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One of my favourite moments with Marissa has to be playing with her during her play time. Let's face it, she's toddler and all they do is play, am I right? :D It doesn't matter whether it's indoor or outdoor activities, as long as those experiences help her to grow to be curious, creative and smart. As much as I love indoor activities because honestly we spend most of our times in the house, but I really think kids can learn so much from outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities is very beneficial for children. It helps the child to be independent, brave and help him or her to be a problem-solver. There's so much outdoor activities that can be done with your child but as for me, since Marissa is just 1 year 2 months old, there is limitation. But I always take the effort and any opportunity I can to get her exposed to the outside world. The simplest activity that I can do is to bring her out to the playground. Being in a playground is not just about playing, but I also want her to be able to make friends and learn to share. Okay so she nailed it on being the friendly baby, but the sharing part... *hahahah* lets just say we are working on it. :D 

Marissa got a bunch of toys when she hits her first birthday in October. Though there are a lot of indoor toys, there are several toys that she can play outside the house. Particularly this bubble mower from my friend Suzai and Suraya. Marissa loves it very much because it is such a fun toy. Well I have to push the bubble mower and she will chase around the bubbles. I can really see it on her face that she is happy! You see, simple things in life like this makes me so proud to be her mother because she knows how to enjoy herself and just be a kid.

Another fun activity to do with Marissa is swimming! To be honest, Marissa is afraid of the water as she would hang on to me like a koala bear. :D But that doesn't stop me from bringing her to swimming pool because I want her to learn and get familiarize with the situation. I know one day that she will be able to swim on her own and enjoy herself more. I do noticed that she is getting more comfortable in the water when I showed her how to splash the water and she loves it when I pull her around the pool. It helps also when her cousins play with her in the pool, it sort of calms her down. :)

All of this is possible with good nutrients that she is getting from her milk and food intake. I only managed to breastfeed Marissa for the the first 3 months (I was devastated but I took it positively) and I constantly search for the best milk for Marissa. Currently Marissa is drinking the new Friso Gold 3 (1-3 years old) which has the essential nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B6 and C, Taurine, Selenium, GOS, Zinc and DHA that helps in child's growth and natural body resistance. It is 100% imported from Holland and contains no added sucrose. 

The new Friso Gold 3 formulation includes the LocNutri™ technology which uses mild heat treatment during the milk production to preserve the nutrient. LocNutri™ technology helps to preserve the protein of the milk so that the nutrients can be easily absorbed by the intestines. If the proteins are damaged, this is why our children will suffer from indigestion, colic, constipation and any other stomach problems. As known, protein is important in one's growth especially in skin and hair production. It helps to boost and maintain immune system and antibody so that our children do not fall sick easily. 

Loving the tight seal to ensure freshness, the spoon rest for hygienic purpose and the accurate scoop guide to levels off excess powder milk.

Check out this video to find out why Friso Gold 3 is easy to digest!

I always remember the games I used to play with my neighbours and cousins while were growing up. The more traditional game such as, baling selipar, lompat getah, panjang galah and so much more! I don't even know whether kids nowadays are still playing those kind of games. Kids now are more into gadgets and this is pretty disturbing because that is not the way to spend their entire childhood. Yes technology is important but it has to be in moderation. Doing physical activities helps so much in our children's growth. Remember to give the best for our kids so they have better digestive health to improve their body immune system. Let our child have a stronger inside so each one of them can  have the opportunity to explore further and experience more interesting activities! :)

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