You must have seen my sharing of DISNEY x THEFACESHOP BB and CC Cushion on my Instagram these couple of weeks. The first thing came to my mind when I unboxed the parcel was, I really missed my childhood. Growing up with Disney cartoons gotta be one of my favourite past time, and now it's even better that I can have adorable Disney characters in my make up collection!

THEFACESHOP collaborated with Disney and came up with a variety of Disney-featured products. Besides this CC and BB Cushion, there's also eyeshadow palettes and watery lip tint. Okay so the packaging is one of the most adorable thing that I have in my makeup collection right now. Like, come on, who wouldn't want this? Especially if you are a hardcore Disney fans. Okay enough o my long intro, lets get to the review!

Size / Volume / Weight : 15g
Price : RM112.25 (inclusive GST)

First up is the Mickey Mouse BB Power Perfection Cushion SPF50+ PA+++. This BB Cushion is the compact version of the original Power Perfection BB Cream that comes in a bottle. It is a 3-in-1 BB Cream as it functions as anti-wrinkle, whitening and sun protection. With Omega-3 ingredient, it helps to moisturizes the skin and making it supple and soft. Vita Skin Complex helps to produce collagen and act as anti-oxidant. As an overall for skin benefits, this BB Cushion helps to maintain skin's elasticity and firmness while keeping it moisturized. 

BB Power Perfection Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ comes in 3 shades ; V103, V201 and V203.  I got the shade V203 and even though it seems pretty fair on my skin, after a few minutes it blends into my skin tone. One thing that makes me fell in love with this BB Cushion is the coverage. It is a high coverage compact to the extend that I don't even have to use any concealer to cover my acne scars. This is one of the most lightweight BB Cushion that I've tried so far and I love the weightless feel on my skin. It is non-greasy and settles very well on my skin. But I do have to set it with powder just to make sure that my base is set completely. 

Size / Volume / Weight : 15g
Price : RM112.25 (inclusive GST)

Now, who can say no to this chubby cheeks? :D I've always love Winnie The Pooh simply because how adorable he looks. Winnie The Pooh CC Cooling Cushion SPF42 PA+++ contains a large amount of moisture cream that provides dewy finish. Besides that, it has cooling sensation that gives extra freshness (and fun) to the user as well! Both of the Winnie The Pooh and Mike CC Cushion contains Hyaluronic Acid (moisture magnet), skin-like ceramide (prevents mointure-loss), micro collagen (anti-wrinkle, soften and regenerate skin's elasticity) and flower essential formula (skin regeneration, anti-inflammatory, moisture, etc). The exclusive ingredients in the CC Cooling Cushion includes :

Snow Oil
Snow oil melts at the temperature of 30°C, therefore the icy condition will remain until it touches the skin while absorbing lightly like water for long-lasting moisture. It gives refreshing sensation that soothes the skin while keeping the skin radiant. It also contains 70% of moisture cream ingredients for extra hydration. 

Birch Tree
The ingredient that gives the cooling effect on the skin. Soothes irritated skin during summer time and provides hydration to the skin.

Flower Water
Deliver instant freshness to the skin through these 4 flowers :

Damask Rose  ||  Moisturize and maintain skin's oil-water balance 
Chamomile  ||  Skin-calming and smoothing effect
Lotus Flower ||  Moisture retention and radiance
Cornflower  ||  Rejuvenate dry, tired skin and freshens skin that has excess sebum and shine

Winnie The Pooh CC Cooling Cushion SPF42 PA+++ comes in 3 shades ; V103, V201 and V203 and my shade is 203, the darkest shade that is available in the range. This is more of a low to medium coverage. I love the cooling sensation that I get  when applying this cushion on my skin. It does feel more hydrating than the Mickey and Mike Cushion and it gives radiance and glow to the skin. I have to say that this CC Cooling Cushion is suitable to sooth irritated and  dry skin due to our hot and humid weather. But, if you have oily skin, not sure how this is going to work for you as it does have a higher level of moisture. As for me, this works fine and I love the glowing effect on my skin.

Size / Volume / Weight : 15g
Price : RM112.25 (inclusive GST)

Mike CC Long-Lasting Cushion SPF50 PA+++ is the perfect summer CC Cushion as it provides long-lasting finish with smoothing effect. It smoothes out pores and fine lines to give that flawless finish. The existent of the various sized spherical powder fills in the pores on the skin and gives soft focus effect, hence a more naturally flawless skin. The natural moisturizing ingredient (Bio-saccharide gum-1) creates a moisture barrier on the surface of the skin resulting in long-lasting moisture that can help in maintaining moisture. The skin-fitting system technology creates ultra adhesive film that enables the makeup to stay all day long.

Mike CC Long-Lasting Cushion SPF50 PA+++ comes in 3 shades ; V103, V201 and V203 and my shade is V203. The first thing I noticed during application is how smooth it glides on the skin. I think it does reduce the appearance of pores and creates blurring effect on my skin. It is non-sticky but I have to let it set for a few minutes to let the products absorbs into my skin. The coverage is low to medium so you need to top up concealer to cover your blemishes or scar.

Non-filtered photo

As an overall take of all these 3 DISNEY x THEFACESHOP BB and CC Cushion, I like them all because they deliver what they are supposed to do. Besides, who can pass on the adorable packaging, am I right? Here's a simple breakdown to make it easier for you to decide which one to get :

💕Mickey Mouse BB Power Perfection Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ for full coverage, non-greasy, even out skintone, skincare benefit (firmness, anti-wrinkle,etc) and lightweight 

💕 Winnie The Pooh CC Cooling Cushion SPF42 PA+++ for cooling sensation, smoothes irritated skin and hydration

💕 Mike CC Long-Lasting Cushion SPF50 PA+++ to blurs out pores, long-lasting and non-greasy

And my favourite is the Mickey Mouse BB Power Perfection Cushion SPF50+ PA+++  I love the full coverage and how lightweight it feels on my skin. The skincare benefits is a plus point as well! :)

Want to get one? or all 3? :D Head on to THEFACESHOP physical store and online store now! :)

For more information on THEFACESHOP, please visit :

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