LIFESTYLE | Good Coffee Day 2.0 At Pantai Sentral Park

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Last weekend I had been one of the busiest weekend I had in months. Events, family stuff and so many things to settle before I go off next week. I managed to dropped by ICE Gallery in Pantai Sentral Park last Sunday to have  a "Good Coffee Day 2.0", organized by IJM Land.  What is "Good Coffee Day"?  Well the name says it all, COFFEE, COFFEE and more COFFEE. :D

Everything about the event revolves around coffee and what gets me excited is the coffee workshop hosted by Daniel Liew, the founder of the Barista Guild of Asia and also the a globally certified trainer and certifier with the prestigious Authorized Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. I love coffee but honestly I have zero knowledge about coffee. It's a great opportunity to learn about the basics of brewing coffee and understanding the difference between coffee beans in terms of it's origin, taste and flavours. Having a cup of coffee with my girlfriends is one of my favourite things in life. Just hang out and catch up (gossips I mean. :D) and enjoy our coffee time, it couldn't get better. 

With Daniel Liew

Other than coffee, there were also several coffee-based activities happening during the event : 

Freshly brewed coffee from Coffex Coffee
Cold brewed coffee from coffee2GO

Mug and handles demonstration by Kaleidos Art Tune

Cookies and tarts from Harold's Academy
Grid & Go waffles
Eva's Handmade Nougat
 I bought the durian flavoured nougat , OMG so good! Any durian lovers would love this! :D

Sketcher Fruit Ice Cream
Love the mango flavoured ice cream, so yummy!!

Desserts from Coffee Jeans & Co
FAWN Beauty Co produced all natural, hand crafted Cacao and Coffee Organic Body Scrub
We found a gingerbread house ! :D
This girl is so cheeky, so geram! 

We also checked out the Secoya Residences, a residential condominiums with 243 units ranging from 1050 to 1670sq. ft. There are two types to cater to each individual, each can opt for Type A (2 bedroom) or Type C (4 + 1 bedroom). I fell in love with both of the types when I saw them but I know those with families should go for the Type C. :D Pantai Sentral Park is is a growing Urban Forest City, and I know that this place is going to be 'IT' in the future. Let's take a look at these two types, shall we? 


This is my dream kitchen, major love!


If you are interested to find out more about Secoya Residences, you can visit ICE Gallery at Pantai Sentral Park daily from 9am - 6 pm (Monday - Friday), 9am - 5pm on Saturday and 10am - 5pm on Sunday. 

Before we head home, the talented Vivian drew a family caricature of my family using coffee, how amazing! 

Marissa is so cute, look at those big eyes and curly hair! :D

Thank you so much to Xavier for the invitation, my family and I had a wonderful evening. Thanks again! :) For more information, please visit :

Thanks for reading!



  1. You know what? It took having three kids for me to finally cave in and drink coffee semi-routinely. I LOVE IT. Coffee is the best thing ever and is, in fact, the love of my life *LOL*



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