BABY TALK | Baby Formula At A Lower Price In KK Super Mart

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!

Today we are going to touch on how to save up when we shop necessities for our babies. As for me personally, the top 3 important items for Marissa is her formula milk, disposable diapers and her snacks. These three are the MUST buy items whenever we go groceries shopping. Marissa is now one and 2 months old so besides eating solid food, she also drinks her formula milk.

I am quite lucky because right until now, Marissa is not fussy when it comes to food and her milk. I have given several milk brands for Marissa to try, and she basically drinks everything. :D The first year, she was drinking S26 and when she turns 1 year old, we gave her other brands to try such as Dutch Lady and Friso Gold. Baby Formula milk is not cheap especially if your kid drinks a lot! A 600g can be finished in just one week. So roughly our expenses for Marissa's milk is about RM150-RM200 a month!

As a parent, I would always find a solution to get better pricing for her formula milk as we can save  a lot in the long run. I used to shop at those big hypermarkets for her formula milk but honestly guys, the formula milk over there costs more than any regular supermarket. Now I want to try other brand as well so I compare the pricing of Nestle LactoKid Comfortis Step 3  in two supermarkets. I went into KK Super Mart and began searching for the formula milk to 'investigate' *hahaha* the price difference.

KK Super Mart = RM19.30
99 Speedmart = RM19.50

Nestle LactoKid Comfortis Step 3 is priced at RM19.30 at KK Super Mart. Then I went to another supermarket, 99 Speedmart which is nearby, to compare the price and the milk is retailed at RM19.50.  I found out Tesco is selling it at RM21.50 if I'm not mistaken.  It might not seem a lot, but trust me, even one cent counts in our economy right now. It's not just this particular brand, I can see there are price difference in other formula milk brands as well. I also stock up on Marissa's favourite snack, which is the Baby Bites, and it is only RM7.50 per box! I always paid at least RM8 - RM8.20 for a box and now I know I will stock up Marissa's essential in KK Super Mart.

Fulfilling Marissa's need is our responsibilities as parents but if we can save our money along the process, why not right? Every parents should be 'smart parents' so we can save more to provide even better things and experience for our kids. :)

I hope this info helps, especially if there are mommies and daddies out there who want to save up and be a smart shopper. We as parents must find alternatives to get good deals, I am not sure about you guys, but saving up is one of my goals in 2017. Go and check out KK Supermart to get good deals for your baby's formula milk!

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  1. As Salam,

    I dont know that KK Mart was cheaper than Speedmart? Sebab I selalu beli kat Speedmart sbb murah dari tempat lain. Now, I'm gonna try to buy at KK Mart haha.



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