taste! A suitable taste to transition kids from the first tooth paste to a slightly stronger tooth paste.

(For 6 years +)

At the age of 6 years old, children will start to loose their milk teeth to make way for permanent teeth. During this transition process, mild bleeding could occur during brushing due to the space left by the milk teeth. At this age, we as parents need to take extra care about our kids’ oral hygiene because our kids’ teeth could get gum inflammation due to the teeth transition. 1000ppm of fluoride is suitable for kids to maintain their oral hygiene and to prevent from cavities and tooth decay. Myrrh, Sage and Bisabolol is also added in SensiTeeth Kids Tooth Paste Fluoride 1450ppm and Calcium to soothe gum irritation and reduce the production of bacteria. This tooth has strawberry taste to it, great for kids!

(For 6 years +)

If your kid is suffering from bad tooth decay, a higher amount fluoride is needed. Kids would always be consuming sugar in their diet, therefore stronger tooth paste is a better option. SensiTeeth Epismalto with 1450ppm fluoride can be used for your kids to prevent cavities. 1450ppm fluoride is beneficial as it can effectively protect tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. Besides the higher levelof fluoride, Myrrh, Sage and Bisabolol is also included as the ingreidents as it can soothe gum irritation and reduce the production of bacetria. Clean and strong teeth with cavities-free teeth are what we want therefore prevention is better than cure. This tooth paste to has strawberry taste to it, a very pleasant taste for kids!

The different texture and shades of the 4 tooth paste

(For 3 years +)

Brushing alone is not enough for our kids’ oral hygiene. We need to teach them to take extra care in maintaining their teeth. SensiTeeth Kids Mouth Wash contains 100ppm fluoride that can help to prevent tooth decay while reducing plaque and germs left in the mouth after brushing. This mouth wash contains no alcohol, no sugar, no colorant and no saccharin to ensure it's safety to be used by our kids.  Brush teeth then finish it off with mouth wash, simple steps to get healthy and strong teeth!

SensiTeeth Kids Oral Care can be purchased exclusively in Guardian and selected pharmacies nationwide. You can also get a free sampling by completing this survey ( !  Do fill the survey up to try out these oral care to ensure good hygiene for your kids! Remember, teeth are vital in our lives, and it is up to us as parents to teach our kids the importance to care for their teeth since they are young!

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